The EUB Mocks the Judicial Process

The EUB Mocks the Judicial Process Press Release by Joe Anglin, April 24, 2007, Lavesta Area Group
In this third set of repressive procedures the public has been removed from the hearing and the EUB will not allow any member of the public to attend or speak. Citizens opposed to this project are familiar with the repressive and objectionable rulings by the EUB. Over the last 20 months access to information has been denied, evidence has been withheld, and false and misleading evidence has been introduced subverting the process. Yet the EUB behaves as if its symbol of jurisprudence is, three monkeys covering their eyes, ears, and mouth. In its most recent ruling, the EUB has now falsely insinuation there are public safety and security concerns, as a result of an altercation between an EUB employee and a 70 year-old couple. The Board has refused requests to substantiate the allegations, and they will not explain why the proceedings continued in an orderly manner for the remainder of the day and all the next day, before the EUB deemed the existence of a threat three days after the fact. … What frustrates the public is that the EUB has done everything in its power to prevent the public from participating in the process and has even gone so far as to foster the appearance that decisions are made prior to consideration of the evidence. … The EUB has long since lost the respect of the Alberta public, this latest arrogant display of abuse-of- power exposes the contempt the EUB harbours for the due process of law and the democratic rights of the citizenry of Alberta.

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