Canada’s Misogynistic Bench: How many rapes will Paul Batchelor get away with? How soon will he be free to rape again and again and again?

Ottawa rapist Paul Batchelor guilty in two cases, acquitted in three, faces three more rape trials by Gary Dimmock, Feb 05, 2022, Ottawa Citizen

A Facebook photo of Paul Batchelor on a beach posted to the social media site on 1 May 2015.
A Facebook photo of Paul Batchelor on a beach posted to the social media site on 1 May 2015. Facebook

The last time Paul Batchelor won two rape acquittals on the same day in 2019, he walked out of the Ottawa courthouse with a big smile on his face.

On Friday, the disgraced insurance salesman was acquitted in three more rape cases, but this time, there was no walking away, and there was no smile, for he was also found guilty in two other cases, also on Friday.

Batchelor, 37, will remain in jail awaiting sentencing on the two sexual assault convictions.

He was on trial for sex crimes against five women who didn’t know one another. (A sixth woman died before the case went to trial.)

Batchelor met all of the complainants on dating websites and all testified that his unwanted sexual advances came fast. All said sex and touching was against their consent.

Batchelor testified in his own defence and said it was all consensual. He had unusual quips for an accused rapist on the stand, describing some encounters as “good sex” or “We met on Tinder. What did you think was going to happen?”

In the first conviction, Ontario Superior Court Justice Pierre Roger said Batchelor’s testimony was not credible and noted his recollection had an unbelievable amount of detail.

The judge found the woman to be a credible witness who even conceded points against her interests to do so. She testified that she consented to initial kissing but didn’t want to have sex, protested against it and cried silently and waited for it to end.

In his second sexual assault conviction, the judge said he didn’t believe Batchelor because his precise memory of events was improbable. The judge found the complainant to be a credible and reliable witness, who said she was fine with kissing but nothing more. She wanted nothing to do with his unwanted sexual advances and she testified that her attacker said ‘relax, we’re just having fun.’

But there was nothing fun about it and she left his apartment before his unwanted touching went further.

She didn’t go to the police back in 2014 because she didn’t think anyone would take her seriously.

She and the other four women came forward after reading a 2019 Citizen story on Batchelor. (The story included photographs of Batchelor and listed dates and years of his travels in Canada and around the world.)

Batchelor was acquitted on three counts of rape on Friday because the judge ruled that there were too many inconsistencies when considering all of the evidence — including one case where the court heard about text messages about birth control before their first date. In another case, one complainant’s best friend gave testimony that was the polar opposite of the complainant’s.

While the rapist is in jail awaiting sentencing for Friday’s convictions, he’s also on trial in three more rape cases in Quebec, where he’s accused of attacking three women while on bail.

It’s not Batchelor’s first time on trial for rape.

In 2019, he was accused of raping two young women. He took the stand in his own defence back then and Ontario Court Justice Robert Beaudoin accepted his evidence that Batchelor had consent in both cases — a claim that differed wildly from the horrific accounts the women told at trial.

His defence lawyer, Oliver Abergel, has so far won the rapist five acquittals since 2019. Abergel, a top homicide lawyer and criminal law specialist, is also defending Batchelor in three more, continuing rape trials in Quebec.

Batchelor breached his bail conditions that had him living on his family farm in Warkworth, Ont., and now remains in jail awaiting his fate.

Abergel declined comment on this story. Assistant Ottawa Crown Attorney Malcolm Savage will be representing the victims at a sentencing hearing later this year.

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If rape-enabling shit sits atop the judicial industry, what runs through it? I’d like to know how many Canadian judges are rapists. I’d especially like to know how many Canadian judges are pedophiles (and or married to pedophiles).

“Nothing says diversity like eight white guys sitting round a table.” So many racist misogynistic Canadian old white men in positions of power enabling rape of women, children, communities, drinking water and our environment.

Canadian Rape enablers, including AGs, LSO, police, school authorities, lawyers and judges, are you watching?

One billion rising: “We are asking for justice!” “No more rape or incest or abuse. Women are not a possession.”

“It’s the judges!” enabling rape and murder of women. No kidding. In Canada too.

“When judges don’t know the meaning of rape, there is little hope of justice” never mind that some (one is too many) are racist misogynistic bigoted troglodytes in society’s “Upside Down of Patriarchy.”

Caveman Canada hits a sexual assault victim again, to protect our perverted legal system. Sara Casselman: “This is our justice system folks. A survivor in our community was fined yesterday for sharing a transcript of the judge’s ruling *in her favour* with her friends and family.”

As expected, the rapist’s future and “good family” privilege strikes again (systemic?): Judicial industry gives convicted serial rapist Matthew McKnight everything his defence asked for. Disgusting. Horrifying. He’ll likely be out in 2 years or less, free to rape again and again and again. “I’m saddened for the victims of McKnight who also became victims of Justice Sulyma.”

Caveman Canada’s misogynistic law & politics enables rape, yet again. Message to victims? Shut-up! Ontario drops appeal of Justice Beaudouin’s aquittals of Paul Batchelor, accused serial rapist; Ontario court grants him bail while he awaits trial on 9 new separate counts of sexual assault. What will Quebec court do?

Canadian misogynistic “justice” ensures rapist paradise. Accused serial rapist Paul Batchelor, let off by Justice Beaudoin (elevated to the bench by Harper gov’t), arrested after three new rape charges; now awaits trials involving nine women who don’t know one another.

Would Justice Robert Beaudoin have let the rapist off if his daughter was one of the women raped? Ontario Crown serves Paul Batchelor notice of appeal, claims trial judge made errors. Errors or misogyny?

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