Yet another white conservative “Christian” rapist of kids: Daniel Harris, pastor and CEO of Kaimen Centre, goes to prison for 18 yrs without chance of parole or early release. Meanwhile, in Canada, self regulators of lawyers grant law licence to known convicted pedophiles giving them protected access to kids to rape.

C. Michael Copeland@mcopeland_:

Obviously not a drag queen. Are they ever?

2023: Lawyer, Dan K. Purdy of Missouri, not disbarred for sexual assaults of six clients (some in open court), gets one year suspension for “egregious and outrageous conduct.” Creepy, like Steve Harper’s Supreme Court of Canada J Russell Brown and lawyer Robert Regular and his lawyers. No wonder self-regulation of lawyers and judges is clung to with quasi-religious fervour like rape religions cling to kids and tax free status

2022: Demented and creepy: Lawyer (accused of sex crimes against a child) Robert Regular’s lawyers tried to keep his identity secret to protect reputation of other lawyers. To do that, self regulators of lawyers (law societies) need to clean house and stop granting known convicted pedophiles licence to practice law.

2019: Law Society of Ontario (LSO) a Pedophile Ring? Racism, misogyny *and* enabling sexual abuse of children? Ottawa lawyer, John David Coon, in custody for sex crimes against four-year old daughter of one of his clients. LSO documents reveal they gave Coon licence to practise law despite knowing of his prior criminal conviction for sexually assaulting another child. *And* LSO licenced Donald (“Donnie”) Davidovic knowing of his child porn conviction, deemed him to be of “good character” *and* let convicted pedophile senior lawyer Martin Schulz keep his licence to practice law! How grateful I am I have no children!

Lawyers and their self regulators surely know it’s been proven again and again, that rapists of kids/pedophiles do not rehabilitate.


Mississippi evangelical pastor, Daniel Harris, has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for raping multiple children at his church & nonprofit.

Daniel Harris, 44, former Olive Branch Christian Church pastor & CEO of the Kaimen Center, pled guilty to charges relating to sex crimes against children as far back as 2015 & has been sentenced to 18 yrs without the possibility of parole or early release.

… He’s MAGA. I know his church lol

Former pastor and educator pleads to sex crimes against children by Bob Bakken, March 5, 2024, DeSoto County News

DeSoto County District Attorney Matthew Barton has announced that former Mississippi pastor and educator Daniel Harris has pleaded guilty to charges relating to sex crimes against children as far back as 2015.

He was ordered to serve 18 years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections without the possibility of parole or early release. In addition to his probation and jail sentence, Harris will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his adult life and no longer serve as an educator.While in Caveman Canada, law societies grant known convicted pedophiles licence to practice law. Too creepy and demented, and I expect ordered so by rape religions, the raping rich and politicians.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, the investigation revealed that between 2015 and 2018, Harris continuously molested teenagers while under his care as a tutor, pastor, and authority figure.

A victim of Harris’ actions came forward after revealing the incident that took place during his childhood to another family member. The initial victim’s testimony then helped other victims come forward. Harris was arrested on May 4, 2023.

“Instead of being a pastor and educator, Harris used his position of trust to violate the innocence of children to fulfill his reprehensible desires,” Barton said. “The plea will ensure that other children will be shielded from this child predator while sparing a lengthy court process for the victims who endured horrendous abuse at the hands of Daniel Harris.

People like this have no place in society and my office will continue to partner with federal, local, and state law enforcement to ensure nefarious individuals like this are behind bars and their victims receive justice.”

If you or someone you know has been a victim of child abuse, please call your local law enforcement agency to report the incident.

This case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Ben Weathers, with investigative assistance from Lt. Ashley Holladay of the Olive Branch Police Department and criminal investigators from the District Attorney’s Office.

At the time of his arrest, Harris was listed as a pastor at Olive Branch Christian Church. The church’s website at the time said he founded the Kaimen Center, teaching arts, athletics and academics to children and adults with disabilities.FFS!

@antifaoperative May 4, 2023:

Mississippi church leader & executive director of a christian non-profit, Daniel Harris, has been arrested for sexual abuse, battery & unnatural intercourse.

Daniel Paul Harris, 44, church leader at Olive Branch Christian Church & Executive Director at Kaimen Center, is charged w 2 counts of sexual abuse, 2 counts of sexual battery, and 1 count of unnatural intercourse. Harris received a total bond of $725,000.

Two counts of child molestation-touching a child for lustful purposes, have been added & Harris’s bond is now $950,000.

