What does peace look like? ‘Woven Together’ by 13 year old Anja Rozen of Slovenia, Plakat Miru competition winner. What does a polluted earth look like? ‘Our World’ poem by 11 year old Scott Douglas Rea of Canada, killed at age 11 by drunk driver.

In my poster, people are holding onto each other.

If someone lets go, the rest of them will fall.

The hands in my poster represent earth and earth connects us all.

It holds us together.

We need to respect and take better care of the earth because I believe that it is through peace, the nations and our entire planet can achieve stability and growth.

Congratulations to Anja Rozen by Charter for Compassion

A 13 year old primary school student in Slovenia. She was chosen from 600,000 children around the world to create a piece of art to show what peace looks like. She is the winner of  the international Plakat Miru competition.

“My drawing represents the land that binds us and unites us.” Humans are woven together. If someone gives up, others fall. We are all connected to our planet and to each other, but unfortunately we are little aware of it. We are woven together. Other people weave alongside me my own story; and I weave theirs,” said the young designer.

‘Woven Together’ by 13 year old Anja Rozen of Slovenia, Plakat Miru competition winner

2021-2022 Peace Poster Winner Anja Rozen 3:39 Min. by Lions International


Sandra Rea@sanddrea3 Mar 3, 2024:

Written by my brother in 1974 and still sadly applicable today. He was hit by a drunk driver while he was delivering newspapers.

Our World

Our world, a great big garbage can
Where people kill their fellow man
Filled with crisis and depression.
Filled with crime and fierce aggression.
We must reform.
We must repent.
Think of all the money spent
On the moon and even Mars,
Not on the earth but on the stars.
This is our world,
This world of pollution.
Is there no answer?
No solution?
The problems of our world stand out,
We must arise and we must shout,
“Clean up, clean up this filthy place.
You can’t cash cheques in outer space.”

Written December 1974 by
Scott Douglas Rea
Born 13 June 1963
Died 30 December 1974

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