Moratorium on fracking would be a reasonable step

Moratorium on fracking would be a reasonable step by Dan Siemens, April 17, 2012, Mountain View Gazette
“The biggest problem is that half or more of the wells drilled leak due to improper cement jobs or industry is not following best practices.” In the January 2012 edition of the science publication called Discover, the magazine ranked its top 100 stories of 2011. Coming in at #21 was an article on fracking in which a study done at Duke University and published last May in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences discovered a conclusive link between fracking and groundwater pollution. It is difficult to have a meaningful discussion about this topic when the department put in place to regulate the industry and protect us – the ERCB – lies to us about existing cases of water contamination and has demonstrated nothing close to the impartiality required to regulate this industry for the protection of the citizens who supposedly own the resource.

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