Best quote of 2022: “To me, reconciliation’s all bullshit,” Simogyet (Chief) Neekt, George Muldoe, in line to take hereditary name Delgamuukw.

A Groundbreaking Indigenous Rights Decision, 25 Years Later, The Delgamuukw-Gisday’wa case had impact around the world. What has it done for the nations who fought it? by Amanda Follett Hosgood, 11 Dec 2022,

“To me, reconciliation’s all bullshit.”

– Simogyet Neekt, also known as George Muldoe, a Gitxsan Hereditary Chief who is in line to take the name Delgamuukw this spring.


In my view, bullshit is the reason Canadian judges and politicians spew “reconciliation” repeatedly while pissing on UNDRIP, and Indigenous rights and people.

Reconciliation is a con word, used to befuddle the masses.

Promise is another con word, used by politicians to get votes.

U.S. rights group releases scathing report on Canada’s violations of Indigenous rights by The Canadian Press, Jan 12, 2023, The Globe and Mail

A leading human rights group says Canada is failing to address long-standing abuses, delivering a scathing rebuke of what it calls the federal government’s inadequate climate policy and violations of the rights of Indigenous people and immigration detainees.

Human Rights Watch says more than two-dozen First Nations remain under long-term drinking water advisories, despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise to bring that number down to zero.

The New-York based rights group also says Canada’s border agency continues to operate without oversight, detaining some asylum-seekers indefinitely.

The criticisms levelled in the group’s annual “World Report” extend to Canada’s climate change policy, as well.

The report censures the government for its G20-leading public financing of fossil fuel projects and inadequate measures to support First Nations in adapting to the impacts of climate change.

Human Rights Watch had encouraging words, though, for Canada’s support for LGBTQ people, highlighting the federal government’s recent commitments to a national action plan to strengthen rights at home and abroad.

Refer also to:

“Utter disgust” at retired judge Brian Giesbrecht’s “filth” telling us “to move on” from 215 Indigenous children found in unmarked graves at Kamloops Residential School. “He is the disease.” A despicable Canadian Caveman. “I worry about how he may have injected his incredibly biased views against Indigenous people during his time as a judge in Manitoba. I am thoroughly disgusted.”

Think racist Caveman Canada will reconcile with peoples rich politicians toss via genocide? Never. Stuff your heartless deflections pope, and your cruel legal abuse and fake words trudeau jr, you know where.

Murray Sinclair defines the oil & gas industry’s most evil tool: Coastal Gaslink Pipeline Ltd.’s community-benefits agreements with elected Indigenous chiefs and councils are “Promise payment for silence” aka gag orders.

RCMP Mobilizing Officers to Houston, NEBC, Intensifying Harassment of Camps. RCMP are lying, as usual, “saying one thing and doing the exact opposite.” BC Premier John Horgan: “The rule of law needs to prevail.” Whose? White Privileged Rich Man’s Law? Oil & Gas Industry’s Law? Racists’ Law?

Gidimt’en spokesperson Sleydo’, a.k.a. Molly Wickham, accuses RCMP of acting as mercenaries for industry, “We are still being threatened with violence, death, and the removal of our children for simply existing on our lands and following our laws”

Oh Racist Colonial Canada: As vile under Trudeau as Harper! Police prepared to shoot Wet’suwet’en land defenders; Documents show Commanders argued “lethal overwatch is req’d” – a term for deploying snipers – like in Elsipotog in 2013. RCMP commanders also instructed officers to “use as much violence toward the gate as you want.” PS Merry Christmas.

200 RCMP? Snipers descend on Mi’kmaq-led camp, children and Elders on site, Rexton, New Brunswick, Canada

Coalbed Methane (CBM) not risk-free

Rachelle Van Zanten – My Country

Inspired by images of Tahltan women blockading coalbed methane mining by Shell and Fortune Minerals in defense of the Sacred Headwaters in northern British Columbia, Rachelle wrote ‘My Country’. She was invited to perform it for the Tahltan people at the Iskut Music Festival a year later, where we filmed this video.


The abuses by colonial rape & pillage Caveman Canada go on and on and on, aided by our judges – including at the supreme court of canada, self regulators (of judges, lawyers, and industry), and politicians.

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