Harper judge, Sheldon W. Lanchbery, orders injunction against grieving families who don’t want their loved ones left in a garbage dump, tells them he doesn’t come from white privilege because he grew up poor. FFS! What a cruel racist asshole.

I am white; I am female (because of our violent patriarchal world, men have much more privilege than women, even white women). I was born in Canada, grew up in a poor immigrant family. I was raped before I was 9, and many times thereafter, always by old white married flabby Christian men.

I live frac’d and was fucked and betrayed by my own lawyers.

Still, I come from and have white privilege; I have masses more privilege than Indigenous women, that’s obvious. “Justice” Lanchberry is a mean vulgar racist (and misogynistic?), fitting – him plunked on the bench by the hateful racist Steve Harper Klan. Canadians voted Harper and his ilk out, largely because of their hideous racism and misogyny, unfortunately we have no way to vote out Harper’s racist misogynistic judges.

Mark Ruffalo@MarkRuffalo Jul 17, 2023:

It’s hard to believe there could be four bodies, killed by perhaps a serial killer, as possible evidence in a landfill, and the authorities are blocking anyone going in to look for them. Is this a Native thing?

Percy The Dog.@CdnPercy:

I’ll bet my pinky toe there are more than 4.

Sweet Baby Jiyasus@SweetbbJiyasus:

At this point I’m starting to conclude that police in Winnipeg have dumped their own illicit secrets there in past and don’t want them found out about.I think so too.

Cantankerous Robo@CrankyRobo:

Yes. They know more would be found and locking that down.

Jeremy Torrie@TboneTorrie:

Yes, Mark. And it’s been going on for decades. White men deliberately prey on our women because they know the police won’t care, nor investigate. Systemic racism is built into their deliberate decision to hunt our most vulnerable women and girls. Literally considered disposable.


It’s a Canadian thing…

Leodore Vitamor@covenscribe:

I have no doubt that if the girls were white that the search would be well under way right now.

Colleen (she/they)@decidedlycoll:

It is. Landfill searches have been successfully done in the past in Canada


imo the most charitable explanation is that it’s canada being canada trying to keep us under control (for various reasons that also extend beyond us) but at worst the cops know exactly who did it and don’t want another g stanley situation

Aleksandr the Super Historian@Solzhenidiot:

Literally the serial killer in question is the state

Chris Wynn (cgminipainting)@chriswynn83:

As a Canadian I can tell without any hesitation that’s it’s a native thing and it’s pretty sickening


Yes it is . A young native woman was found deceased in our local landfill years ago and the city police didn’t even tape off the scene. Disgraceful.

Jeff S.@JefftheRed:

Definitely a Native thing. After centuries of considering Indigenous people as subhuman, it’s systemic in Canada, especially in the west.


They are refusing to search a landfill that police have said is likely to be the resting place of more than one woman. They want to search a different landfill with less likely results. It’s kind of like looking for Lincoln’s killers in Maine.

Nya Parker@NYAparker:

It’s crazy they will spend millions looking for the submarine that went missing but won’t spend the money on this. Very biased

TES (She/Her)@ToothpickGirl:

It is 100% a racist thing.

Dr. Sara is watching Rome burn@smhumphreys:

Canada is steeped in systemic racism and white supremacy, Mark. Surprise!


It’s a “Canada hates Indigenous people thing” and it’s incredibly sad and frustrating. It is also, unfortunately, the status quo.


Normal genocide in canada

Nicole Laderoute @nicoleladeroute:

It is 100% because these women are Indigenous. Thank you for bringing attention to this!!!

Will Schatz@Willschatz:

Racism is why.

Ryan Kaye@MagicMonkeyR32:

It’s not only a native thing, but more of a “we know there is probably a lot more than just 4 bodies in there…….” #MMIWG

Joy (She/Her)@whaddayat:

Its an Indigenous, black, brown, etc issue. Cause you know if they were white, there’d be no question of spending the money to find the bodies.


This sort of thing is frequent in Canada. Women and girls go missing/are murdered and the cops don’t really do much for it. A national report was written on this issue -link below

Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Fiona McMurran@fmcmurran:

Oh, yes. This is Canada the Colonialist nation at its worst.

Derek Anderson Law: 780-414-5400@DerekCrimLaw:

This is a Canadian thing. It is unacceptable and an absolute tragedy.