Sksknwldg@sksknwldg May 6, 2023:

There is a reason we feel these things and ppl (men) are always gaslighting us. I’m sorry your friends didn’t support you but I bet they paid more attention. You’re probably what got the investigation started in the long run.


I do not have children but I think the tip off for most people would be a grown man who is not within your immediate family choosing to have a little boy on his lap. Most men would not do this.That’s what my first rapist did to me, when I was 8, lots of lap time, which made me terribly distraught. I still can’t shake the flash backs, the smell of him, or the bloody messes he made of me. A rich married white Christian man, worshipped in the community.

Live Free and Stay the Course!@dragonfire55555 May 2023:

I hope you all have noticed that most of these child abusers are not Catholic Priests.
Some are, & they get the big headlines.

Be aware these so-called Christians & sports leaders are far more numerous & need to be in headlines as well.

Most child abuse is covered up & ignored.And enabled by law authorities in Canada!


Definitely. It’s happening in evangelical churches every day

Spirituality and Science@ScienceXSpirit:

Like, literally every day. I see articles almost daily about some pastor or other being arrested.I stay away from churches and most church attendees. I learned well, such spaces can have violent consequences for kids and women and too many of the people that support churches are untrustworthy, notably when it comes to kids. It seems as though to them, sacrificing kids is in fine – if it’s done in God’s name. FFS.


Souther Baptists as well . Jehovah witnesses in New England. Don’t know about other parts of the county.Bad across Canada too. I know of no religion that is safe for kids or women.


It is happening in all organized religions! Predators know where to hunt!

Joanne Musto@4gramma28:

Funny how the same people who think that the LBGTQ community should not be allowed a life are the same ones who protect pedophiles – the horrible humans who actually kill a child’s soul.The pedophiles that raped me assuredly destroyed my soul, and my heart. Neither have recovered and I expect never will. The more violent of my rapists caused damages to my body, resulting in me living my life in chronic pain, worsening as I age. It infuriates me when I hear predators of kids justify raping them by saying it won’t hurt anyone because kids forget. We don’t.


Jehovah Witness- The Kingdom Hall, they protect pedos.Yes, just like popes, bishops, cardinals in the catholic church. The harms rape religions cause is unknowable … unimaginable, unless you live it.


Hell it seems we have forgotten about pedo island run by Epstein that top level executives, politicians, world leaders, movie and sports stars visited for this very specific purpose… this is a sick and pervasive problem at every level of society. Pull the lenses off…

Cynthia Larae@cynthia_larae:

It’s what the government has pushed, for years. It’s everywhere.


Since forever. FOREVER.
Irrespective of the faith, it’s the issues of unalloyed power wielded by the men who lead, that lie at the foundation. Add the men & women who aid the cover up, by protecting these malevolent mfrs.

Jason Wilcoxon@Wilcoxjd45209:

It’s also happening in Big 10 college programs, and all of Hollywood. The problem of sexual abuse is a problem of concentrated power.

It’s most egregious in the church, because the church touts itself as self-denial and anti power


It also happens at every single type of religion. Not just one. Catholic priests were the main cases that came out. Look at Boston. Or my dad for example at a Catholic school. He has hated it ever since.

David M. Howard@HardRoaders:

We’ve got Christian’s sexually abusing children, Christian Churches covering it up, Christians murdering people with assault rifles, and Christians paying off porn stars with pretax dollars. Until we “can figure out what the hell is going on” we need a Christian ban.


As if all that is not horrible enough the churches they practice and learn in DON”T PAY ANY TAXES. They all need to be put out of business it is one huge grift.








As if that’s not bad enough, many of these churches for the abuse victim to forgive their abuser and accept guilt themselves for causing the abuser to “stumble”.My family, churches and the rapists blamed me, of course, as usual. And, all hell broke out after I spoke out about the men that raped me. Heavens to Betsy, “good married Christian men would never inappropriately touch a child” was yelled to me, too often, and with extreme aggression. Family members were furious at me, not the rapists! They demanded I apologize! For what, I wonder.

Secrets are a rapist’s (and lawyers’ and judges’ and oil and gas and frac companies’ and their enablers’) best friend.

STEVE M@wrldfrgnpolicy:

Agreed! We need a awakening on all religions! Are they really helping us in todays world? Pushing divisiveness touching our kids parents choose religion over their kids all the time!

Refer also to:

True: “Statistically your child is far safer with a Drag Queen rather than a Priest.”

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