Bravo Justin Trudeau for telling Canada’s tar patch to clean up it’s deadly polluting leaking lying act. Just Me: “Why do the oil and gas executives always sound like spoiled, greedy whiners??” Me: Because they *are* spoiled, greedy whiners.

The name Pathways Alliance makes me cringe. Ya, chummy club of “pathways” alright, of leaks to surface, leaks from fracs to other wells and drinking water, and deadly chemicals in groundwater and the air, dumped on foodlands.

We only need to look and see which companies make up the dishonest Pathways Alliance, to know they’re trying to pull a con on Canadians, our gov’t and the world:

Pathways (of leaking toxic pollution) Alliance = CNRL, Encana-spawn Cenovus, ConocoPhillips, Imperial, Meg Energy, and Suncor.

Alberta’s business leaders want Trudeau to scrap oilpatch emissions cap — they got his answer Friday by Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald, Apr 06, 2024

Alberta’s business community has insisted for weeks that the Trudeau government scrap its contentious plan to cap emissions from the country’s oil and gas industry.

On Friday, they pretty much got their answer.

It was delivered, in person, by the country’s prime minister — both in long form, and much more succinctly.

“I asked if he was going to take the emissions cap off the table,” said Calgary Chamber of Commerce CEO Deborah Yedlin, who heard Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speak to a gathering of business leaders in downtown Calgary.

Trudeau travelled to Calgary for a housing announcement as part of a pre-budget tour that has seen the prime minister and his cabinet crisscross the country recently.

Later in the day, he sat down for a fireside chat with Calgary Economic Development CEO Brad Parry in front of a crowd of about 90 business executives.

Many of Canada’s oilsandstarsandsleaders of deadly pollution, health harms and greedwere in the audience: Suncor Energy CEO Rich Kruger, MEG Energy CEO Derek Evans, Cenovus Energy CEO Jon McKenzie, Canadian Natural Resources president Scott Stauth, and lyingPathways Alliance president Kendall Dilling.

During a 45-minute discussion, Trudeau fielded questions from Parry and spoke about Canada’s dismal productivity levels, housing affordability concerns, and Ottawa’s strained relationship with Danielle Smith’s government in Alberta.Good thing. Danielle Smith is a dangerous evil conniving lying cruel fucker who serves herself, her puppet meisters the evangelical TBA (one needs to stay far away from them) and industry.

One of the most intriguing moments came when he was asked about his government’s plan to cap greenhouse gas emissions in the oil and gas industry.

In recent months, the Alberta business community has united to oppose the incoming cap, calling it unworkable.Lazy lying selfish profit-rapers. Of course it’s workable. They buggers don’t want to spend a penny to clean up their toxicity (in lies, leaks and pollution), reduce health harms to the communities where they operate, or, to protect earth’s ability to sustain life – human and other species.

Last week, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce sent an open letter to federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, urging the Liberal government to withdraw the policy, saying it would stifle investment.They contradict themselves. One bunch say it can’t be done, other bunch say it’s about money. Get with the program, quit lying, quit whining and clean up, or stop raping. Canada does not need any of you polluting bunch.

In the fireside chat, Trudeau rejected their assertion that the emissions cap is really a production cap that will force the industry to throttle back output.Pathetic. Can’t they imagine new lies? Always the same boring crap.

The prime minister stressed global investors are looking to put money into decarbonization projects and Canada needs to be well-positioned for the future as the world demands lower-carbon barrels.

The Alberta government is also on board for reaching net-zero emissions Net zero is impossible, any where and especially impossible with the only plan the oil patch has, carbon capture and storage/sequestration and or usage which industry and its enablers know does not reduce pollution (it actually increases carbon emissions) and is grossly uneconomicalby 2050 and to do that, “there’s no one tool that’s going to make that difference,” he said.

Yet, the oilpatch is the only sector in Canada facing such a measure.

What about other industries?

“We’re working with all sectors to reduce emissions,” Trudeau replied.

“But it remains that the oil and gas sector continues to be a significant source of emissions in this country. And that’s why we’re talking about putting a cap on emissions — one that we’ve worked closely with the industry on, a cap on emissions, not a cap on production.”Take it or leave it boys.

