We must reconcile by doing, not with endless empty promises and big lies. And we must punt all racist judges (and stop putting them on the bench).

The Beaverton@TheBeaverton:

Country that took 11 days to mourn symbol of colonialism takes day to honour victims of colonialism


Global Round Dance

“Utter disgust” at retired judge Brian Giesbrecht’s “filth” telling us “to move on” from 215 Indigenous children found in unmarked graves at Kamloops Residential School. “He is the disease.” A despicable Canadian Caveman. “I worry about how he may have injected his incredibly biased views against Indigenous people during his time as a judge in Manitoba. I am thoroughly disgusted.”

Art by Val Napoleon, Indigenous Scholar and Law Prof at U Victoria

Recognizing multiple legal systems: Decolonizing our understandings of “The” Law with Val Napoleon, indigenous scholar and law professor, being reminded to never think of Canada’s legal system as “the only” legal system

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