Schmutzie @schmutzie:

Is it racism? Or do they know a cop/cop-adjacent person is responsible? Or both? Just spitballing here, but it looks more and more suspicious as time goes on.

RustTheGoodDalek @RustyGoodDalek1:

It’s a Canadian police thing. Protect the white bigot but refuse to do their job

Prancer@forrimgton Jul 17:

This is an “indigenous women’s lives aren’t as valued as white women’s” thing and it’s shameful. #SearchTheLandfill

@JustinTrudeau can you help??

Lorraine McNeil@LorraineMcNeil1:

Yes @MarkRuffalo. When the remains of white people are believed to be in landfills, they are searched. This is one more example of ongoing colonialism and racism against Indigenous people that is entrenched deeply in the fabric of “Canadian” society.And especially in Canadian lawyers, judges, politicians and police

Alexander The Meh@Alexand3rTheMeh:

it’s a racism and colonial power thing

Don Bones@BigDonnyBones:

Our premier is racist, if that clears anything up.

Merlin Wildfire Smoke wear an N95@MerlinofCanada:

If these were middle class white women they would move the land fill to find them


Fyi the rw political party in Manitoba is the one blocking this. Yes it’s a Native thing.

Nana Gale (Woke Boomer) LIVE AND LET LIVE!.@RagingLibNana:

It’s a racist to native thing in Canada. Indigenous girls and women go missing and no spotlight on them. Let a white woman go missing and it’s all over the news.

Emily Spanton (she/elle)@whatdoesntkillu:

Yes, yes it is; the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and 2 spirited people is a continuation of systemic attempts to erase First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people, with an added dose of misogyny. SearchTheLandfill #MMIWG2S


Yes, Canada’s federal and provincial governments and a large part our population are unbelievably cruel and/or completely apathetic to our First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities and their issues.

Leigh @leighs1967:

Manitoba Premier @HStefansonMB, who has jurisdiction and makes funding decision, CHOSE to NOT pay for this search. CONServative Premiers are all white supremacists who do NOT see Indigenous people as human. If these were white women, Stefanson would open her coffers to search.

Ev Hanson@EvHanson2:

Once, when questioned by political opponents about an indigenous woman who died during a medical transport, our soulless premier, @HStefansonMB, prefaced her response with a shout out to her private-school son’s hockey championship. That is what we are dealing with here in MB.


It’s a Canadian Conservative thing. Especially in the Prairies. @HStefansonMB
should be ashamed of herself. She is putting this on the federal gov’t.and it’s HER jurisdiction as Premier of Manitoba. Disgraceful and unCanadian

Erin just wont go away.@JFCnotagain:

It absolutely is. We need everyone to speak up and demand those women be brought home.

the gay agender @Zydr8Anatomy Jul 17:

This is absolutely because these slain women are Indigenous.

Lori King@1loriking:

Its a conservative thing, and yes cause FN.


Yes Mark. This is a Native thing. First Nations are considered less than in Canada. And it is never ending.

Rebecca, unplugged.@Bells4Dais:

Well, we collectively just paid a bunch of money to go look for billionaires at the titanic so I’d say it’s not a funding thing. That landfill needs to be searched now.


They spend 10 million tax payer money to search the bottom of the ocean for billionaires. But won’t lift a figure to search landfills for bodies we know are there. Btw it’s easier and cheaper to search the landfill than the bottom of the ocean.

This Manic Mama@ThisManicMama:

They had time in Ontario to look for a yt man. Canada does not care about mmiwg+. I’m ashamed

Georgina Metzler@georginametzler:

Yes it is. They had no issues finding the body of a man over an 8 month search in Toronto.

But for Indigenous women, they put a price on it and protect a dumping ground for a serial killer.

Sandra Kelly@2020willbelit:

This is how our provincial premier describes “reconciliation”. Horrific

Cumulative Hangover@scotchgummybear:

It is absolutely a race thing. I’m a Winnipegger – this is the most racist city in Canada.

Lori Bird@lorianebird:

If you knew our premier @HStefansonMB and her gang of conservative cronies, you wouldn’t find it hard to believe at all. #SearchTheLandfill


Yes, another horrible example of the value others place on Indigenous peoples.

The provincial government has refused to search, its “too costly”, it’s “too dangerous”.

