Mountains Not Mines mugs are back in stock! (I was sent my very own mug and chocolates.)

Mountains Not Mines and Fuck You Kenney mugs have been restocked!

This time, $12 from each mug will be donated to the No Coal Mines on Niitsitapi Land GoFundMe.

As of March 2, 2021: $11,345 raised of $20,000 goal

Latasha Calf Robe is organizing this fundraiser. The headwaters of  Naapihtaa (the Oldman River) are under threat due to the incoming coal development projects in the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.  

Aohkii iihtaipatapiiyop – Water is life

Water is sacred, as it is the source of all life for all living things. Without clean water all life will perish.

Today – the Niitsitapi (Blackfoot) are faced with a crisis and violent attack on our people – and we need your help. Niitsitapi Water Protectors are currently up against the provincial and federal governments to protect their traditional territory.  We are working to stop ALL open-pit coal development in the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. 

The Issue
Without any consultation with First Nations  the Alberta UCP government rescinded the Coal Development Policy put in place in 1976 by Premiere Peter Lougheed. This policy change was effective June 1st, 2020.  As a result, 1.5 million hectares of formerly protected environmentally sensitive lands along the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains and 600,000 hectares of Alberta’s headwaters including the Oldman River, are now open for exploration, and the potential development of open pit coal mining.

Additionally – The Grassy Mountain Coal Project; a proposed 28sq km mine located in the Crowsnest pass is in the final stages of approval by the federal government. This project has gone through a years-long regulatory process. The final approval on this project is to be announced in late 2021.  This project – like many – is moving forward without community consultation or  consent by the Niitsitapi (Blackfoot). 

Grassy Mountain is the  first of many proposed mines in Blackfoot territory.  These coal mines will have lasting impacts on the quality and quantity of water available in Southern Alberta.

The removal of the 1976 Coal Policy and the Grassy Mountain coal project put our water, land and cultural well-being at risk! The Nations of the Blackfoot Confederacy; including the Kainai (Blood), the Peigan (Piikani) and Siksika (Blackfoot), all rely on the Oldman River watershed and eastern slopes for sustenance, life and cultural well-being. 

The Oldman River watershed also provides drinking water to over 267,000 Albertans and flows right into the Hudson Bay. Help secure clean water for the Niitsitapi and ALL people down stream. 

The Blackfoot Confederacy and other First Nations of Southern Alberta have strong connections to the Oldman River beyond just using it for drinking and farming usage.  These projects pose a serious threat to the health, livelihood, spiritual wellbeing and cultural preservation of First Nations in the area. These coal projects are also a violation of treaty and are a violent attack on first nations rights, title and way of life. 

All donations collected go towards the protection of water and land in traditional Blackfoot Territory.  All funds raised are allocated to the Niitsitapi Water Protectors (NWP). Funds will be used to cover long-term community engagement, education strategies, working with elders and knowledge keepers, print materials /highway signs/billboards, media engagement and legal actions when necessary.

Niitsitapi Water Protectors is a grassroots Indigenous let collective of Niitsitapi (Blackfoot) water and land defenders who are working to protect the water and land within the traditional Blackfoot territory.


This wonderful surprise package arrived from Edmonton last week of February:

With this note:

“Dear Jessica, When I saw these, I thought of you! Made by a husband and wife who donate the majority of sales to groups fighting this. Thinking of you and all the wisdom you share! Love you”

I love it all! Many thanks for this water and heart-healing surprise.

The fabulous mugs are already sold out (the “Fuck You Kenney” mug is extra special).

Stickers and wine tumblers are available:

$12 from each mug was donated to the SaveTheMountains GoFundMe

Supporting The Pekisko Group and the fight to #SaveTheMountains

Save The Mountains Fundraiser Update:

January 30, 2021 by The Pekisko Group, 

Hello Friends,

We wanted to send you another update and thank you for your continued support. We reached $60,000 today. Incredible! Thank you so much.. As of today, Feb 27, 2021, $76,556 has been raised of $75,000 goal

So many people are doing so many kind and caring things- to raise money. From coffee mugs- to virtual concerts – to individual donations – some of you numerous times- we are so very grateful.

This issue has brought folks from all walks of life together -sharing in the same beliefs of doing what is right and standing up for what is important.

We thought it would be important to outline where our funding has been allocated to date and what we see happening in the days and months ahead.

