Dear Jason Kenney/UCP: Ending the pandemic mask mandate caters to terrorists. I reject your selfish idiocy and continue to wear N95 masks in public to protect others and myself. Now, I join Prof Ubaka Ogbogu and also wear them to spite you.

Dear Prof Ogbogu, I am horrified by what Kenney wrote about you, but then, I am often horrified by what he writes, says and does. In my view, he serves himself and his base (now more than ever with his “leadership” review coming up). I proudly stand with you, wearing masks indoors in public, to protect the vulnerable, community, our public health care system/workers, and myself, and now to spite Kenney.

It’s wonderful to see so many citizens still wearing masks, ignoring your anti-health, anti-community, anti-public health care, anti-protection bullshit. We care about others, you do not.

I buy my N95s online from Vitacore Industries Inc., high quality, super comfy, easy to wear, economical (they can be reused) masks made in Vancouver. Excellent service, but, they are incredibly busy with the many wise Canadians wanting to protect others and themselves. Orders take time. (When discarding, please cut up the straps to prevent birds etc. using them as nesting material, from strangling or trapping them.)

PS. Left and right has nothing to do with it.

Tweet, March 3, 2022.

Believe it or not, Jason Kenney is premier of Alberta, white supremacist thugland of “Freedom.”

Ubaka Ogbogu@UbakaOgbogu mar 4, 2022:

Good morning @jkenney. Have you taken down the Facebook post where you called me deranged and falsely stated I was a “NDP law professor”?

I did not address this when it happened but worth my time actually. This tactic of calling me a NDP partisan to stoke hate and attacks is something the government’s issues managers have weaponized against me and other academics. Now the Premier himself has got on board.

Ubaka Ogbogu@UbakaOgbogu @jkenney Mar 3, 2022:

I’m making a direct appeal to you to immediately delete your Facebook post where you falsely referred to me as a “NDP law professor”. I would also like a public apology and that you correct the record. Your post is a violent call to arms against me. Four times now already, I’ve been physically assaulted by furious men much bigger than me, just because I was wearing a mask indoors in public (including when masks were mandated). I did not know the men, had not spoken to them or even looked at them, they just charged and slammed me, furious because I chose to wear something on my body for COVID-19 protection. It fucking hurt; I’m a senior enduring serious enough harms done to my body when I was a child. I cannot afford a broken back. I think what Kenney is doing is to encourage his base to terrorize and assault those that support and use protective public health measures.

I hope I don’t need to explain to you how dangerous it is to use falsehoods to frame my public statements in a way that directly endangers my life and health. You should know better. Delete the post immediately please.

I’ll add that it is defamatory to call me deranged and to refer to me as a NDP law professor. Without a retraction and public apology, I will seek to commence legal action against you.

also took a screenshot of my tweet and put it on Facebook. I’m going to seek legal advice about harassment.

I did not address this when it happened but worth my time actually. This tactic of calling me a NDP partisan to stoke hate and attacks is something the government’s issues managers have weaponized against me and other academics. Now the Premier himself has got on board. …

I have received racist attacks and death threats because of actions like this. @jkenney, you should know better and should be ashamed of yourself for responding to political commentary from a citizen with what amounts to doxxing and falsehoods.

I’m not a member of the NDP. The Premier knows or ought to know this. But even if I was, my political affiliation is not the basis for my critique of his policies. I’m a citizen and a health law professor.

The first time issues managers attacked me this way, I got racist attacks by phone and email and had to remove all my contact information from the internet. This significantly affects my professional life. The Premier has made the situation worse.


I was thinking of using a sharpie to write “Fuck You Kenney” on the front of my N95. I recommend using a non toxic marker. Sharpies reportedly contain toluene, which damages the brain. Like it says on my coffee mug.


The post is still on Facebook. Just saw it

Silvias Mother@MotherSilvias:

Reported the FB post. Unbelieveable (but sadly, totally believable).


Just know that my students continue to spite Jason daily. They are non-partisan but he probably wouldn’t know that.


stop having a tantrum when someone disagrees with your ridiculous decisions. So much for freedom I guess.

i AM smiling@MissP186:

So callous, considering how he prob wouldn’t have any objection to someone NOT wearing a mask in spite. What do anti-maskers care if someone masks? It has literally no effect on the non-wearer except increased safety. Also, the tweet is highly unprofessional and dog-whistly.