The Ubiquitous J-Man@Swift01_2000:

It’s also a Manitoba thing…
But yeah, if it was 4 white women they were looking for, every inch of that landfill would have been searched weeks ago…
CdnPoli MbPoli #MbLeg #SearchTheLandfill


The RCMP searched a landfill in Toronto for 4 months for 1 mans body. They won’t search this one because it’s “too dangerous.” I think it’s because the province fears they will find more bodies. These women deserve justice and be brought home to their families. SearchTheLandfill

GW is still masking ‘cause I don’t want to die@lennonfan69:

It is because if it were 4 white women or just 1 white man it would already be underway, cost not important. Leaders in Canada aren’t really big on Indigenous rights, safety and wellbeing. Deep down we all know it. I say this as a white woman looking in.

Breen Ouellette (he/him)@BreenOuellette:

The refusal to #SearchTheLandfill is not about cost.

The Pickton site excavation investigation cost $102 million nearly 20 years ago. The difference? Many of Pickton’s victims were white women. No white women’s bodies are suspected buried in #BradyLandfill. Canada #apartheid

Joely Viveiros@JoelyViveiros:

Yes. It’s also a Manitoba thing. In BC it took 2 years and anthropologists to find remains of murdered women at a pig farm. Still, it took many more years for RCMP in BC to even investigate missing Indigenous women.

Gramma Shingoose@LeeShingoose:

Miigwetch from Camp Morgan Indigenous women are human and “Not Trash” SearchTheLandfill

Tawasi Soce@TawasiSoce:

Also take note of the way the media focuses on the Indigenous activism and not the BURIED BODIES

we have to ask ourselves: why is “the media” focusing on the reaction to the BURIED BODIES? while ignoring the authorities who are continuing to hide BURIED BODIES SearchTheLandfill

Kathryn Rushent #Resist #StandWithUkraine @boogykas:

As a half-Native Canadian woman, I can tell you: this is an anti-Native thing. If they had been been white women, the landfill would have been searched months ago. Our governments and police forces do not see Natives as people in any way, especially not women.

Margot Maddison-MacFadyen, PhD@M_M_MacFadyen:

Probably more than 4 bodies.

Sean Lucas@smlucas1189:

I think the city is worried how many they will find before they get to the ones they are looking for.


Without question it’s about systemic anti-Indigenous sentiment in Canada. Toronto police scoured a landfill FOR MONTHS to find 1 white man. So, what’s the hold up here? It’s pretty obvious. #MMIWG #SearchTheLandfill


It’s like Pickton all over again. And it happens across Canada all the time, Indigenous women are killed or go missing and little to no effort is made to find them.

Marlo Van Marck @MarloVanMarck:

Not a “Native thing”. Rather, it is evidence of the profound, persistent, and callous disregard, dehumanization, & disrespect of Indigenous women in Canada.


Marc Greene@MarcGreeneFilm:

Wait until you hear about the calls to action for truth and reconciliation that haven’t been done for almost a decade now…

Salty the social worker@MSW_researcher:

Yes it is absolutely an anti-Indigenous racism thing and I so appreciate you drawing attention to it.

Julia Ann Landry@Jewelanland:

This is the true face of Racism in Manitoba – Justice Sheldon Lanchbery who would give an injunction to criminalize and violently arrest grieving families at the landfill site


Deplorable you think FN should just let you idiots the ability to continue dumping your trash on the women laying dead in those landfills

That is a reflection of you and its not a good look racism comes in all forms and its really ugly

Terrill Tailfeathers@Terrilltf;

“I don’t come from white privilege.” lol.

I’ll try to be pleasant.@scbrown00 Jul 15:

The definition of soft fat white privilege.

Wow & Flutter@TheeMarcFrancis Jul 15:

I knew exactly what hat he was going to look like before I ever saw this photo.They look the same, dress the same, talk the same, act the same, rule the same. Colonialism on racist steroids, lacking in imagination or creativity, copying white privileged raping murderous generation after white privileged raping murderous generation.

Joni@ladywhatev Jul 15:

Women don’t matter to them, minority women matter even less.

El Jones@ElJonesPoet Jul 15, 2023:

Imagine pulling a “well, actually, I grew up poor so white privilege doesn’t exist” in front of Indigenous women whom you are ruling can face arrest for not wanting their loved ones to be left in a garbage dump. The absolute audacity of this judge!

