Murder by COVID. UCP, Jason Kenney & Dr. Deena Hinshaw are cruel despicable lying anti-health, anti-Albertan monsters. Paul Hunter: “You don’t get herd immunity with coronaviruses”

Man’s penis ‘shrinks by 1.5 inches after catching Covid’ – and it’s irreversible

….to his dismay the victim found his penis had contracted considerably – a condition doctors told him is likely permanent due to vascular damage in his erectile tissue. 

It comes as a University College London study of 3,400 people found that a shortened penis was a rare symptom among the 200 who developed long Covid.

Meanwhile, a study published in the World Journal of Men’s Health by University of Miami Miller School of Medicine showed widespread endothelial cell dysfunction from Covid-19 infection can contribute to significant [erectile dysfunction]. …

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Emmett Macfarlane@EmmMacfarlane: Not sure the professed manly men of the anti-vax community have that much to spare. #GetVaxxed

Adam Lockett@AdamLockett34: Looking at you @jordanbpeterson.



Omicron is likely **The Fastest spreading disease known to man.**




Vera – she/her@vera_tenacious:

So, #bcpoli – What’s the plan for providing #LongCovid disability care to the many thousands of citizens in BC who were/will not be able to access a test for diagnosis? #covid19bc

What’s the plan across Canada to care for all the people we are disabling with #COVID19? #cdnpoli

Murder in Alberta’s Tarsands?

#FullyVaccinated@YYCCowboy Jan 14, 2022:

This maybe a long tweet… and I apologize, but something has to be said. The oilsands COVID-19 situation, can be described as a wildfire out of bloody control. Cases are coming in ‘hot and fast’, both employees and contractors.

Those working in Medical/Contact Tracing/Safety are being pushed to the bone.. I just clocked 120+hrs in a week.. Haven’t had a day off since before Christmas, and I’m getting hauled back for more OT this weekend.

The symptoms we’re seeing are a mix of Omicron & Delta Variants.. Young, Old, Double Vaxxed, Tripple Vaxxed.. Those with small children at home, entire families testing positive.

The Alberta Government has abandoned the Oilsands, unlike never before we have seen

They will not accept our PCR Tests, that our medical staff have taken and run on our testing units. Which means the provinces numbers will continue to be lower, while our case counts continue to explode. This was ONE way to see how COVID is effecting the province!

They will NOT issue outbreak numbers to allow staff offsite to get PCR Testing.. This could help STOP THE SPREAD.. But no.. They won’t provide COVID hotels, so those out of province/can’t Isolate at home etc are stuck in Isolation dorms

I’ve seen people test negative for several days, and then all the sudden go Positive! We’ve had people crying on the phone to us, because they feel lost or have had COVID-19 before and were even in the ICU. We’ve now become councillors and more..

People are struggling to find Rapid Tests, no matter where they’re from.. Many are paying $40, $80, $160 to get private testing done.. Very few come back negative, most get confirmation of what they already know!

Our teams mental health is taking a beating.. There’s not a day where we don’t have a cry together or a good scream.. Mostly we wonder when this will end. There’s not enough help in this province, nor not enough hours in the day.. We’re on a sinking titanic.. /end

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Because the goal has ALWAYS been their bullshit definition of Herd Immunity. If they BOTHERED to listen to Medical professionals and Scientists. They would KNOW, this isn’t possible with COVID.

FUCP @radical_ranger1:

You’re spot on and I’ve been saying exactly the same. It’s despicable. In my view, the goal of the UCP and their secret leader Steve Harper (Kenney is just the scab face) is to destroy Canada’s public health care system and rip the citizenry to pieces the better to give away what’s left to their dark money friends in Amerika. I expect Herr Harper is delighted with Kenney, Hinshaw, Dr. Bonnie Henry, John Horgan, Scott Moe, Doug Ford and the dishonest science table et. al. What’s worse is that this disaster will all be for nothing! #FiretheUCP

Red Ninety@red90rover:

You are describing the whole province. It is no different anywhere else. The government’s goal is to have everyone infected as quickly as possible.

Just a dr@ABDr_Cmrbdties:

Yes, it is all true. Whole families sick, barely able to speak due to cough/shortness of breath, vast majority young. Complete gov and CMOH failure. The thing is that UCP is trying to divide the society, us vs them etc. The O&G folks are actually hard working ppl working insane schedules pushed on them by these companies including long commutes, away fr loved ones. Most are straightforward folks. And UCP abuses them as well.

