Tar Wars is here! Calgary Herald provides useful “guide to the cast of Tar Wars, a new local drama series starting this fall”

Tar Wars is here by Mike Priaro, September 29, 2014, Calgary Herald

Summer is over. In September, we all enjoyed the last episode of reruns of the epic serial PC Party of Alberta, showing the coronation of golden boy Jim Prentice, as new leader.

Only the venerable soap Coronation Street exceeded the PC Party of Alberta in longevity. Their successes are attributed to their “ability to repackage the heartaches for each new generation.”

Herald readers might find useful the following guide to the cast of Tar Wars, a new local drama series starting this fall. It stars Peter Lougheed as Obi-Wan Kenobi, with Jessica Ernst as Princess Leia, Ralph Klein as Jabba the Hutt, and Jim Prentice as C-3PO.

Also starring, Ric McIver as a Gamorrean Guard; Thomas Lukaszuk as Jar Jar Binks; Andrew Nikiforuk as Yoda; Jack Mintz as Darth Maul; and Ted Morton as Count Douku/Darth Tyranus. And a special appearance by Stephen Harper in masterful dual roles as Tarkin, Captain of the Death Star (call letters “PMO”)/Imperial Governor of the Seswenna Sector (otherwise known as the Conservative caucus) and as Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine.

Producers of this drama have as yet been unable to find anyone to cast in the roles of heroes Han Solo or Luke Skywalker.

2014 09 29 Tar Wars is here by Mike Priaro in News Calgary Herald

Thank you Mr. Priaro for lifting my brooding spirits today! Working on document preparation all spring and summer for the Encana part of the lawsuit has not been fun. Your delightful imagination and humour are a welcome start to this week and Episode 9: asking leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

And, thank you Calgary Herald, for having the sense of fun and courage to publish Mr. Priaro’s creative, timely gem.

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