Why I hate AI

This ruined my Friday. Mr. Baird is a white man, I expect he’ll never understand. He writes “everyone” while not noticing or not caring that AI left many of “everyone” out.

I expect AI will be controlled initially (until AI conquers humans) by rich white powerful misogynistic racist raping religious men (until AI renders them obsolete) and will dangerously amplify and empower humanity’s inhumanity and hideousness.

I believe AI is a threat to all life, but especially non white and non male humans.

my fav comment:

Micke Larsson@PMLarzon:

Fuck AI

Lauchie Reid@LauchieReid:

This sucks

Patti she/her@Patti_Rockgirl:

It’s amazing we survived, considering there appears to be no women, but Laura Secord around


This is what my Indigenous nightmares (& reality) are made of. A fun way for who?? Ohhhh right.

Rebecca Hartery@rebeccahartery4:

What a gross display of white settler memory.

J Davis@TruNorthGoose:

What in the white history month is this?

CEO of Foxes@queengungnir:

Broooo why is it all white
No first nations people at all in your world huh?

Sandy Garossino @Garossino:

It’s almost like AI doesn’t think women existed at all

Dr. Nisha Toomey@NishaToomey:

Terrible… the whitest possible retelling of history. ‘Canada’ did not start with
Vikings. Wtf. Laughing so I don’t cry.

Putin to the Hague@sualbu:

This is very cool.

Did women exist in history?

Just Laura Secord?


M Botsford Fraser@mbotsfordfraser:

Men, men, men, Laura, men, men, men.

Lísabet Guðmundsdótt@LisabetGud:

Where are the women?


Were they really planning to settle in Newfoundland without any women?

Front row seats on the Titanic@AlexandreTheRed:

Can you please a) include more women and b) make them less…uh, Barbie? Women
already have enough contemporary problematic role models, we don’t need
supermodel Secord making us feel bad.

Kate Marley@Boudicca2017:

Why does Canadian history start with white guys?
Cause there WERE people in Canada before the Vikings. You’ve ignored centuries
of history and erased millennia for…what? …

Nick Shepley@NickShepley:

Erm, not to seek to spoil this, but is there one of some white colonists grinning into the camera after having booted the hitherto invisible indigenous people off their land?

Atlas Creme de Framboise@coltrane_love:

This is awful


I’m troubled by the historical moments you’ve chosen to profile.

Your perspective is very Eurocentric and very eastern Canadian.

Canada was inhabited for thousands of years before Europeans. But that would be
difficult to discern from your AI generated thread and photos.

Tristan Joseph@TristJoseph:

I generally like your work a lot. But this is too much like the history I learned in school that erased whole populations of people and pretended that Canada was just here for Europeans to take for themselves. Your work usually questions and challenges. This is disappointing.

walter rodney @builtjustice:

Whats important about this thread is it demonstrates how AI can reproduce & reinforce ahistorical & discriminatory patterns used to maintain race & gender hierarchies

Fuck, these AI white men look creepy, too much alike – an invading thuggery of rapists. No way, would I trust any of them. What I find most repulsive about this “Happy Friday everyone” thread by Mr. Baird are the endless comments (I didn’t include any in this post) cheering for this misogynistic racist AI fabricated history.

SaimaSH @SaimaSHussain:

Oh nice. Didn’t realize it’s white history month.

Liz from Halifax @ddtLiz:

While this is interesting and the photos are very cool, where are the indigenous people? For a thread telling the stories of early Canada, the pictures are too white.

colin martin@cooly1uk:

Not much about the indigenous population.

Max Riseman@maxriseman:

Misrepresenting culture is all that is being accomplished here, not education, sorry man, the pics are cool but the purpose is off


Is it my imagination or do they all look like you?

LC McDonald@elle_see:

Omigod the one Viking has hotdog fingers from Everything Everywhere All At Once.


Jesus, dude in the first image has a ballpark frank for an index finger.

Ninety-Nine, K.C.@ssolyom:

One of the rare photos of Yorick Longfinger.

方老師 @albertfong:

I would love to see Canadian history that includes more than just white people


A day later:

Craig Baird – Canadian History Ehx@CraigBaird:

Related to my AI thread yesterday. I know it was pretty white male centric.So why then write “Happy Friday everyone“? Would have been more honest to write “Happy Friday invading white men!” AI has some issues with representing Indigenous cultures properly, and I worried about homogenizing things. I will have an AI thread likely today focusing on women, POC and the Indigenous.Too late, damage done.


Elon Musk’s new AI company exclusively staffed by men by Arwa Mahdawi, July 15, 2023, The Guardian

Back in March Musk signed an open letter calling for an immediate pause on the creation of “giant” AIs until the dangers of those systems could be properly assessed. It seems like Musk wasn’t so concerned about AI’s threat to humanity as he was about getting his competition to slow down while he hurried to create his own AI venture. This week he unveiled a new AI startup called xAI: its first 12 employees are all men.


Imagine the criminals AI will let off when it controls our racist misogynistic bigoted police, courts, judges and lawyers:

Jurisage@JurisageAI: New AI practice directive – first of its kind in a Canadian Court?

“…when artificial intelligence has been used in the preparation of materials filed with the court, the materials must indicate how artificial intelligence was used”


I find it refreshing to read wise words by a Canadian judge.

Refer also to:

“Oh Canada, Our Home on Stolen Land.” Thank you Ben & Jerry’s for calling out racist Canada (and our lying abusive RCMP). Next trip to town, I’ll buy some Cherry Garcia ice cream (my fav) to celebrate your courage and integrity.

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