“Sheer Delight:” After 13 year legal battle, Irish High Court quashes all Shannon LNG permissions; Opens window for ban on imported frac’d gas

Shannon LNG has all permissions to build its fracked gas import terminal quashed in the Irish High Court after 13-year battle – Conclusion of legal process opens window for an Irish ban on the importation of fracked gas as agreed in the Programme for Government by Safety Before LNG, Nov 9, 2020

Local campaigners in North Kerry in the South-West of Ireland are reacting with sheer delight today at the news that the Irish High Court has quashed all developement consent for the Shannon LNG US fracked gas import terminal on the Shannon Estuary.

The decision by the Irish High Court to quash all development consent for the Shannon LNG fracked gas import terminal has completely vindicated the 13-year campaign position that planning permission should never have been given to Shannon LNG as the environmental assessment was not legally or property completed. We thank Friends of the Irish Environment for taking the case along with their wonderful legal team of solictor Fred Logue, barrister-at-law John Kenny and Senior Counsel James Devlin.

Local campaigners in Safety Before  LNG have dedicated this victory against Shannon LNG to the memory of encouraging and tireless activist Tom O’Donovan from Tarbert, who sadly passed away in 2016 and who we know would have been thrilled to have been here with us today to celebrate the victory he always said we would have. We miss him so much today. 

The completion of the legal process which has seen Shannon LNG lose all development consents to build a fracked gas import terminal in Ireland, has now opened up a window of opportunity for Ireland to ban the importation of fracked gas. The Programme for Government agreed in June of this year by the coalition partners in the  new Irish Government stated “we do not support the imporation of fracked gas and shall develop a policy statment to establish that approach”.

The Human Rights Clinic at NUI Galway has already provided legal opinion that legislation to ban the imporation of fracked is fully compatible with EU and International (WTO/GATT) Trade Rules.

A ban on the imporation of fracked gas would also send a clear message that Ireland will not be a market for fracked gas from Northern Ireland, where 2 companies have applied for Petroleum licences to frack Nothern Ireland.

We believe that a ban on fracked gas imports proposed as an amendment to the Climate Bill currently undergoing pre-legislative scrutiny, will provide the government with the perfect opportunity to be the first country in the world to bad the imporation of fracked gas.

Time now for the 3 parties in Government to step up to the plate and implement the agreed Programme for Government by inserting a ban on fracked gas imports into the upcoming Climate Bill  making an amendment to the  Petroleum And Other Minerals Development Act 1960 to make it unlawful to import fracked gas into Ireland or to sell fracked gas within Ireland.

More to follow later as we soak up this amazing news!!!

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2017-01-Frac-Ban-Celebration-Rainbow-Ballroom-of-Romance-Andi-Bednarzig-Ger-Kelly-Jessica-Ernst-198x300.png

Left to right: Andi, Ger and Jessica at the frac ban celebration at the Rainbow Ballroom of Romance in Ireland

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Countries that import frac’d LNG, escalate harms to the people and environment where that gas comes from. LNG must be quashed everywhere.

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