Another apologist for environmental destruction

Another apologist for environmental destruction by Peter Becker, Whitehorse energy consultant, December 16, 2013, The Whitehorse Star
On 11 Dec. The Whitehorse Star Star syndicated a story by Ezra Levant “Newfoundlanders aren’t getting the fracking truth!”

In the story Mr. Levant, without referring to evidence, presented as fact that with the genuine purpose of critisizing gas fracking a fictional or anonymous Syd Peters made insider revelations in St John’s Telegram. There is no record of critics to gas fracking pitching stories as misleading or hidden entities.

Whereas it is day to day practice for the pro frack promoters to not disclose who they are and in fact act as false flag environmental critics. What are they hiding? There is an entire industry of oil funded organizations without community roots who pretend to be environmentalists, pitching provocations, distorting independent and peer reviewed evidence and stabbing the citizens in the back. [eg SPOG]

Just a few weeks ago on invitation of the Yukon Chamber of Commerce’s Darielle Talarico a speaker for the unconventional gas drilling industry, Kevin Heffernan, appeared in Whitehorse and Watson Lake. Heffernan has a record as paid and registered lobbyist with the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying in Canada without mentioning this in his introduction. He tried to beef up the gas frack industry’s limited credibility and substantiate his claims that water and air are supposedly not poisoned by rattling down a reference list of such oil & gas funded false front groups, among them:

  • Environmental Defense Fund,
  • Center for Sustainable Shale Development,
  • Synergy Conservation and Stakeholder Groups,
  • Groundwater Protection Council.

According to informed sources Heffernan is also slated as prominent lecturer for the upcoming tour to Alberta and B.C. of the Legislative Frack Research Committee; And no credible science or information will be offered to balance the apparently well choreographed junk science program.

Enlightening us on how these things come about, CNBC provided an investigative report on a closed door training session about how best to lie to people, the: Media & Stakeholder Relations Hydraulic Fracturing Initiative 2011, Oct.31/ Nov.1 Houston/Texas.  Michel D. Kehs, then Chesapeake Energy Vice President and PR chief spoke to an audience that included Canadian gas fracking outfits like Encana: “Chesapeake has got nearly 100 people whose sole jobs are to deal with community relations. We have got people going out and speaking in the community every night.” and “It does not matter what the facts are!”

In the list of sessions was the PR director for Range Resources, Mat Pitzarella, who had this advice: “We have several former PSYOPs folks (military psychological warfare operators) that work for us at Range because they’re very comfortable dealing with localized issues and local governments.” 

As we know him and his Sun Media/FoxNorth spin masters Mr. Levant in his story continues not with honest common sense but likewise with deception on the unconventional oil & gas disaster for human and civic rights, ruin for the economy and destruction for the environment.  [Emphasis added]

[Refer also to:

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