Frac’ers say they’re ready for drought ‘n fire, have hoarded enough water to frac to end 2024. Who are they permanently taking that water away from?

2012: AEA: Support to the identification of potential risks for the environment and human health arising from hydrocarbons operations involving hydraulic fracturing in Europe

A proportion (25% to 100%) of the water used in hydraulic fracturing is not recovered, and consequently this water is lost permanently to re-use, which differs from some other water uses in which water can be recovered and processed for re-use.

Energy producers say they are prepared, ready for 2024 drought, wildfire risks by The Canadian Press, Apr 09, 2024, Calgary Herald

CALGARY – Canadian energy producers say they are prepared and ready for what could be another spring and summer of drought and wildfires in Western Canada.

Last year’s hot, dry weather conditions saw oil and gas companies in northwest and central Alberta as well as northeast B.C. temporarily halt production as wildfires raged across key fossil fuel-producing regions.

Most of the curtailments were done on a precautionary basis and no significant damage to energy-producing infrastructure occurred.

Jonathan Wright, CEO of NuVista Energy Ltd., says his company temporarily shut down all of its facilities in the Grande Prairie, Alta. area last May when fires made it impossible to access the company’s sites by road.

In a phone interview from an energy sector conference in Toronto on Tuesday, Wright said if this year turns out to be another significant wildfire season, NuVista’s field operators will be using satellite imagery to track the course and progression of any blazes and will immediately shut in production if necessary.

Drought is also expected to be a risk for energy producers this year, particularly natural gas operators who use large amounts of water in their fracking operations. But Chris Carlsen, CEO of Birchcliff Energy Ltd., says his company has built its own waterhoardingstorage reservoirs and is confident it has enough water hoardedsaved to execute its 2024 drilling program.

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2023: Another frac water hoarding death, this time a Birchcliff Energy Ltd. worker in Alberta. Did he drown or did toxic chemical additives kill him? How many wild beings die in frac pits? Who’s checking? AER’s too busy schmoozing Australian mining “dominatrix” billionaire Gina Rinehart

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Fox Creek Wall of Frac’d by Satan Wildfire. Photo by Kyle Brittain

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