Saskatchewan Geological Survey Geologist to Ernst in 2006: Methane detectors will not protect you; If they warn of industry’s natural gas leaking into your home or venting from water taps, it’s usually too late to get out safely. Weld County Colorado offering explosive gas detectors to residents for free

Weld County offering explosive gas detectors to residents for free byDrew Englebart, August 24, 2017, KDVR


We’re not home all the time, so it is a concern that something could happen when we’re not here.

WELD COUNTY, Colo. — Weld County is handing out explosive gas detectors to residents for free.

A deadly home explosion in April caused by a gas well in Firestone has raised concerns from residents, so the county is hoping to ease those worries by offering the detectors.

“The whole oil and gas industry is completely out of our purview,” District 1 Weld County commissioner Mike Freeman said. “But if this is something that can put our citizens at more of an ease, it’s something we’re very happy to do.”

Residents can pick up the detectors at the county’s health and planning department at 1555 N. 17th Ave. Residents are asked to bring proof of residency and there is a limit of one per household.

Weld County is the largest oil and gas producing county in the state, with about 25,000 active oil and gas wells.

Gas detectors are available at department stores such as Home Depot starting at approximately $50.

Protection for you and your loved ones?

Or remove liability for County Commissioners and oil and gas companies?

[Refer also to:

2017 05 25: Firestone Colorado: Much larger pocket of industry’s explosive gas discovered after 3,000 Anadarko wells shut down because of fatal home explosion caused by Anadarko’s leaking methane

2015 05 01: Investigation finds Anadarko guilty, not Nature in Firestone Colorado home explosion: Investigators say industry’s gas migrated into home from abandoned flow line attached to energy well, killed two, injured two. How many homes globally have industry’s methane migrating into them, putting lives at risk with regulators everywhere looking the other way?

2017 04 26: Is Anadarko leaking explosive methane into homes in Colorado? Company to shut down 3,000 oil wells after fatal home explosion April 17, 2017 in Firestone, Weld County that killed two, injured two

A home explosion in Firestone Monday, April 17, 2017 killed two and sent two people to the hospital. Dennis Herrera/ Special to The Denver Post

2017 04 12: After decades of lies to landowners and the public by CAPP, industry & energy regulators, University of Guelph Study Proves Potentially Explosive Methane Leaks from Energy Wells Affects Groundwater, Travels Great Distances, Poses Safety Risks. Will the lies stop now? Not Likely. Will groundwater monitoring begin now? Not Likely.

2017 04 05: New University of Guelph study on methane migration in sand aquifer in Ontario: “Potentially explosive methane gas leaking from energy wells may travel extensively through groundwater and pose a safety risk”

2017 03 17: Cody Murray & family still waiting on Texas energy regulator after their methane contaminated water well exploded in 2014, injuring Cody, his daughter and others. Murrays expect to be in trial by October 2017, three years after the explosion. Compare to Ernst lawsuit in it’s 10th year, nowhere near discovery yet, never mind trial

2015 08 25: Texas: Cody Murray and family sues fracking companies after giant fireball rips through drinking water well, injures members

2014 03 20: Leak in 100 year old shallow natural gas well caused serious methane migration into Waynesburg Medical Center; Methane build-up rendered the center uninhabitable!

2006 05 09: Bruce Jack’s methane & ethane contaminated water well explodes seriously injuring three men; professional venting of the gases had been advised by Alberta regulator and provided by oil company

Do methane detectors help when industry’s “natural” gas leaks into buildings and or water?

Or do they remove liability for negligent corporations and authorities, and transfer it to the harmed?

Beep Beep Beep, Kaboom!

Bruce Jack in hospital the day his water well contaminated with industry gases exploded, seriously injuring Jack and two industry gas-in-water testers. The gases had been professionally vented to make the water “safe” as recommended by Alberta authorities. Jack was in hospital a month.

From Alberta Hansard:

Dr. Swann: Mr. Speaker, after two years of complaints from people like the Zimmermans, Ernsts, Lauridsens, and others, how can we believe this department is protecting their health and doing a proper investigation of the complaints? ]

2005 02 27: Investigators say an accumulation of gases appears to have caused the explosion that destroyed the Rosebud water tower and sent a Wheatland County employee to hospital

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