If men could get pregnant, …

Nurses Against Dick Pics.@ClaudetteGGibs1:

If men got pregnant, abortions would be available at a drive thru window

Diana Says!@MsDianaMKSCM:

If men could get pregnant abortion would not only be legal, but also free, celebrated, available at the Taco Bell drive thru, and followed by a 2 week all expenses paid vacation

Hedy Lamarr-I Stand With Ukraine@HedyLamarr0629:

Bon Hanson@BonHanson79:

Medication Abortion pills would be fully covered by MedicareNah, if men could get pregnant, the pills would be free, globally, and come with a bonus gift of dinner at the local steak house and the ball or golf game, for four (men).

Good Noise@mortalgroove:

“Double cheeseburger, large fries, chocolate shake. Oh and on of them pills please.”

“Toots” RN, BSN, CHPN@zeninawad:


Blue Patriots vs Red Hatriots: You choose! @13thPanther:

And the lines would be long daily.

E.Elaine Huth@fil4ever:

They’d do it with DoorDash

Shelby * ULTRA ANTIFA * Thor’s GIF Queen@cannabananaRN:

And they’d be carrying around Plan B in rolls like Tums.


That’s too much work. It would be 1 day shipping (free) in the front porch.

Hedy Lamarr-I Stand With Ukraine@HedyLamarr0629:

Stable Genius@WigglyBigly:

Drones would make house calls

The local bar would have an abortionist on standby & guys wouldn’t care if the Dr was drunk!

aka stardust@a_k_a_stardust:

Men would also get Paid Time Off for PMS. No questions asked.


Here is my solution to this whole abortion issue. Almost eliminates the issue all together. When boys hit puberty, give us vasectomy’s. Make it a celebration into responsible manhood! When the time comes it can be reversed! 1 of the safest & most effective forms of birth control!

BAD GRANNY@obbibb:

I’ve been saying that for years! It liberates the mind for young people and ends unwanted children, who often wind up in prison.And would eliminate masses of miserable people and human suffering. So many humans, if given the choice, would say no to life. It’s cruel at the best of times, and a thousand times more so with humans in it.

SueDogLover#Adopt& Rescue!#BLUE CREW@SusanNagle5:

If men got pregnant there’d be a pill they could pop
in their mouth….instantly & painlessly the “problem”
would disappear!!
am I right??

Free Range Human@mangosteen_100:

They would have punchcards! Sixth one is free! Oh, wait, the government would probably pay for them anyway. Maybe a cash bonus??

Mwende Museo@MwendeMuseo:

Yep. OR, if they decided to have the baby, they would automatically receive Monthly Universal Basic Income until the kid goes to kindergarten no matter WHAT their income level was.

Laura St Denis@thenurse75:

They’d also sell babies for their own profits.ha ha ha ha! That’s a given!

Elizabeth RNC, MSN@OliverCatIII:

If men got pregnant, a mobile clinic van would show up at their home and do the abortion in their recliner.

Susan Becraft@AliceTinker1943:

And they’d get a week off from work every month.

Whatever Elon@TaraDanger3:

O yea there’d be no human race. Between childbirth and periods, Lord… Lol

Larysa Dub@LarysaDub:

Face it, if men got pregnant, our species would be extinct.

Lily Noel@LilyNoe42294161:

I had an abortion. I’m in Canada, and you will not believe how hard it was to find resources. I’m so sorry to anyone who isn’t allowed to make these choices for themselves.

Patricia Schuler@Patrici52720877:

If men got pregnant abortion would be a Commandment

Gloria Steinem:

‘If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament’


Until then…they should STFU and TAKE A SEAT!

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