Health protections against airborne pathogens like SARS2: Masking works. It matters, even if you are the only one. Dec 2022: Nearly 30% excess mortality in Canada’s fastest reporting provinces, Germany 47%, France 31%, UK 25% …

Malgorzata (Gosia) Gasperowicz@GosiaGasperoPhD:

Please speak. Please act. Even small actions matter.
Every internal or public conversation and chat matters.

The data shows that the situation is grave

Tara Moriarty@MoriartyLab:

My colleagues, the emperor has no clothes.

Nearly 30% excess mortality in Canada’s fastest reporting provinces as of Dec 31/22

Dec 25/22: Germany 47%, France 31%, UK 25%

It almost doesn’t matter anymore what you think is the cause…please speak, please act.

Stacey Butters #fella@drstaceybutters Replying to @MoriartyLab:

Canada needs to #MaskUp, I will wear N95 KF94 in office inside 24/7, maintain vigilant boosting, spread the advice to pts. Hepafilters, each exam room, merv13 filters in place.

Humans are just another animal. There is nothing special about us in my view. We have much to learn from other species. We can’t even keep our own nest clean, and the men in our species rape kids, especially men that are lawyers, priests and other church persons, politicians, cops, others in positions of power.

Animals copy; humans copy, a lot. The more masks are worn and properly, the more others will wear them too.

I continue to wear N95s whenever I am indoors in public or with others outdoors. Even after being assaulted physically, hard, just because of my choice in what to wear to protect myself and others in a pandemic. The virus is airborne. Many main media and nearly all our health officials are lying when they say it’s not, that it just transmits by touch/droplets. The virus lingers indoors in air like smoke, hours after the infected breather is gone.

They are also lying when they say N95s don’t work. I think profit raping corporations ordered our media and health officials to chant the pandemic is over, masks don’t work, it’s not airborne, it’s mild, etc., because if people knew the truth, they’d be demanding appropriate protections in day cares, schools, work places, public transit, planes, airports, hospitals, clinics etc. Such protections cost money. Masks are visual, when people wear them, we see the threat is not over, which interferes with profits for the rich (they don’t care how many of us they socially murder via COVID), which is why dark money financed the fucker truckers to scream and break the law, opposing even the simplest protections.

N95s can be reused, often. I put mine in the sun after use, wait 4 days to reuse. I have a number of masks in my vehicle, and at the door, that I rotate. When they no longer fit tightly, or the ear clasps come undone, I cut them up and discard them carefully so that wildlife, notably birds, will not get tangled in them.

Rapes as a kid caused me severe claustrophobia when around humans (why I hate hugs and or being grabbed), or in enclosed space, or tight clothing, even socks. The N95s are stressful for me to wear because of that, yet I find they are easy to breath in (even on long walks with a vulnerable friend), easy to remember to wear, and best, since I began wearing them in spring 2020, I have not had a cold or flu. So nice!

After every speaking tour I was asked to provide for communities, I came home sicker than sick, and was in bed each time, for more than 6 weeks. I do not like being sick! I expect I will mask indoors in public for the rest of my life. I wish I had known to use N95s around people, and especially on planes/trains before the pandemic (public washrooms and planes during loading and unloading are virus factories) and while Encana was drilling and frac’ing my community.

I really like not being sick!

I know people that have had COVID-19 numerous times. Natural immunity? Pfffft. Friends have been killed by COVID. Others, that had mild cases are often sick now, again and again, with some bug or another, and their brains are not what they used to be.

I really really like not being sick!

PS I wear N95s outside when wildfire smoke pollutes the air. Particulate pollution in frac and or tarsands fields is toxic enough to breath, never mind cumulatively with smoke (and all the other things burning up, including oilfield chemicals, facilities and waste) in a pandemic. I am always amazed how well masks filter out smoke; I smell and taste none of it, even when the smoke is so thick, I can’t see beyond a few hundred metres.

A few tweets:

Joe Oliver@joeolivermd Apr 7:

Remember to wash your hands before you breathe in airborne viruses.


Needed this today after I got shoulder barged by someone when I was just minding my own business in the supermarket

New Day Rising@JogobonitoJDUB:

My friends went to a funeral last week. The husband wore an n-95, the wife did not wear a mask. She got Covid, he did not.

Caught in a Perfect Storm of Clusterfuckery@Michael59503746 Replying to

Going into year four of this horror, I’d say it’s more like blatant evil…

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