Headley family says gas drilling turning paradise home into nightmare

Family says gas drilling turning paradise home into nightmare by Jim Parsons, March 29, 2013, Channel 4 Action News
“Is that really water burning?” Parsons asked Headley. When Headley placed a funnel over the bubbles, the flame stayed lit. “The horses used to drink out of this spring, and the deer and the coon. All those animals have since left. Nothing will drink out of it. There’s not a footprint around this well at all,” said Headley.

But that’s not what angers Headley the most. … “You can’t stop them. It’s a producing well. They tell us they’re allowed to pollute. You can’t stop them. They laugh at you,” his wife, Linda Headley, told Parsons. … 

The methane occurrence in question was previously studied by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and found to be sourced from a coal seam that predates the landowner’s occupancy of the site and is not from any other source. This information can be confirmed with the Pittsburgh regional office of the DEP. …

“They won’t be drinking out of that any time soon.”

Source: Channel 4 Action News

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