‘The Petroleum Industry is a Fire Industry.’ Interview with John Vaillant on his new book Fire Weather, The Making of a Beast

In my view it’s propaganda to call it fire season. There’s no such thing. Earth has, or used to have, four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. It’s human greed, selfishness and pollution-induced climate change/global warming causing extreme conditions leading to extreme fires. Propagandizers tooting to escalate fossil fuel pollution and harms are pushing “fire season” to make citizens globally accept abnormal fires as normal, as lovely and normal as spring. I am stunned how commonly “fire season” is used to describe the new out of control abnormal wildfires.

“Fire Weather is a gripping book that brings readers to the front lines of a major forest fire, while also exploring the inter-twined history of oil and gas development and the study of climate change. Its lessons should not be soon forgotten.”

—Sarah Boon, Science

Earth Island Journal@earthislandjrnl:

@JohnVaillant, author of Fire Weather, a gripping disaster tale with an urgent message, says we need to find new ways of being in the world that tap into Earth’s “non-flammable abundance.”

Excellent 29 Min. interview at link:

‘The Petroleum Industry is a Fire Industry’ by Maureen Nandini Mitra, July 14, 2023, KPFA – Terra Verde, Earth Island Journal

“The petroleum industry has really made it clear – in so many words – that they have no intention of stopping burning.”

Journalist and author John Vaillant’s new book Fire Weather: A True Story From a Hotter World — which chronicles a massive wildfire in the tar sands oil boomtown of Fort McMurray, Alberta in 2016 that forced the entire city of 88,000 people to evacuate— is a gripping disaster tale that comes with an urgent message: Climate change has no baseline, it’s going to keep upping the ante. And, he says, as the hundreds of wildfires currently raging across Canada are showing us — twenty-first century wildfires are a totally different kind of beast, one that we don’t know how to control.

Earth Island Journal editor and Terra Verde host Maureen Nandini Mitra talks with Vaillant about what this new fire regime means, how the petroleum industry, which is largely responsible for our climate crisis, is a “fire industry,” and we humans are “a fire cult,” and, on a more positive note, how we are finding new ways of being in the world that tap into Earth’s “non-flammable abundance.”

Fire Weather by John Vaillant Book Review by CBC Books, Jan 11, 2023

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Ryan Stauffer@ryans_wx Jul 14:

Just as with May, June 2023 satellite measurements from MODIS Terra show unprecedented aerosol optical depth (smoke) values over the region since measurements began in 2000. Smoky summer…

2023: Call for National Firefighting Service. Excellent idea! But don’t call it “fire season” and don’t expect extreme polluter anti-Canada Alberta or UCP to pitch in while needing most of the service.

2023: New study: Scientists find massive amount of methane, super-potent greenhouse gas, spewed from California wildfires. Any air quality managers accounting for methane from wildfires in Canada?

2023: New study on wildfires: Measurable connection between acres burned and carbon emissions released by world’s largest fossil fuel companies.”The general public has been left footing the bill for these disasters.”

2023: Frac Central Alberta: Fox Creek Wall of Wildfire. How many hundreds of thousands of fracs are leaking methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, sour gas to surface fuelling wildfires? Do leaking facilities, wells, pipelines start and fuel fires? Who’s checking? AER? Encana/Ovintiv? Chevron? No one.

May 2023 Fox Creek Wall of Fire, photo by Kyle Brittain

2020: Oil & gas lobbyists feel the heat on the industry’s pollution-caused global warming, but remain committed to misleading the public. Wow, just wow

2019: Lawsuits in USA testing “attribution science.” Researchers can link weather events to emissions and companies responsible. “This body of literature…tells us that dangerous climate change is upon us, and people are suffering and dying…and it’s going to get worse.” For any potential uncertainty about climate attribution, there’s at least one truth that should override the rest: Fossil fuel companies “were aware decades ago what trouble climate change would be.”

2016: Wildfire out of control 10 km north of Fox Creek in AER’s out of control frac frenzy blanket approval pilot project, Started near Trilogy Energy plant, Traveled quickly. 3.5 hectares at 1 pm, 800 hectares a few hours later

2016: Alberta wildfires will leave toxic legacy, experts warn. What about the radioactive waste storage site near Ft McMurray?

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