Another Alberta farm family poisoned by the oil and gas industry, and their Alberta lawyer Kieth Wilson, settle & gag & betray the public interest: The Sakens settle with Bonavista Energy after area aquifer and farm at Edson contaminated with toxic chemicals. Where’s the AER? Where’s the punitive fine? Where’s Alberta’s Energy Minister? On another cushy trip to China with Encana?

Keep in mind that

Lonnie Saken works for Bonavista:

2015 10 30 Lonnie Saken works for Bonavista Energy***

“This is a government of the people, by the people and for the people no longer. It is a government of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations.”


***2013 08 08 Gag Me, John Cole's Brilliant Range Resources gagging the Hallowich children cartoon

2013 08 04 Hallowich family gag_main

***1987 EPA documented water well contamination caused by Kaiser hydraulic fracturing 100's of gag orders seal other cases


2011 09 10 Oil and gas industry reporter Andrew Nikiforuk on gag orders in Alberta


Above image source: Texas Sharon

2013 08 16 Baytex Gag Order

Alberta lawyer Kieth Wilson also settled & gagged the Peace River area families poisoned by Baytex


2013 09 Dr. Larysa Dyrszka gag orders and more gag orders

Slide above by Dr. Larysa Dyrszka


AER’s (and thereby the Alberta NDP government’s) very own outside legal counsel, Glenn Solomon’s settle & shut up advice to a frac poisoned farm family at Ponoka:

2013 09 23 AER lawyer Glenn Solomon 'by doing that, you shut up, regulators stay off our back, we get to do it again down the street'


Gag orders for Water Contamination Cases Screen Capture Ernst Presentations

Slide from Ernst presentations

Alberta dairy farm settles with energy company over chemical contaminant by Bob Webber, The Canadian Press, November 14, 2016, BOE REPORT

EDSON, Alta. – An Alberta farm family has reached a settlement with an energy company that tainted their land with chemicals.

Bonavista Energy (TSX:BNP) has also been ordered by the Alberta Energy Regulator to begin extensive soil and groundwater remediation for the Saken dairy farm near Edson.

“Ronald Saken, Lonni Saken and Bonavista Energy Corp. have been diligently working together to address that impact and have reached an agreement that is acceptable to both parties,” said a statement from the Saken’s lawyer, Keith Wilson, on Monday.

“This has been a difficult situation and the parties are pleased to resolve the matter between them.”

The fight began in 2014 when the Sakens began having issues with the water on their farm, which has been in the family since 1929. The problem was traced to a nearby gas plant, which had been purchased in 2010 by Bonavista.

Bonavista’s own experts found that during the previous ownership, a toxic chemical used in treating sour gas had leached into the soil. That contaminated well water and caused a dramatic loss in milk production as well as health problems in people and cattle.

The Sakens argued the contamination destroyed their farm’s value. Plans to bring their son into the operation and expand the farm were cancelled.

Bonavista drilled a new well, but that water was highly alkaline [AND DANGEROUSLY CONTAMINATED WITH METHANE]. The energy regulator ordered the company to truck enough water to the farm for the family and the dairy operation.

The company took the regulator to court and the Sakens filed their own suit, which sought to have their farm declared a contaminated site.

Monday’s settlement ends both legal actions. Details of any financial settlement were not released.

Bonavista, however, is obliged to undertake extensive cleanup operations. The company has until 2020 to remediate all contaminated soil on the farm. Such cleanup usually means removing it and replacing it with fresh soil.

It must also come up with a way to fix the groundwater problems by the end of April. The water must be restored to its previous quality by September 2031.

Wilson said the Sakens will continue to receive trucked water until the end of the month. [Then what? Sulfolane contaminated water to drink and bathe in, and for the dairy herd? ]

The Sakens remain on the land and hope to stay there, Wilson added. “The Sakens are pleased.”  [Emphasis added]

[What about the other families to be harmed or already are being harmed by Bonavista’s toxic contamination?]

Alberta energy company, farm owners reach settlement over contaminated land by Global News with files from The Canadian Press, November 14, 2016, Digital Cameras Planet Blog

A Calgary-based energy company has reached a settlement with an Alberta family, two years after the family alleged its farmland was contaminated by chemicals. A joint statement was put out by Bonavista Energy Corporation and the Saken family on Monday.“In March 2014, Bonavista discovered a historic sulfolane release that pre-dated Bonavista’s ownership of the South Rosevear Gas Plant,” the statement said. “The release impacts a groundwater aquifer beneath the plant and the Saken dairy farm.” [And how many other families and farms?]

Two years ago, Ron and Lonni Saken said they were told their farm near Edson, Alta. – which has been in their family since 1929 – was contaminated by a solvent used in the treatment of sour gas.

On Nov. 9, 2015, Tom Vernon filed this report about an Alberta farm family who said their lives were on hold after their land was contaminated by a nearby gas plant.

Bonavista has said its studies showed the leaching started years before it bought the gas plant from Suncor. Experts have estimated the area groundwater would not be safe to use for about 10 to 30 years and as a result, the contamination prevented the Sakens from selling their farm or borrowing against it.“

Bonavista has delineated the impacted area and has commenced a remediation and risk management plan that has been approved by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER),” the statement said.

The family had been lobbying the AER to force Bonavista to the negotiating table in order for them to be compensated for the contamination.

Details of the deal reached between the Saken family and Bonavista were not made public but both sides said the issue “has been a difficult situation and the parties are pleased to resolve the matter between them.” [Emphasis added]

Alberta dairy farm settles with energy company over chemical contaminant by Bob Webber, The Canadian Press, November 14, 2016, Global News

[Refer also to:

2016 11 10: AER issues another order against Bonavista Energy Corporation for contaminating drinking water aquifers and soil near Edson with sulfolane. Where did the Sakens go? Did they settle & gag? ]

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