Terry Mosher: “Introducing the Montreal Gazette, a once proud newspaper, now being sunk by the assholes in Toronto at Postmedia”

I grew up reading the Montreal Gazette, kept reading it when I was at University in Ontario, and the last 41 years living in Alberta. I loved it.

American Republicans won’t stop until they’ve swallowed Canada, Canadians, our timber, water, oil, gas, tar, frac, history, culture, and more, whole. And greedy lying selfish nasty sods Danielle Smith and Steve Harper are helping them eat us alive. Their rich American pals need Canadians super stupid – the more stupid, the more easily conned, divided and conquered by MAGA nuts and their rich puppet masters and crap media. Thus the rise of Postmedia while killing our real media.

Terry Mosher@TerryMosher1 June 21, 2023:

I’m obviously not submitting this for publication. However, I am going to post this cartoon everywhere to those who follow my work. Please feel free to do the same.

Have a good day.

Terry Mosher

The Real Fröd Brös @1weesel:

Not to mention the Sun chain and now the former Irving papers.

Claude Gohier@claudegohier:

*American owned Postmedia.

Paul Durocher@PaulDurocher123:

It could be worse Terry, at least we’re spared the crapola spewed by Conrad Black and Rex Murphy.

David Winch@dwinch2001:

Postmedia is strangling the mid-market dailies in 4-5 major Canadian cities, as well as the Sun papers — all down to skeleton staff levels and less on weekends.

Elizabeth Marion@Biz1961:

Post media is in financial trouble right now; and I do not want the federal government to bail them out. Me neither. Postmedia is Propaganda Shit. I’ve written to Trudeau and my MP saying so. I grew up reading the Montreal Gazette. Loved it.


Me too.


So true. I remember when picking up The Gazette a few times each week and definitely on Saturdays was a must; now I can’t even ge5 it delivered in my area.

And it’s such a shame because journalists like @Aaron_Derfel
are doing absolutely stellar work for it right now.


We are shockingly poorly served for newspapers, and any other serious media, for a country of 40 million people.All by design. Can’t rape us and our resources if the people are cultured, well read and educated.

Mary Antico@maryantico:

I used to love going out to get my Gazette early every morning to read over coffee. That was ages ago, of course. Great cartoon.

Dean Rivando @drivandalism:

This brother has got it right. #cdnmedia

Peter Hickman @Pjhvan:

@postmedianet needs to be repatriated and broken up imo

Outstanding George@OutstandingGeo2:

Terry, we have more than our share of asseholes in Toronto!Most people in Toronto I’ve had experiences with are assholes x 1000 – including my lying betraying ex lawyers.

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