It’s the maple leaf logo thing on the pocket that really finishes it off for me

Sharmeen Khan@colonizedmutant Jul 16:

Did the judge skip out on his mandatory DEI workshop? Jesus.

Liz LeClair@liz_hallett Jul 15:

I can imagine it.

We white folx are some of the most ridiculously out of touch idiots.

We will never have true reconciliation or reparations while people like that basement dweller sit in our courts, man our police forces, and run our provinces.

Sandy Garossino @Garossino:

We must not just give up on this.

These victims are not garbage.


Vicki George@VLG_queenie Jul 15:

So. It’s possible and has been done before in 2014. We are human beings too. Fighting for our basic human rights & equality is a constant.

your reverence rin uggo@dki22:

Guess the body just has to look a certain way first.

maria@mariatho1 Jul 15:

taps sign

“Ignore anybody who tells you that demanding equality is unrealistic.

“Realistic” and “unrealistic” aren’t neutral concepts.

Realistic means “amenable to the status quo.”

Unrealistic means “disagreeable to those who benefit from injustice.””

Steve Salaita

Debbie @ironbow:

Every power stands against indigenous people when it comes to our life and the life of this planet. Connected and forever treated with malice and hatred by Canada. Don’t let the world think Canada is the good guy in this.

Mrs/Miss/Ms Hami (she/her)@StaceyBarkerHa1:

This is one of the many reasons I don’t celebrate Canada Day anymore. Until our nation starts doing better and changing, wtf is there to celebrate?I also boycott Canada Day because of the hatred, and violence against women and girls here, notably Indigenous, and Canada’s ever escalating pollution of water, land, and air, enabled by authorities, including judges.


Yes! It is because the women and families are Indigenous! It is outrageous. We all know if any of the women were from “white” families it would have been done already

Laura Skells@LauraSkells:

Imagine if it were white women buried in that landfill. There’d be a full-scale search and recovery. Canada is still short-changing [Indigenous] people

Willie Jack’s Favorite Unk @DanDanTransient:

It really is a Native thing, it’s always a Native thing, and because of that they’ll fight us every step to deny justice to these women’s families

Joy Henderson@Joyhenderson78:

Sadly it’s just another day in anti-Indigenous Canada.

Hot Genius@xtremechristine:

Well if it was literally a single Caucasian woman I doubt we’d even be having this conversation because they’d already be diggin

Joely Viveiros@JoelyViveiros:

Near my home town, a blonde girl got lost driving her vehicle on forestry roads. Emergency search. A First Nations women was missing on foot, vulnerable, no search. Her body was found MONTHS later on a forestry road. Different people have different value.

Cathryn Atkinson@cathrynatkinson:

There is an election in Manitoba in October and I’m very hopeful (polls are tight) that Canada’s first-ever Indigenous premier, Wab Kinew, will be elected. He wants a search, though by then it may not be possible until spring.

Wab Kinew@WabKinew Jul 10:

We have to try to bring their loved ones home — Heather Stefanson made a serious mistake in ruling out any landfill search. If cost is the concern for some, let’s work with the families to consider options other than doing absolutely nothing.

Refer also to:

“Utter disgust” at retired judge Brian Giesbrecht’s “filth” telling us “to move on” from 215 Indigenous children found in unmarked graves at Kamloops Residential School. “He is the disease.” A despicable Canadian Caveman. “I worry about how he may have injected his incredibly biased views against Indigenous people during his time as a judge in Manitoba. I am thoroughly disgusted.”

Nathan O’Brien Amber Alert: ****Police search landfill****, Crown says ‘person of interest’ Douglas Garland will be freed if he can confirm where he will live by CBC News, Jul 09, 2014

Police officers probe the Spyhill landfill site for clues, a move officers described as ‘standard procedure.’ (Stephanie Rousseau/CBC)

Calgary police are searching a landfill near the city, which they say is a routine part of their investigation into a missing boy and his grandparents.

Police say officers are going through the Spyhill Landfill, northwest of the city, looking for evidence in the disappearance of Nathan O’Brien, 5, and his grandparents Alvin and Kathy Liknes.

Meanwhile, Douglas Garland, the “person of interest” in the Calgary-area investigation, has had his bail hearing put over until Friday. 

