Too Funny~!! Andrij Melnyk, Ukraine ambassador to Germany and international lawyer, responds to Chancellor Olaf Scholz: Not “very statesmanlike to behave like an offended liver sausage.” Beleidigte Leberwurst indeed!

I’ve been horrified by the cowardly crime enabling behaviour by the German gov’t elites in response to Putin’s illegal war (I’m part German)

The Kyiv Independent@KyivIndependent:

Speculation is rife that Russia may launch provocations or some military action on May 9, which marks the Soviet Union’s victory in World War II and is celebrated in Russia with high-profile military parades.

Bojan Pancevski@bopanc May 3, 2022:

Chancellor ⁦@OlafScholz⁩ said he’s not going to Kyiv, partly because ⁦@ZelenskyyUa⁩ refused to receive Germany’s president.

Ukraine ambo to Berlin ⁦@MelnykAndrij⁩ responds: not “very statesmanlike to behave like an offended liver sausage”

Ukrainian envoy to Olaf Scholz: Grow up! Ukraine has no time for a sulking German chancellor, Andrij Melnyk says by Laurenz Gehrke, May 3, 2022, Politico

BERLIN — Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, Andrij Melnyk, hit out Tuesday at German Chancellor Olaf Scholz over his criticism of Ukraine.

“This is about the most brutal war of extermination since the Nazi invasion of Ukraine, it is not a kindergarten,” Melnyk said, according to German press agency DPA, in reaction to remarks Scholz made during an interview Monday evening.

In the interview, Scholz said Ukraine’s decision last month not to welcome German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier “stands in the way” of him traveling to Kyiv.

That was not an acceptable way to treat the president of “a country that provides so much military assistance, so much financial assistance, that is needed when it comes to the security guarantees that are important for Ukraine in the future,” Scholz said.

But Melnyk dismissed Scholz’s reasoning. “It doesn’t sound very statesmanlike to behave like an offended liver sausage,” he responded, using a German slang term — beleidigte Leberwurst — for someone who gets offended easily or cannot take a joke.

Melnyk, who became Kyiv’s ambassador to Germany in 2015, has been one of the German government’s most outspoken critics since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

The ambassador is a polarizing figure: To some Germans he is a welcome thorn in the flesh of a government they perceive as inert; while others have criticized his frequent attacks on Berlin as undiplomatic and unhelpful.

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Olaf Scholz cites risk of nuclear war in refusal to send tanks to Ukraine, Chancellor pushes back against demands from Kyiv and coalition partners. Scholz is a pompous Putin enabling coward.

Does Putin Have Kompromat on Scholz?

… Pillared by lies, manipulation, hesitance, the “very concerned face” expression, and self-interest, this “pyramid scheme” entails Scholz first promising to deliver weapons to Ukraine and then removing all the key heavy armour from the list and then making claims that an embargo on  Russian gas would not help stop the war.

Meanwhile, the “too clever by half” part refers to Scholz’s belief that because his elaborate scheme involves an offer to former Soviet satellite states to send Soviet-era T-72 tanks, nobody would see through his endavors not to do anything and let Germany focus on what really matters: tallying the Eurocents saved on cheap gas supplies at the expense of others in peace.

… Even more so since Germany is refusing to break its energy ties with Russia even though it could afford to do so. Possibly, because it might still be hoping to launch Putin’s pet project, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and are therefore hesitating to install LNG terminals at its entry, claiming that the water is “too shallow” there. Given that the water features in Poland’s port city of Świnoujście, which has LNG terminals, are identical, it is quite clear that it’s not just water that is shallow in Germany.

2022 04 28: Why is The Guardian Publishing Putin Propaganda?

Subject:Why is The Guardian Publishing Putin Propaganda?
Date:Thu, 28 Apr 2022 14:59:03 -0600
From:jessica ernst
To:email hidden; JavaScript is required

Dear Editor,

Re: “Further arming Ukraine will only destroy it. The west must act to end this war now” by former PR adviser to the Russian government, Angus Roxburgh

I have been reading and trusting the Guardian for years only to be horrified to see Putin propaganda porn published in it. I think Mr. Roxburgh’s piece is tasteless and harmful.

Putin’s behaviours make it clear to Ukrainians and those of us who do not fall for his spin that if Ukraine stops defending herself, her people will be exterminated or worse, broken and conscripted to invade others. As usual, NATO and the powerful in the west enabled Russia’s illegal war because they did not want to jeopardize their own Putin-tied riches (personal and coal, oil and gas), were too slow to help, and too lame and late in their sanctions, believing President Zelensky would flee, leaving Ukraine to fall in a jiffy.

Zelensky did not flee and Ukrainians stunned the world (notably those addicted to Putin/Trump propaganda), showing the west and Russia what true leadership and courage is.

Ukraine is defending democracy for us all. I believe the Guardian owes readers and Ukrainians a retraction and public apology.

I will no longer financially support the Guardian and might stop reading it. I certainly no long trust it.


Jessica Ernst
Box 753 Rosebud Alberta Canada
T0J 2T0

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