Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for our medical workers and support staff, still taking care of us, after endless shit & abuse from Jason Kenney, Chief Medical Officer of anti-Health Deena Hinshaw, UCP, anti-everything thugs (if you refuse vaccination, the least you can do for community is wear a mask, over your nose not under it, COVID-19 is airborne)

Thank you health care workers!

Wall of hearts by Ottawa artist Alison Fowler

I had to return a defective product to Canadian Tire in Drumheller last Friday. While standing in line for ages, with more and more customers – including four maskless – accumulating and crowding the area and staff doing nothing to manage it, not even to tell the maskless to mask up, I watched three cashiers with masks below their noses.

The virus spreads in the air (papers on this below), no matter how often Hinshaw, Henry and politicians lie, pimping droplet spread – I expect so that they do not have to spend money to appropriately and responsibly make schools and other public places safe (e.g. hospitals) with proper PPE, ventilation and filtration. They’d rather give the public’s money to billion dollar profit-raping, mostly foreign owned, polluting oil and gas companies to frac us further into hell and for the insanely stupid Site C dam (to hoard water for frac’ers and give them free electricity so they can claim to be green).

I mentioned the mask-below-nose and aerosol spread to the owner; he dismissed my concerns saying it’s ok for staff to do this once in awhile out back, to breath. Serving customers at a crowded check-out is not out back or once in a while. Rule of law when it suits them shit show. I will now boycott the Canadian Tire in Drumheller with its disrespect of community and our already over-worked and over-abused health care workers and system.

Pregnant patients can bring COVID-19-positive person for support while giving birth at Alberta hospitals by Lauren Booth. Oct 09, 2021, Calgary Herald

Maternity patients giving birth in Alberta hospitals can bring a person infected with COVID-19 with them for support, Alberta Health Services (AHS) said in a series of tweets Saturday afternoon.

AHS confirmed an exemption to quarantine rules allows a COVID-19 positive person to join a pregnant patient in exceptional circumstances and if the hospital is made aware ahead of time. A chief medical officer of health order in effect since July 29 says this designated support person must stay two metres away Useless with aerosol spread of the virus, and our medical authorities damn well know it. from everyone except the pregnant patient and infant.

These exemptions, which have been in effect since July 2021, are granted under exceptional circumstances and only at the request of the patient giving birth. We know the importance of having support at this time. This is a critical part of our approach to patient centred care,” reads an AHS tweet.

Despite this, the provincial health authority says there are protocols in place to make sure people are safe.

“The patient & essential support person will remain under contact & droplet isolation. This includes the facility providing access to bathroom facilities & food,” AHS says.

The order says a COVID-19-positive designated support person must follow directions from medical staff while they are in hospital, and follow rules around mask-wearing, hand-washing and physical distancing.

They are also told they have to go to and from the hospital without stopping, taking their own vehicle if possible.

AHS also said it strongly recommends all essential and designated support persons to be fully vaccinated.

This was first brought to light on Saturday by Calgary doctor Joe Vipond who posted a letter on Twitter outlining the exemption.

Postmedia has reached out to AHS for further information but has not received a response.

Pregnant people at risk
COVID-19 poses a significant risk to both pregnant people and their unborn children, and more of them are getting seriously sick.

In fact, between July 15 and Sept. 18, 14 pregnant patients were admitted to intensive care units in Alberta — double the rate for this group during the first full year of the pandemic, chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said on Thursday.

She urged pregnant people to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their child, hoping to tackle misinformation being spread about how it isn’t safe.

“We need everyone who is pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or who has recently delivered to receive the protection of both doses of COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible,” she said. “This is the best way to protect you and your baby from COVID-19, and the complications that can come with it.

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there Including from Hinshaw & Kenney, Henry & Horgan et al, appearing more and more as if they’re intentionally working to kill as many as they can, feed chaos, hate and division, to destroy our public health care system. but the data shows that vaccines are safe and effective. For accurate and reliable information, speak to your health-care provider or call 811.”

Hinshaw’s (insane or evil or both?) July 29, 2021 Order (Did Steve Harper mandate this?)

Alheli Picazo@a_picazo:

This is reckless.

Further, it’s maddening to think of how many patients — people — died all alone, either of covid or other ailments, because rules wouldn’t permit healthy friends or family members to be with them through the end. #ableg

Further to what this palliative RN has to say:

I can’t speak to what every hospital or ward is like, but where I recently stayed, I was told that patients could be w/o masks in their room but had to wear one outside of the room.

I never removed mine.

RN ready for some civil disobedience.#Shovethecuts@demandsbetter to AHS_media:

This is absolutely reckless. In 18+ months I haven’t seen a single family that is compliant with masking all the time. Staff have to screen themselves twice a shift, but you allow Covid + support people? Welcome to AB-here’s a rule & here are the 25 exemptions.

I’m fully vaccinated, but knowing covid transmission happens on hospital floors and that I had no control over mask compliance or vaccine status of others — and knowing covid+ patients were also admitted/receiving treatment elsewhere — it just felt like the safest choice.

In short: It’s unfair to all other patients to allow needless exposure to a potential fatal virus.

Thread reader on the airborne review studies above.


A few of the comments:

Brian Jean:

This indeed a terrible idea. If you are Covid positive you should not be entering a hospital except to get treatment for yourself. If other patients are dying alone due to the restrictions and making larger sacrifices….so as to not bring a covid positive person to a maternity ward of all places and endanger other patients and staff

Pete Perena:

How wonderful! Now the kid can get Covid from the support person. You really can’t make this sheep-dip up!

Tycho Brahe:

This is a terrible policy. Should not this person be required to isolate at home?

Jeanette Kish:

Are you F…ing kidding me? Who is the idiot that came up with this policy.

I am sorry, but as others have said, if you are COVID positive, you have no place in a hospital unless you have come in to be treated yourself.


October 2021: Entry to my home, Rosebud, Alberta

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