Thom Sawchuk@ThomSawchuk:

This only goes to prove that many of those in the head offices – of government and big business – see workers as disposable commodities in their desire for money and power

Cassandra Raugust@ThisIsMeCassie:

I’m so sorry. I don’t know how to help. I will tell you tho, I care and truly empathize with you and your team. What I do to help, stay the fuck home. Take care and pls keep sharing. We Albertans do care!


[Jason Kenney] loves capitalism and his career; not his public oath, not any people, and if the money-men in O&G turned on him, he would turn on O&G. He is a sleazy, zero-principle small man striking and lashing, as he has always done, at what frightens him, which is everything.

Rogue Chimp@roguechimp99:

This is an horrific atrocity! Intent by our gov to wilfully sicken people. #abpoli


I ain’t feeling sorry for any of you motherfuckers who voted UCP because you wanted to ernrich yourselves, O&G, at the expense of indigenous peoples and humanity. You voted an illiterate motherfcker who doesn’t give a shit about people.***


Was the Russian flu a ‘coronavirus’? What the 1890s pandemic tells us about how Covid might end, There are some striking similarities between this virus and its 19th century ancestor – perhaps lessons from the past can show us our future By Mark Honigsbaum, Medical Historian, 13 January 2022, The Telegraph

Much like Covid-19, hospitals were struggling to cope with a surge of cases
Much like Covid-19, hospitals were struggling to cope with a surge of cases Credit: Mediscan / Alamy Stock Photo

The fourth wave of the pandemic, like the three that preceded it, was marked by a dry cough, an intense headache and what one medical correspondent described as “a feverish malaise”. Soon, both the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition were confined to their sickbeds and London hospitals were struggling to cope. 

The disease felled burly policemen and Bank of England clerks. At a wedding party attended by 100 guests, it was reported that all but three had fallen ill. 

You could be forgiven for thinking this is a description of the latest omicron strain of Covid-19. In fact, it details the severe wave of illness that swept London during the “Russian influenza” pandemic of the 1890s. The so-called influenza was blamed on Russia because the first reported outbreak occurred in St Petersburg in November 1889. But though some of the symptoms, such as fever, chills and aches, were consistent with flu, an increasing number of scientists believe the Russian flu may have actually been due to a bovine coronavirus.

As with omicron, the majority of infections were mild. But approximately one in a hundred cases resulted in severe illness or death, particularly for those with pre-existing health conditions. Many complained of “a hard, dry cough of a paroxysmal kind, worst at night”. 

Whereas influenza tends to be most fatal to infants and the elderly, with a graph of mortality by age tracing a U-shape, in the case of the Russian flu the mortality curve was J-shaped, reflecting the rising mortality in the over-60s. In other words, similar to Covid.

Russian flu was also associated with inflammatory conditions and fatigue reminiscent of long Covid. Sir Morrell Mackenzie, a Victorian throat specialist, noted that the influenza had a propensity to “run up and down the nervous keyboard stirring up disorder and pain in different parts of the body with what almost seems malicious caprice”. Marked neurological symptoms included intense headaches and shooting pains, as well as a loss of taste and smell.

Four million people in England and Wales were ill during the first wave in the winter of 1889-90, with a recorded 27,000 excess deaths from respiratory diseases. In spring 1891, there was a second, more severe wave, which accounted for nearly 58,000 excess deaths. The winter of 1892 saw a third wave, marked by a further 25,000 deaths. Taking into account a revival in 1893, and the fourth wave in 1895, it was estimated that at least 125,000 Britons had perished.

The parallels are striking. So, if the Russian flu was caused by a coronavirus, what might that pandemic tell us about the likely evolution of Covid-19, and what can we learn from the Victorian experience of living with repeated waves in an era before vaccines and antiviral drugs?

Intriguingly, the Russian flu was preceded by catastrophic outbreaks of a highly infectious respiratory disease in cattle. These led to repeated culling between 1870 and 1890, as farmers sought to prevent the contamination of milk supplies. In an era before refrigeration and pasteurisation, the only way to supply growing urban populations with fresh milk was by bringing cows to city centres – a plausible root for the interspecies transmission of BCoV, or the bovine coronavirus. Thanks to some nifty molecular detective work by Belgian virologist Dr Marc Van Ranst at Leuven University, we know this is closely related to the human coronavirus OC43 with which it shares a common ancestor in around 1890 – suggesting that this is when it probably first jumped from cattle to humans. The date coincides with the first reports of the Russian influenza. 

