Ian Jessop interview with Jessica Ernst about her recent Supreme Court of Canada win on asking a Constitutional Question, Why are the Courts protecting AER’s outside counsel Glenn Solomon? Why did Post Media’s Calgary Herald Banish Diana Daunheimer from commenting to articles?

Talk Radio with Ian Jessop July 3, 2015, 2PM, CFAX 1070. Starts at 6:00 Min.

MUST WATCH! 9:15 Min. Vera Scroggins, “Big Foot, in the County,” on the Injunction Against Her by Julie Dermansky for desmogblog, June 29, 2015

Vera Scroggins explains the injunction set by Cabot oil and gas against her she must follow in Susquehanna County. She also explains a new phenomenon: Vera sightings.

2015 07 Cartoon by C Abel, Harper's Rights violating Anti-Terrorism-Act_RGB


Canada’s wrong turn on terrorism by Dr. Anthony Hall

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