Garland made his second court appearance Wednesday on a charge of identity theft unrelated to the investigation. In response to Garland’s lawyer’s request for bail, the Crown said it would consent to release him once he can confirm where he will be living.

A source close to the police investigation told CBC News there is “bad blood” related to money between Garland and the missing grandfather, Alvin Liknes.

Nathan and grandparents have been missing from the couple’s family home for more than a week. 

Garland’s lawyer, Kim Ross, met with his client briefly this morning and told CBC News Garland  “is doing as best as he can under these circumstances.”

Ross said he and the Crown prosecutor have agreed on bail for Garland, which could be granted on Friday.

“At this time, I’m not anticipating any difficulty,” he said, “but as I said, that will be ironed out in the next day or two.”

Garland faces charges of identity theft and unlawfully possessing a bank card. The charges are unrelated to the missing persons investigation.

Police Chief Rick Hanson said officers are working tirelessly to find the three missing people.

“Investigators are tenacious and they are committed,” he said. “They take every investigation they take on — especially a homicide or any other personal assault on an individual — they take it personally.”

Police and RCMP are into their fifth day of an intense search at a rural property owned by Garland’s parents near Airdrie, just north of Calgary, looking for any evidence or clues. 

Emergency vehicles, including an ambulance and fire trucks, were seen arriving at the rural property Wednesday morning. In a statement, police said the presence of paramedics was part of normal precautions on a hot summer day. The forecast high temperature for the Calgary area on Wednesday is 30 C.

The fire department was called in as a precaution due to the common presence of chemicals on farms.

On Tuesday, Calgary police spokesperson Kevin Brookwell said police seized multiple items from the Airdrie property.

“I won’t go into what those were and where they were found, but they have been seized and sent up to the crime lab,” he said. 

“The search will continue until no stone has been left unturned,” Brookwell said. “We know there are certainly more questions than answers, and we wish that we had those answers for you.”

Investigators are also asking owners in rural areas outside Calgary to check their properties for anything suspicious. They are also asking companies who own rural installations such as well sites to check for “anything out of the ordinary.”

Garland was discovered by police on the acreage when he was detained last Friday. Police were acting on a tip from the public — about a green truck they had been seeking — which led them to the site. 

“A truck was seized from this residence on the weekend matching the description of a truck caught on CCTV in the Parkhill area,” Brookwell said.

Garland spent the weekend being questioned by police about the disappearance of the three.

Officers searched through three separate fields around the Garland property and brought in a member of the canine unit to assist with police officers’ shoulder-to-shoulder searches. 

“Right now, we’re looking at an area that’s several square kilometres,” said Garrett Woolsey, the RCMP commander of the special tactical operations team involved in the search. 

“We are currently looking for evidence in relation to a missing persons case. That’s why we’re using so many officers.” 

Investigators say the Amber Alert remains active. 

‘Person of interest’ has criminal record

Garland has a criminal history, including drug trafficking and possession of stolen property and was caught making amphetamines on his parents’ Airdrie acreage in 1992.

In the early 1990s, Garland was convicted of stealing the identity of Matthew Kemper Hartley — a 14-year-old Alberta boy killed in a car crash in 1980. The charge laid against him this past weekend relates to another, more recent incident in which Garland allegedly used the boy’s identity again. 

Garland was released from questioning specifically in regards to the Nathan O’Brien disappearance but remained in police custody in relation to the latest charge of identity theft he now faces.

Nathan O’Brien, centre, and his grandparents Kathy and Alvin Liknes have not been seen since Nathan’s mom left the Likneses’ home in southwest Calgary on June 29, 2014. (Calgary Police Service)

Garland has a connection to the Liknes family through his sister, who lists Nathan’s parents, Rod and Jennifer, as well as Kathy Liknes as “friends” on Facebook. 

She also lists one member of the Liknes family as a niece.

Neighbours tie ribbons of hope to homes

On Monday evening, members of the Calgary church where Nathan was baptized held a special prayer service for him and his grandparents. It was attended by the family of the three.

Rev. Julian Studden said the church community is deeply affected and concerned.

“They are feeling hurt that such a tragedy can happen to a boy like Nathan, and they have a heart of compassion and they feel like it’s their own little one,” he said.

Studden said the community is holding nine days of special prayers. Known as the novena, the vigils began Friday.