When we first launched our legal action – we knew that the costs would be significant. We set a funding target that we knew would help, but likely not cover all of our costs – and we were okay with that- we just wanted to ensure that we could pursue this. Since then, our legal efforts are likely to be doubled, due to the governments action to strike our judicial hearing – we have had to be in court to now first fight the strike.

As we wait for the court ruling and next steps we want you to know what else your donations have and are supporting.

In the beginning, we were doing everything we could to raise awareness – we have created short information film clips, and social media for #Savethemountains

We have since supported the installation of the Hwy 1 Billboard from Canmore to Calgary – a billboard campaign in Calgary that was the effort and initiative of some very special folks. From those efforts we created vinyl signs for placement along roadsides. Those signs are now available to purchase and many people are helping those signs and the billboards live on. Thank you!

We continue to work hard Every. Single. Day. on initiatives that will bring further awareness and understanding of this critical issue. We have engaged the continued help of our film crew this past week – and although they have graciously worked for the most part pro Bono for us, we do have hard costs and will be compensating them for their incredible work from the funding support we have received.

Some of this work will be realized this week- we have a big week ahead of us! We will be sure to share on our Save the Mountains Facebook and social feeds next week and in the months ahead as well.

We still have a long way to go- but our promise to you is that each and every dollar will go towards preventing mountain top removal coal mining throughout our eastern slopes. If we are ever in a position of exceeding our costs – we will pay the funds forward to others and/or other organizations to help support their efforts towards the same cause.

In the days and months ahead, we thank you for the support you have given us to help us keep moving ever onward.

Laura & John,
Plateau Cattle Co.,

Mac & Renie,
Rocking P Ranch

January 16, 2021 by The Pekisko Group, 

Wow. What a journey. When we first started #SavetheMountains last June – it was our hope that we would be able to make people aware of the issue of Mountain Top Removal coal mining and the potential permanent and long-term impacts that it will mean to Albertan’s.

Today, I can say we have a growing passionate and determined voice coming from Albertan’s, Canadians, and folks from around the globe Standing Up and Speaking Out.

From emails and calls from strangers offering support and encouragement, to the donations we are receiving through this GoFundMe initiative – to help support our legal efforts in our judicial challenge against the Prov. government – Thank you.

We also want to thank those of you who have been here, supporting since the very beginning – giving freely and passionately of your time, skills and encouragement-Supporting us long before the platform of this past week.

As we head into the start of our legal hearings this week Jan 18/19/20 we are optimistic. This is just the start of a long fight – but you are giving us the endurance and optimism that yes- each and every one of us can and will make a difference.

Thank you.

“In times of trouble, look for the helpers. They are the true heroes.”

Refer also to:

Study: Birth defects **significantly** more common in areas of strip mining/open pit/mountaintop coal mining; Health effects of related air and water contamination appear cumulative. Never forget: Courts ruled in Ernst vs AER that it is legally immune, owes no duty of care and is above Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. AER has no public health mandate and the Alberta gov’t removed its public interest mandate after the Ernst lawsuit went public. There is no authority to protect Albertans, our health, our rights and drinking water, and the feds have gone AWOL.

Mayor High River, Craig Snodgrass: “I didn’t vote for Jason Kenney because he’s full of shit.” Keep raging Albertans! I love it. The most powerful Court in the world is that of Public Opinion, and it won’t *bankrupt* you with legal and court costs.

Canadian & Alberta gov’ts & Australian coal billionaire Gina Reinhart! Listen up: “Water is more important than coal and mountains hold more value than mines.”

2020 05: AER’s new “Dickhead” Laurie Pushor off to Kenney-wanna-be-Trump races: “No Duty of Care” AER abuses Covid-19 crisis to deregulate oilpatch and coal mining. (Stephen Cousin’s sketch may offend some, but it’s too perfect not to add to this vulgar news.)

2020 03: Nothing baffling about Teck’s river-polluting corporate practices

2015: Alberta Health Services Warning: Drinking water contamination in Kneehill County: Toxic Selenium and Uranium found in private water wells; Metals testing not mandatory before fracing, waste dumping and injection, not even when companies frac into drinking water aquifers

2014: Alberta regulator never inspected berm that burst at Obed mine toxic tailings pond, resulting in largest coal slurry spill in Canada

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