'Mother in a poor district of London holding an oil lamp so doctor can examine her child, only to be told that it has died from Influenza
Four million people in England and Wales were ill during the first wave in the winter of 1889-90, with a recorded 27,000 excess deaths from respiratory diseases Credit: World History Archive / TopFoto

At a time when most medics subscribed to miasma theory – the idea that diseases were the result of poisonous exhalations from the earth carried on the wind – little consideration was given to social distancing or masks. Instead, doctors emphasised the importance of bed rest and a positive state of mind, lest fear become the “mother of infection”.

The Lancet medical journal even went as far as to blame “dread of the epidemic” on the worldwide telegraphic network which, in 1889, had enabled Reuters correspondents to transmit news of the pandemic from St Petersburg well ahead of domestic outbreaks.

Satirical magazine Punch warned: “If you sit all day in your great coat, muffled up to the eyes in a woollen comforter and with your feet in constantly replenished mustard and hot water, as you propose, you will certainly be prepared, when it makes its appearance, to encounter the attack of the Russian Epidemic Influenza, that you so much dread.”

Despite this, there was wide agreement that the infection could cause lung inflammation and that it was imperative to avoid relapses. Those who ignored this advice risked bronchitis and pneumonia. Indeed, one of the most prominent victims was the Duke of Clarence, Queen Victoria’s 28-year-old grandson and the second-in-line to the throne, who died of pneumonic complications from Russian flu in January 1892. His death coincided with Rudyard Kipling’s marriage at All Souls Church, Marylebone – a ceremony, which Kipling recorded, took place “in the thick of an influenza epidemic, when the undertakers had run out of black horses and the dead had to be content with brown ones [and] the living were mostly abed”.

Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence
The Duke of Clarence fell victim to the disease Credit: The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images/ Hulton Archive

A good insight into how Victorians adjusted comes from English social reformer and women’s rights campaigner, Josephine Butler, who suffered recurrent bouts of flu throughout the 1890s.

In December 1891, Butler complained of  “a cough… and a good deal of weakness”. In January 1892, she told her son: “I don’t think I ever remember being so weak, not even after the malaria fever at Genoa.” Six months later, she suffered an attack of pneumonia and pleurisy, leaving her the use of just one good lung.  

Embracing the miasmatic theories, Butler wrote that the Russian influenza had been conveyed to Britain on the “northeast winds”. This suggested that closing doors and shutting windows might be a safeguard. However, others were convinced the disease was contagious and that the best protection was ventilation and the disinfection of letters thought to harbour infectious particles.

If the Russian flu was due to a coronavirus – and it is an “if” – the Victorian experience does not augur well for our present. Epidemiologists estimate that up to 60 per cent of the population was infected in the initial phase between 1889 and 1892. But herd immunity does not appear to have been reached, hence the recurrent waves of illness, marked by high mortality.

“You don’t get herd immunity with coronaviruses,” says Paul Hunter, an epidemiologist at the University of East Anglia. “When you combine that with the clinical evidence, the similarities between the Russian flu and Covid-19 are striking.” 

Indeed, Butler was still complaining of Russian influenza at the turn of the century. She was not alone. 

“Influenza has declined to move westward and become almost a regular Christmas annual,” complained one weary medical commentator in 1900. “A pair of blankets and a pillow, properly applied, still form a complete protection against 99 attacks out of a hundred. But in that hundredth case it will detect and advertise some latent flaw, add the last straw… with fiendish ingenuity and deadly effect.”

Mark Honigsbaum is author of The Pandemic Century: A History of Global Contagion from the Spanish Flu to Covid-19 (Penguin, £16.99). Buy yours at, or call 0844 871 1514

Refer also to:

2022 01 15: Front-line workers, families share heartache of caring for young children hospitalized with COVID

“You can see it in the faces of kids that can’t talk – their eyes get really big and they, we watch them struggle to breathe. Then on top of that we watch their parents struggle to watch their child and that is sometimes just as hard as watching the kids.”

