Woman wins hard fought battle for information

Woman wins hard fought battle for information by Alex McCuaig, April 18, 2012, Medicine Hat News
The privacy commissioner’s decision released Monday states Alberta Innovates — formerly the Alberta Research Council (ARC) — “had not established that it had exercised its discretion reasonably when it elected to withhold information.” … “It is a strongly worded order,” said Alberta Innovates spokesperson Rob Semeniuk, “we have received it and reviewed it and will fully comply.” … “It not only rules in my favour, it goes way beyond — I’m speechless,” said Ernst. “It is a powerful ruling for all Albertans and mostly for the little ordinary ones because for decades now the landowners that suffer the abuses, pollution and noise on their land have done so quietly and in pain… This ruling shows this has got to stop.” … “I did that FOIP not for me but I did it for all Albertans,” said Ernst. And she added she is not going to stop requesting data that she believes will show fracking activities is causing issues with the province’s ground water supply and aquifers. “This is billions of dollars at stake. If word gets out that fracking is contaminating water all around the world, all Hell is going to break loose,” said Ernst.

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