Maia Thompson@MaiaAThompson:

your tweet regarding @UbakaOgbogu is reprehensible. It’s harmful, abusive and damaging to his reputation. Someone in a position of power knows better and exactly what I r doing. Reprehensible. Delete and apologize.


In one corner, a highly educated law professor with a master’s of law and a doctorate of law. In the other a catholic school dropout premier, who do you think will win this fight? …

David Slater@slaterDavid7 Replying to @UbakaOgbogu and @jkenney:

I don’t see NDP in your Twitter bio. Are all Jason Kenney’s critics simply “the NDP”? Almost as if he wants to delegitimize critics.


He did this same thing to another professor in Calgary. It’s part of his attack on citizen’s who disagree with him, much like Putin (or insert any other tyrant’s name here). It needs to stop.

Craig Blatz@CraigBlatzProf:

Where’s his outrage at the F Trudeau flags we see everywhere?

Jen The Feisty Librarian@Feisty_Waters:

This is deeply fucked up – a new low for him and awful for you.

Ginger’s wifey@JennaACunninham:

This is terrible and unacceptable. Clearly our premier lacks any sense of morality to attack a private citizen in this way. Please be safe. He’s clearly intimidated by the intelligence of those who don’t agree with him.

Ziad Fazel@ZiadFazel:

I found this article best to understand Jason Kenney. He’s angry enough about Edmonton’s decision to stick with their criteria for the mask bylaw to change the province-wide MGA in retaliation.

You addressed him directly – see Narcissistic Injury.


The unprofessional behavior by elected officials, especially by Conservatives/PPC
is disgusting to say the least. To incite hate and attacks against you, and to encourage illness/death by not wearing a mask, makes me enraged. There needs to be accountability beyond elections.


On one side is intelligence (yours) and on the other a person who has decided that a small divisive faction is worth lives in the province he is supposed to lead. His bullying tactics are indefensible.


I can’t believe a Premier wrote that. This is beyond the pale. Well past his army of issues managers attacking private citizens. This is straight up authoritarian behaviour. The state directing animosity towards his perceived enemies. Embarrassing. Sorry this is happening


He’s taking cues from Donald Trump, and is attacking individuals on social media to keep his base angry and vocal.

We Indigenous@CourcheneDon:

Funny he didn’t use their “left wing radical ” label that these white supremacists usually use

W Verhulst@verhulst_w:

Where is the University of NDP?


You should be flattered! Kenney clearly was bothered by your post. Also, I have noticed in grocery stores, pet stores, Costco… the vast majority are still masked in YYC. If that annoys Kenney, that’s a huge bonus

Shirley Lowe (she/her)@salcomm:

Unfortunately, our premier had nothing better to do than to demonize anyone intelligent enough to criticize his failing policies. I, too, will continue wearing a mask for my own health and others.


Since when did Government single out people to harass or perhaps, put your life in danger because he does not like your way of doing things?


I just saw this on Facebook so it’s still on there! This is definitely harassment

@casualcactii Replying to @UbakaOgbogu @rcmpgrcpolice:

I am fearful for this man’s safety. I’ve never seen a government leader point a direct finger at a citizen. This is scary and dangerous. I fear Ubaka now has a target on his back. I fear the same.

Mama Bear Extraordinaire@beckie_nicholls:

Omg! How is this man in charge of the entire Province? This is not okay! Sending positivity your way

MAD SQUIRREL@AuthenticCanuck:

Jason Kenney has become one of the most, if not THE most, fascist alt-right Conservative in our country’s inventory of unsavoury politicians. Why he is permitted to go on like this is completely beyond me. Canada is better than this, yet we allow it?


I’m speechless. Reading this hit me like a brick in the stomach. I can’t imagine what it was like being the person it was directed to.

The Canadian Mando™@thehockeymando:

Same question I had about Brock, now Kenney… This is despicable and should be grounds for instant dismissal of any public employee, or the the least have some ramifications…

Krissy Wilde@KLWN73:

This makes me so angry! He has no business having any platform or power. Just know, when I am looking for intelligent commentary on Twitter, I come to your feed. If I wanted to feel like I was back in junior high, I would go to his. Trust me, junior high will always be in my past


I’ve not always agreed with you but this is very wrong & an attack on you personally.

