Faces of Fracking: Meet the Headleys

Faces of Fracking: Meet the Headleys by Iris Marie Bloom, July 22, 2012, protectingourwaters
We have a spring two hundred feet from our house which is now so rich with gas it can be set on fire. … “It’s already too late for us.” That is what Linda Headley said to me, the last time I saw her. I looked around and saw her beautiful family and once beautiful landscape and realized that she was right. There was little to nothing that could be done to change their situation, other than getting the DEP to do the job it should have but hadn’t done. … Our experience with our local and state officials and the DEP has been mostly not caring, not responding, or denial. … Others admit that they are now called the DEP for Don’t Expect Protection and there in lies the truth.

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