Where’s the AER’s “due diligence?” Why permit oil and gas wells and fracing so close to waterways? Bonterra Energy cleaning up after pump jack “falls” into Washout Creek near Drayton Valley

Bonterra Energy cleaning up after pump jack falls into Washout Creek by Reid Southwick, August 29, 2016, Calgary Herald

Bonterra Energy Corp. said its crews are in the final stages of cleanup after a pump jack fell into a creek southwest of Edmonton, spilling what the company called a small amount of oil and gear fluid.

Heavy rains last week washed out a county road near Drayton Valley, sending waves onto Bonterra’s leased land which eroded under the deluge and caused the pump jack to topple onto nearby Washout Creek.

The Alberta Energy Regulator said it couldn’t confirm how much oil seeped into the creek after the Aug. 23 storm, but noted the company is complying with an environmental protection order to contain the spill, conduct water and soil tests, and mitigate any impacts.

Adrian Neumann, Bonterra’s chief operating officer, said a “minor amount” of gear oil from the pumping equipment leaked into the waterway, while a “small amount” of oil was observed in the creek near the well Saturday.

“We sucked up all of the fluid around the well and contained it with booms,” Neumann said, adding all samples taken downstream of the spill have so far tested clean. [Avoidance sampling? Why aren’t the “regulators” doing the sampling?]

Crews diverted the creek around the spill site, removed the pump jack and began plugging the well. The company said it is wrapping up its emergency response and cleanup. [Emphasis added]

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