Bonterra Energy Corp pipeline spills 40,000 litres (~250 barrels) oil into Washout Creek, which flows into North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton’s drinking water supply

2016 08 29: Where’s the AER’s “due diligence?” Why permit oil and gas wells and fracing so close to waterways? Bonterra Energy cleaning up after pump jack “falls” into Washout Creek near Drayton Valley

40,000-litre crude oil spill being cleaned up by Drayton Valley by Edmonton CTV News, August 18, 2019

Snap below from AER’s compliance dashboard:

Pipeline rupture sends 40,000 litres of oil into Alberta creek by The Canadian Press, Aug 18, 2019, CBC News

The Alberta Energy Regulator says a pipeline has spilled 40,000 litres (roughly 250 barrels) of crude oil into a creek. Creek flows into source of Edmonton water supply

A few of the comments:

Mike LaRiviere
Our corporate citizens heading the oil industry are looking after our environment – just like they always have – right?! Just like they always have, is correct but they’re not looking after it like it needs to be. Kenney is at war with the public interest and is willing to do whatever the big oil wants, just like the good lap dog that he is. And if we counted all the oil spills that don’t get reported we’d be dealing with this quite differently.

Jack Jones
Well, there you go. More damage to the planet minimized by the highly unreliable and O & G apologist AER. It’s true.

Pipeline rupture sends 40,000 litres of oil into Alberta creek by The Canadian Press, August 18, 2019, Calgary Herald

DRAYTON VALLEY, Alta. — The Alberta Energy Regulator says a pipeline has spilled 40,000 litres of crude oil into a creek.

The regulator says on its website that the incident happened Thursday on a Bonterra Energy Corp. line 14 kilometres south of Drayton Valley, Alta.

It says the line was shut in and depressurized, and that containment booms were installed.

The AER says no impacts to wildlife were reported.

Calgary-based Bonterra says in a news release that it began investigating a problem with the pipeline at 8 a.m. Thursday, and at 1 p.m. it discovered a rupture that was leaking into Washout Creek.

It says it is removing the oil with booms and vacuums, and is mitigating the effect on wildlife by setting up barriers as well as visual deterrents that include having people present.

Washout Creek flows into the North Saskatchewan River, which is the source of Edmonton’s water supply, and Bonterra says it has placed additional booms where the creek meets the river as an extra precaution.

The company says cleanup and recovery is expected to continue for the next three weeks.

A comment:

Montgomery Gotfriend
This industry is so incompetent and careless towards the environment. How can they keep defending themselves as green, safe and responsible when incidents like this continue to happen constantly? I’m surprised the herald didn’t censor this story like they usually do whenever any inconvenient facts facts or incidents surface regarding pipelines.


No news release on Bonterra’s website, as of August 18, 2019:

Refer also to:

Alberta averages two crude oil spills a day for decades and all the AER can do is “urge” companies to improve detection of pipeline leaks? When is AER going to “urge” Encana to fix Rosebud’s frac’d aquifers?

Happy Canada Day! Two more crude oil spills in Alberta from one Journey Energy pipeline. Second spill polluted a waterbody; Pollution cover-up enabler AER investigating

Canadians wait a long time, usually forever, for petroleum industry leaks, spills and damaging fracs to be appropriately cleaned up. Regulators nowhere to be seen, except lying to the public and in Synergy Alberta meetings with AER execs like Gerard Protti and Jim Ellis schmoozing synergy girls at the pub

AER at it again: Trying to make the public believe it’s a regulator. Energy watchdog escalates scrutiny of pipeline operators to reduce spills. When AER escalates nothing, it’s still nothing.

AER & Trilogy not prepared for the emergency! “Another” Canadian pipeline spills oil and pollutes fresh flowing water; Trilogy Energy Corp leaks oil into flowing wetland in AER’s Blanket Approval Frac Frenzy Pilot Project at Fox Creek

Plains Midstream pleads guilty, fined $1.3 million for two Alberta pipeline spills; Encana fined nothing for fracing Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers

Alberta regulator investigates another CNRL well leak in troubled leaking Primrose field; Cenovus spills 1300 gallons of drilling fluids at Cold Lake

Apache spills another 1.8 million litres of toxic wastewater near Zama, Third Apache pipeline leak discovered in northern Alberta

Pipeline spills are not the exception in Alberta, they are an oily reality, Since 2006, province’s pipelines have spilled the equivalent of almost 28 million litres of oil

Alberta Pipelines: Here a spill, there a spill, everywhere a spill spill; Energy Minister McQuaig-Boyd says pipeline network safe & fine

Cleanup, testing underway after Husky pipeline leaks crude into Cox Hill Creek, west of Bragg Creek, in recreation area; Legally immune AER, with no public health or interest mandate, shows up too late to the scene of the crime, yet again

Alberta “guessing” when it comes to spill recovery. “AER failure to protect the environment.” AER “off the scale in terms of believability….” Researcher Dr. Kevin Timoney sums up his forensic investigation: “Persistent, pervasive danger to society and ecosystems.”

Trilogy Adds to AER’s Fox Creek Frac’ing Free-for-all Pilot Project Failure: Trilogy’s Pipeline may have leaked ‘for a while’ before spill discovered

Alberta Energy Minister Marg McCuaig-Boyd says there’s no plan for broader review of safety of Alberta’s pipeline network. 

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