With how aggressive his base is I worry for your safety.


Targeted harassment. Not cool

David William@NrvsCrcts:

Absolutely terrible, and absolutely terrifying.

Kevin Nimmock@KevinCTV :

Alberta is reporting 27 new deaths from COVID-19 in the past 48-hours. There are now 1,231 people with COVID in hospital (+6) and 84 in the ICU (+4).

Dr Dan Shugar@WaterSHEDLab :

Wandering the @UCalgary hallways with students back on campus and I must say – WELL DONE students! Just about 100% mask compliance. Smart students! Bravo~!

Catherine Griwkowsky@CGriwkowsky :

Premier Jason Kenney announces he will introduce amendments to the Municipal Government Act that will ban municipalities from putting in their own public health measures.

Alberta courts treated me, my case and the rule of law like shit, so I do not hold them in high regard, but this impresses and surprises me. Will Kenney write a law or amendment banning courts from keeping public health protections during a pandemic? He must be twisting in rage.

neill fitzpatrick@macewanfitz:

Interesting. Will Kenney intervene?

Red Ninety@red90rover:

You can guarantee he is trying to figure out how.

Aaron Hoyland@aaronhoyland:

Wait, so they’re saying that masks are a simple of way of reducing the risk to transmitting Covid to vulnerable members of the population? Huh. Imagine that.


Right? Like the same people that exist literally everywhere? Must be so nice to have the privilege to override Kenney’s idiocy

Justine Withanee@jayee_aitch:

Can the three chief justices expect a driveway visit from Minister Shandro?

Terri M@nanalexi:

We have the same thing in our Courts in Manitoba. We will continue to mask for a period of time after the mandate is lifted on March 15.


Can we set up school in court houses across the country?

Ginger Edwin@GingerMEdwin:

Jason Kenney is allegedly going to override municipalities. Let’s see him override justices.

Yub Nub@anarchoyeg:

Ah. So this is the day they finally admit the criminal justice system mainly exists for criminalization of the poor. Talk about ‘mask off’.

Kevin (ex Oiler fan) Malinowski @KMal_T8N:

This will be the next law that @jkenney will have to change. Can’t have the courts having more power than him.

Ken Sellar@kensellar:

Omg don’t tell me we’re disagreeing with @jkenney and his puppet @CMOH_Alberta! Putting the health and safety of Albertans first! What a concept.


And, a week later, mask requirement in BC courts is continued too! BRAVO!

Emmett Macfarlane @EmmMacfarlane:

Judicial independence, permitting some last vestiges of rational decision-making.


Dr. Amit Arya@AmitAryaMD Mar 4:

Wearing a mask doesn’t just protect you. It protects immunocompromised people. It protects frail elders. It protects young children who still can’t get vaccinated. Please. Continue to wear masks wherever possible in solidarity with everyone who is vulnerable.

T. Ryan Gregory@TRyanGregory Mar 4:

It’s infuriating (but sadly, not surprising) to see amazing people like @UbakaOgbogu and @birgitomo being targeted by politicians on social media. I stand with both of them and you should too.

Refer also to:

Excellent clip on COVID-19 and immunity: Toronto Emergency Physician Dr. Kashif Pirzada, interviews Dr. Anthony Leonardi, T-cell Immunologist

Murder by COVID. UCP, Jason Kenney & Dr. Deena Hinshaw are cruel despicable lying anti-health, anti-Albertan monsters. Paul Hunter: “You don’t get herd immunity with coronaviruses”

I am grateful for our medical workers and support staff, still taking care of us, after endless shit & abuse from Jason Kenney, Chief Medical Officer of anti-Health Deena Hinshaw, UCP, anti-everything thugs (if you refuse vaccination, the least you can do for community is wear a mask, over your nose not under it, COVID-19 virus is airborne)

“I get so angry when I see people not wearing masks… it makes me want to take a bar of soap & write on my car’s rearview window that ‘My husband who saved so many lives died of COVID-19. Wear a mask!’” … “now there is one less ICU doctor to care for pandemic patients in Baltimore”

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