International Women’s Day 2022

Thank you for remembering and this beautiful card; I am humbled and honoured. It was a brutal 20-year journey filled with stunning betrayals by Encana/Ovintiv; AER; Alberta Environment; politicians provincially and federally; NGOs – notably Pembina Institute, Suzuki Fdn, Council of Canadians and on and on and on; RCMP; my own lawyers (lead Murray Klippenstein and lawyer-in-training Cory Wanless); as well as harms done to our Charter and me and my case by courts in Alberta and the Supreme Court of Canada. I will always remember these betrayals against the public interest; I will always help the frac harmed when I am able (there’s not much of me left).

Happy International Women’s Day card to Jessica Ernst, March 2022:

“This card reminded me of your award and what a strong woman you are. Be proud of all you have done and the number of other women you have helped. Ronalie

Refer also to:

2001: Encana ultra shallow frac experiments begin. The company’s invasion began with light pollution increasing nearly daily in our night sky, and relentless noise.

The black dots are deeper unconventional and conventional wells, most Encana-Ovintiv’s. My community was already carpet-bombed by Encana before unconventional frac’ing began. Many of the gas wells are refrac’d repeatedly. The cumulative impact assessment requirement by AER at the time was ignored by Encana, and AER ignored that the company ignored it.

The solid red dots in map above and close up below show Encana gas wells frac’d above 200m beneath ground surface.

2003: Encana frac data filed with Alberta Groundwater Centre and Alberta Environment public water well database detailing depths the company planned to illegally frac and commingle directly within multiple Rosebud drinking water aquifers:

2005: Investigators say an accumulation of gases appears to have caused the explosion that destroyed the Rosebud water tower and sent a Wheatland County employee to hospital

2006: My water (historic records on file with Alberta Environment and baseline testing by Encana in 2003 did not report any gas present)

2011 05 03: Jessica Ernst presents at UN in NYC: Is hydraulic fracturing safe and sustainable?

2011 10 01: UNANIMA International Woman of Courage Award Presentation to Jessica Ernst at the United Nations Church Centre and Presentation by Jessica: There’s a hole in their story

2017: Justice Denied by Supreme Court of Canada for a UNANIMA International Woman of Courage

2021: Nikiforuk: The Brutal Legal Odyssey of Jessica Ernst Comes to an End (post includes translation of the article into Spanish). “They whispered to her you cannot withstand the storm. She whispered back, I am the storm.”

Gift to Ernst from a Rosebud Hamlet resident, 2021


Frac’ing is a war that knows no boundaries. We all need water to survive. Unfortunately, because of human greed, selfishness and sloth, frac’ing will escalate in many countries to feed the greed of rising fuel prices. If you are upset about high energy prices (climate change is a much more serious problem, but most don’t seem to care), there are many things you can do, but it requires personal sacrifice which many humans are too selfish to do: dramatically buy less of everything, shop less often, walk instead of polluting with your vehicle, focus on needs not wants, wear two sweaters and extra socks and turn the heat down, avoid air conditioning in summer (close the windows instead, keep the heat out), do not have the children you want (every additional human is a consumer polluter, of which there are already billions too many; think of and give other species a chance – they desperately need it), … Use your imagination, it’s our greatest asset. I am sick of watching greedy ultra rich old white men destroy earth’s ability to sustain life; consumers can help counter that by taking charge of their own greed.

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