Canada is the world’s fourth-largest oil producer. It’s also the only major oil-exporting nation looking to adopt such a policy.

The federal plan will come on top of a national carbon price, rules to lower industry methane emissions by 75 per cent, and new clean fuel regulations.

Business Council of Alberta president Adam Legge said the group stands firm in its belief liesthe cap will limit production, create uncertainty????and make it more difficult for companies to invest.????

“He was very explicit today that the cap is staying,” Legge said after the meeting.

“It’s disappointing in light of the feedback from across the country and from a whole host of different voices…He’s sticking to his guns on this one.”Bravo. About time Canada’s feds found some Cahones

The cap aims to reduce emissions in the sector by up to 38 per cent by the end of the decade, but could drop to 20 per cent through various flexibility measures.

Draft regulations on the cap are expected later this year.

Oilsands tarsandsoperators in the Pathways Alliance group are collaborating to reach net-zero emissions which they know is impossible by 2050decades too late, even if net zero were doable and if the oil and gas industry were interested in reducing their deadly pollution.

They have been advancing a massive $16.5 billion carbon capture network as a foundational part of their plan, although a final investment decision is pending.because the polluters sucking out $billions in profits annually, while also getting more money in freebies and gifts, further want ordinary Canadians to pay for their billion dollar scam, even though they know carbon capture and storage/utlization does not work to reduce carbon pollution (it increases it and makes industry’s rich more money.

The producers have welcomed Ottawa’s announcement of a federal investment tax credit for carbon capture, utilization is always and only to produce more oil and more pollution, more carbon and more harms, more groundwater contamination and loss, while raping out $billions more profits; it does not reduce carbon, it increases it and worse, CCS, CCUS, is deadly. CO2 easily escapes and can kill – fast, and cause significant damagesand storage (CCUS) projects. But they oppose the cap, saying it adds new regulations and complexity to the landscape, and will not incent additional emissions reductions.Poor babies. If their profit raping is too complex for them, perhaps the polluters need to change careers, work at a doughnut shop or sportsware or umbrella shop, if they can’t handle complex.

“We remain very concerned about the emissions cap, as proposed. But I think at a certain point, you have to take the prime minister at his word,”The liars better start getting use to it. Many in the world see the harms from climate chaos caused by oil and gas profiteers, and no longer want it. It’s not just Canada saying clean up your filthy act to the tar boys & girls. Dilling said in an interview after Friday’s meeting.

“He doesn’t intend it to be a production cap. And so we’ve got to figure out…how all those pieces work together so that it doesn’t unintentionally do that.”Oh, FFS, they are beyond weak and feeble!

On the other side of the debate, environmental groups have pressed Ottawa to implement the policy. The oilpatch remains the largest emitting sector in the country.

“It’s reasonable for a government to say, ‘OK, we’re going to hold you to the promises you’re making about net zero and we’re going to put it in a regulation,’” said Keith Stewart, Greenpeace Canada’s senior energy strategist.

“(The prime minister) knows he’s not going to have a lot of friends in that room, but this is the right thing to do.”

However, Ottawa doesn’t seem to understand that the necessary technologies aren’t in place yet for the industry to reach the federal government’s 2030 goal, Yedlin said.She’s as pathetic as the lying polluter she enables.

And that means capping Canada’s oil and gas production.Bullshit.

“The prime minister is pretty clear that he’s not taking the emissions cap off the table, which I think is a big disappointment,” she said.

“I thought there might be some moderation, but there wasn’t any indication of that.”Ha, ya, not like the pathetic cowardly wimps in UCP, notably Kenney and Smith et al.

Jim Blackstock:

““I asked if he was going to take the emissions cap off the table,” said Calgary Chamber of Commerce CEO Deborah Yedlin, who heard Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speak to a gathering of business leaders in downtown Calgary.

“And he said, ‘Not a chance.’”

And he shouldn’t. WE shouldn’t.

donna flick@Fujikatsan:

This is true leadership at work.

Adam Scott@AdamScottEnv:

Pathways Alliance has been bluffing on emissions reductions for years… time to call

Just Me@Me2005kw:

Why do the oil and gas executives always sound like spoiled, greedy whiners??


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