Brilliant comment by kootzie to coal propaganda in BOE Report: “Tainted apologism for unrestrained assaults on Alberta by a hired petro-stooge who will write anything to carve off a chunk of the project management pie.”

kootzie on March 19, 2021:

Tainted apologism for unrestrained assaults on Alberta by a hired petro-stooge who will write anything to carve off a chunk of the project management pie.…

I challenge you to fabricate some disingenuous dishonest rationalizations for the conduct of the YouSeePee in their secret collaboration with foreign agents to assault the eastern slopes with very little net ROI

They conspired and colluded with foreign corpirations to:

– summarily rescind, with zero public consultation, the long standing Coal Policy which was the subject of extensive consultation. That is a flagrant Act of breach of trust and derelection of fiduciary duty-of-care.

– summarily rescind the water licenses to give priority access to foreign coal corpirations which have a horrendous environmental record to use the cleanest water in Alberta to wash toxic contaminents out of the coal and discharge that effluent into the watershed
plus expose all the rubble heaps to ongoing leaching and acid mine drainage forever

– Teck has spent over $1Billion attempting to mitigate the damage on the ElkValley Coal Sewerage – unsuccessfully.

Let them clean up the Elk Valley to baseline conditions First

– coal leases were given away practically for free. It would have been more honest to literally have charged $1. That paltry fee didn’t even cover the cost of the Apparatchiks and interest-conflicted Ministers to push the paperwork through

-1% royalty is a literal middle-finger poke in the eye to Albertans The only reason it isn’t lower is the assholes can’t do fractions. The very premise that whatever the value of the coal as a natural resource might have is zero inherent value – 100% is attributable to the corpirate extraction.

That is literally white-collar crime – malfeasant misappropriation of public resources misdirected to private/ corpirate accounts. You personally are undoubtedly an uncritical sycophantic supporter of supposiTory legacy of reduction of royalties on the PetroRacket. Even there they weren’t dropped to 1%.

As a credulous unquestioning uncritical sycophantic cheerleader of this Coal-assault on the Eastern Slopes YOU own all this shit.

I challenge you to scrape together what little moral ethical integrity might yet cling to that meatsuit and provide some coherent intelligent evidence-based argumentation for how this is truly a benefit to “All Albertans”

If I have a treasure buried on my land and you can excavate it, at minimum we’ll split it 51/49. Your proposal that I accept 1% is criminal

kootzie’s excellent comment is to the BOE Report propaganda column below

Coal development is positive for Alberta by Yogi Schulz, March 16, 2021, BOE Report

Recently proposed coal developments in southern Alberta have raised concerns about the associated risk of damage to:

  1. The local environment, especially water quality.
  2. Wildlife, especially at-risk species.
  3. Progress on addressing climate change, especially the additional greenhouse gases that the coal consumers will produce.

Forgotten in the pre-occupation with these risks are the valuable benefits the proposed coal developments offer Albertans at a time when:

  1. Employment at a time of record-high unemployment.
  2. Investment at a time of record-low investment.
  3. Tax revenue at a time of record-high public deficits and debt.

The developers of the coal mines have made commitments to globally-accepted best-practice operating methods. These commitments comply with the strict regulations and guidelines in place in Alberta. Various exaggerated risk assertions have drowned out these commitments. These commitments include:

  1. State-of-the-art water management to avoid harming water quality and avoid taxing the Old Man River watershed.
  2. Significant dust mitigation during operation.
  3. Ongoing wildlife monitoring and protection during operation.
  4. Extensive site reclamation to restore the mined areas for wildlife and recreation after mining.

Alberta is fortunate to have significant coal reserves to mine for the economic benefit of Albertans and coal consumers.

“Most Albertans agree that economic development and responsible environmental stewardship go hand in hand. I believe that the current suite of policies in place concerning coal development has struck the right balance,” says Whitney Issik, MLA for Calgary-Glenmore.

What views do you have about the proposed coal mines and their plans to support the economy and minimize adverse impacts on the environment? Let us know in the comments….

Refer also to:

Corporate lies and abuse, everywhere. Australia Adani’s Carmichael Mine: “They were really good when they wanted something, but now they’ve got it, they’re treating us with arrogance and total disrespect”

Study: Birth defects **significantly** more common in areas of strip mining/open pit/mountaintop coal mining; Health effects of related air and water contamination appear cumulative. Never forget: Courts ruled in Ernst vs AER that it is legally immune, owes no duty of care and is above Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. AER has no public health mandate and the Alberta gov’t removed its public interest mandate after the Ernst lawsuit went public. There is no authority to protect Albertans, our health, our rights and drinking water, and the feds have gone AWOL.

Mayor High River, Craig Snodgrass: “I didn’t vote for Jason Kenney because he’s full of shit.” Keep raging Albertans! I love it. The most powerful Court in the world is that of Public Opinion, and it won’t *bankrupt* you with legal and court costs.

Nothing baffling about Teck’s river-polluting corporate practices

In “clean” Canada you say? Teck’s new profit-sucking, “let it dry,” wait for rain – lots of it, dust suppression toxic waste dumping technique?

Why is Alberta continuing to licence costly headaches to known big brute polluters and law violators such as Teck?

Teck will continue to fight U.S. judgement even though U.S. Supreme Court denied hearing Teck’s appeal

Confederated Tribes of Colville Reservation Can Seek $9.2 Million in litigation fees and costs for their claim against Canadian Mining Company Teck for dumping pollutants into Columbia River

Teck Metals fined $3.4-million for polluting B.C.’s Columbia River; Encana fined $0.0 for illegally fracing Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers

Teck Resources confirms spilling 25,000 liters of caustic soda into Columbia River in B.C.

Teck to appeal Washington river cleanup ruling

Teck liable for Columbia River clean-up in Washington state, judge rules

Teck Resources Admits Polluting Columbia River For 100 Years; Damage To Be Assessed

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