Nathan and his grandparents were reported missing June 30,  after Nathan’s mother arrived to pick up her son from a sleepover at the Liknes’s home in Calgary’s Parkhill. The family had been helping out with an estate sale the Likneses were holding ahead of a planned move to Edmonton.

As well as the prayer sessions, Parkhill residents are now tying green ribbons to their homes in a symbol of hope and support that the Parkhill Stanley Park Community Association says is meant to increase awareness and express hope for the safe return of Nathan and his grandparents.

Police are still looking to speak with anyone who attended the estate sale on June 27, 28 and 29.

Investigators estimate between 200 and 300 people went to the sale, but they are trying to get an idea of what was purchased and what remains in the home.

They say there was no sign of forced entry into the home, but that blood found inside confirms that a violent incident did take place.

Police could not say to whom the blood belonged, only that it signalled someone had been “in medical distress.”

The forensics unit also examined “marks” along the outside of the house, but police could not confirm whether those marks are blood.

Police have a number of theories as to what took place, but aren’t making those public.

Anyone with information about the case can call the Calgary Police Service at 403-266-1234 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.


  • The source of the information that there was ‘bad blood’ over money between Douglas Garland and Alvin Liknes is someone close to the investigation, but not an official police spokesperson.Jul 09, 2014 1:41 PM MT

Toronto police make ‘needle-in-a-haystack’ discovery, find missing man’s remains in landfill by Jon Woodward, Sept 2, 2021, CTV News Toronto

Toronto police officers scouring a gigantic city dump for months have found the remains of Nathaniel Brettell, CTV News Toronto has learned — a needle-in-a-haystack find that has given his family peace and could give an ongoing murder case a major boost.

Police found the corpse of the missing 57-year-old after searching since late June at the Green Lane Landfill near London, Ont., about seven months after he went missing at his home in Toronto.

“In the sense that he’s been found, it gives me peace,” said Brettell’s sister, Lois Brettell. “I’m thankful that my brother’s remains have been found because it gives me closure.”

But she said her family still suffers the anguish of his death — and have many questions about how he died, and how his body ended up in the landfill in Sothwold, Ont., some 200 km from where they believe he was murdered.

“The Toronto Police will not stop in their pursuit of evidence and the recovery of people for their family as they investigate these criminal acts,” said Detective Sergeant Keri Fernandes.

Fernandes said the search is the largest of its kind in the history of Toronto, she said, involving hundreds of officers and multiple units, with some officers putting in volunteer hours.

Searching for the body of Nathaneil Brettell

The crucial break in the case involved records kept by the city’s solid waste management system, which allowed them to pinpoint the most likely location amid a landfill that sprawls over some 130 hectares, and which takes about 800,000 tons of waste from the City of Toronto annually.

“They keep meticulous records and because of that we were able to recover him and bring closure to the family and assist in the prosecution of the people responsible for this,” she said.

Brettell, 57, lived with Asperger’s syndrome and other disabilities, his family said. He went missing in January from his Etobicoke rooming house on Westona Street.

Officers looking for him on Feb. 2 were attacked by a man with a butcher’s knife. A 34-year-old man named Ahmed Al-Farkh was charged with attempted murder by the officers. Police found blood in Brettell’s apartment and concluded that he had been murdered — but there was no sign of a body.

Al-Farkh was charged with second degree murder in Brettell’s case in May. In online writings confirmed by CTV News Toronto, Al-Farkh describes his time in City of Toronto homeless shelters, referring to the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

Police obtained a warrant and started searching the dump in late June. 

“It’s essentially looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s not an easy job. The mere fact they’ve found a body is miraculous,” said former Toronto homicide detective Mark Mendelson.

“It’s huge, many acres in size, and it’s very deep. As they plow over the garbage it gets higher and higher and you don’t know how deep you have to go,” he said.

“The odds were infinitesimal when I conducted these inquiries as the record keeping wasn’t as good as it is now. They know what trucks come in from what day and what area they’ve emptied into. From an investigative point of view that’s very helpful,” he said.

Next is likely an attempt to find the cause of death — something that may be difficult depending on how long the body was exposed to the elements, he said.

Officers found the body last week, and confirmed that it was Brettell shortly thereafter, his sister said.

Now that they have a body they will be able to properly prosecute the person who has been charged in my brother’s death,” said Brettell.

Now that his remains have been discovered, Brettell said she hopes to cremate the remains and have a funeral.


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