Justin Mikulka: “I think the story of US shale has mostly been written already. Best assets gone. Half trillion lost. Environmental and climate disaster. Executive looting. Pathetic media coverage. The damage has been done.”

Justin Mikulka is an independent journalist covering the finances of the energy transition.

It’s the same, if not worse, in Canada, the harms and painfully pathetic main media reporting (mostly lies).

I spent years (unpaid) researching, buying industry reports/data, and writing the above brief to counter the ship loads of lies by Canadian experts, academia, regulators, politicians, authorities (including health), and main media (around the world). The most vulgar lie spewed on the public and regurgitated by main media: the oil and gas industry has never contaminated groundwater, well water, tap water, drinking water, anywhere – even though regulator and industry records show endless cases of such contamination.

One American liar is being appropriately punished: “Frack Master” Breitling Energy CEO Christopher Aundre Faulkner sentenced to 15 years in federal prison, fined $92,446,376.46. He was most cited US media voice and tried to infiltrate Canadian media too; sums up how evil frac’ing is. 

My water was frac’d illegally by Encana/Ovintiv in 2004, with blessings (aka cover-up and fraud) by our “regulators” and politicians.

Sixteen years later, I’m still relying on hauled water (just went to get some today):

It’s not an easy job for a senior with damaged hands (by one of my pedophiles when I was 9).

My laundry and storage room continue to be taken over by water tanks. The black hose is transferring water into them from the tank in the truck, via a basement window I dismantled for the chore:

This summer, the heat domes caused black mould to grow in the tanks. The tanks are incredibly difficult to clean on the inside, it took me a long week and one hell of a lot of bruises and swearing.

And, another $100,000 that I spent directly for the lawsuit. (Slide from Ernst presentations)

After nearly half a million dollars gone, my lawyers Murray Klippenstein (lead) and Cory Wanless, pulled the worst frac of my life, enabled by the “regulator” of their profession: abruptly quitting, lying, cruelly withholding my property (still to this day), website and trust funds (for a year). Who were they really working for while taking my savings and kind donations from around the world?

It’s nasty hauling water in winter in Alberta:

And, then, there’s the toxic, often radioactive waste, dumped on communities (waste which runs off during storms and snow melt into surface and groundwater – our drinking water sources), our health and food, and blows into the air:

Run off via channels from the above land go directly into the Rosebud River. Above waste dumping is how Encana/Ovintiv treats its “good neighbours.”

And then, there’s what the frac’ers do to our air:

NW of Calgary

And the noise, dangerous disrespectful traffic, bullying, garbage and more, all enabled by our deregulating lying abusive, sometimes Charter-violating, regulators, enabled by our lying courts with Canada’s top court going so far as to defame me, an ordinary frac-harmed Canadian exposing the truth and seeking “justice.”

That’s how bad frac’ing is.


I dedicate this post to award-winning journalist Andrew Nikiforuk and The Tyee for their courageous diligent well-researched honest reporting on frac’ing and its endless harms, including earthquakes.

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