Israel: Licence to Kill ‘n Drill ‘n Destroy. Dareen Abughaida: “Now we know they can get away with everything. If you can starve children to death, then, natural gas is way behind that. ….the Palestinians are still waiting – in poverty – watching as their gas concessions are bought and sold while the world watches them being killed, while the world watches Gaza being destroyed.”

No wonder Steve Harper, Irwin Cotler, Canada, President Biden, USA, Germany, UK et al serve and worship Israel, no matter how many kids Bibi Netanyahu murders or how much of Palestine he destroys or how many crimes against humanity are committed. They’re serving and worshipping the frac, oil and gas industry. Typical. The frac industry commits crimes against humanity too, everywhere it invades.

Gaza: Gas rich, but in ruins 8:14 Min. by Pinch Point, April 8, 2024

As the world watches Israel’s military onslaught on the Gaza Strip, there’s one development that’s received close to zero attention: Israel’s granting of 12 new licences for gas exploration. But Palestinians say much of it falls within their maritime borders, under international law.

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The keyword is always “oil and gas or gold”


So part of this nasty mess is a grab of a resource that it becomes more important every day that we leave in the ground? (If this was a significant motive for Netanyahu this intersects with Netanyahu’s historical support of Hamas – and their well-demonstrated perfidy – to raise some disconcerting questions about who is trying to profit from this mess.)


What it’s always been about.


“Poor Countries are not ‘under-developed’, they are over-exploited.”

– M. Parenti


It was always clear that it was about gasWhich is why rich raping colonizers like USA, Canada, UK, et al, are supplying Israel’s genocide with weapons, and billions of dollars to accumulate blood-soaked rubble, and why I believe Canada’s supreme court (then largely racist/Zionist, thanks to Steve Harper appointments, and lying Rosalie Abella) served lying Bibi Netanyahu and frac’ers, damaging our charter (Harper and Bibi hate the right to freedom of expression), pissing on the law to rule against me, not letting me sue the frac’ers (AER) even though the courts ruled I have a valid charter claim.


Makes sense why Germany keeps sending weapons.


They have forgotten the Ten Commandments … Thou shall not steal

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