2022 01 14: Dr Thomas Piggott (He/Him)@twpiggott:

There is a lot of idealism circulating that we’re turning the corner on omicron. I’ve got a nice t-shirt that says Shameless Idealist. But, the reality with wastewater surveillance is that it’s reflecting a temporary plateau thanks to the public measures put in place on Jan 5th.


People hear bit of positive and are already demanding things to re-open. Like omicron, they latch onto the “milder” narrative and didn’t bother listening to the high transmissibility part.

Please remind people that kids back to school means increasing covid transmissions again.

2022 01 14: Katherine Franke@ProfKFranke:

Among the most offensive things abt the OSHA vaccine/mask case is that at oral arg J. Gorsuch refused to wear a mask & he sits next to Justice Sotomayor, who has underlying conditions that make her esp vulnerable. Every other Justice masked and Sotomayor had to sit in her office.

Paul Champ@PaulChampLaw:

What an asshole. “Your Honour”

Masks are vital for protecting others. Omicron is incredibly contagious with too many selfish idiots refusing to wear masks or wearing them incorrectly (e.g. under their noses/chins) and nastier variants ahead. Perhaps Justice Asshole (aka Gorsuch) will get COVID-19 Penis Shrinkage, a few times, ’til he’s got nothing left.

2022 01 13: Veena Dubal@veenadubal:

5 Supreme Court Justices don’t think that breathing is a “feature” of all workplaces.

No One Is Safe Until We Are All Safe@BreeNewsome:

The system is not broken. It was meticulously designed to make sure popular will could never overrule the white elite.

Elie Mystal@ElieNYC:

I want everybody to remember that the Supreme Court has said the government doesn’t have the authority to make people wear a mask when it later says it *does* have the authority to force women to give birth against their will.


2022 01 13: Study: Immunological dysfunction persists for 8 months following initial mild-to-moderate SARS-CoV-2 infection

2022: Study: Cognitive dysfunction after COVID-19 (pre Omicron), average age 37

Regardless of COVID-19 symptom severity reported a significantly higher number of symptoms of executive dysfunction than their non-infected counterparts” + dose response

Conclusions Positive SARS-CoV-2 infection history and COVID-19 symptom severity are associated with executive dysfunction among young and middle-aged adults with no history of medically induced coma.

2022 Study: Omicron infectious viral loads peak 3-6 days **after** symptom onset. CDC, politicians and Health Officials in Canada and USA are sending people back to work at peak infectiousness (Intentional? To kill/sicken as many as they can? Get their fantasy herd immunity with a variant that evades immunity?), serving corporations instead of public health.

2022: Scary study on COVID-19 and reduced mobility in Canadians over 50

Findings  This cohort study of 24,114 participants found that community-living middle-aged and older adults with confirmed, probable, or suspected COVID-19 had nearly 2-fold higher odds of worsening mobility and physical function compared with adults without COVID-19, although most participants with COVID-19 had mild to moderate disease and were not hospitalized.

Meaning  These findings suggest that individuals with mild and moderate COVID-19 who were predominantly not hospitalized experienced deficits in functional mobility compared with those without COVID-19. …

2022 01 10: Mild respiratory SARS-CoV-2 infection can cause multi-lineage cellular dysregulation and myelin loss in the brain

Survivors of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection frequently experience lingering neurological symptoms, including impairment in attention, concentration, speed of information processing and memory. This long-COVID cognitive syndrome shares many features with the syndrome of cancer therapy-related cognitive impairment (CRCI). Neuroinflammation, particularly microglial reactivity and consequent dysregulation of hippocampal neurogenesis and oligodendrocyte lineage cells, is central to CRCI. We hypothesized that similar cellular mechanisms may contribute to the persistent neurological symptoms associated with even mild SARS-CoV-2 respiratory infection. …

2021: Taiwan rejects US CDC guidance on 5-day quarantine, Some Omicron cases still infectious up to 12 days after testing positive

2021 08: The world needs more parachuters going to anti-parachute rallys, but please don’t land on those of us wearing masks to protect you.

A message to Premier Jason Kenney from Alberta workers


Ahmed Ali@MrAhmednurAli:

Gaslighting is not a public health measure.

Leanne MacMillan@CrocusMacMillan:

Except in Alberta. We’re all about the oil & gaslighting

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