Frac’ing creates job jobs jobs? Frac Quake Shaker Repsol laying off 30 per cent of Canadian staff

Repsol laying off 30 per cent of Canadian staff, Spanish energy giant Repsol confirmed Tuesday it is cutting 30 per cent of its Canadian staff, laying off employees from its downtown Calgary office as well as field locations in Chauvin and Edson, Alberta by Amanda Stephenson, June 18, 2019, Calgary Herald

Spanish energy giant Repsol confirmed Tuesday it is cutting 30 per cent of its Canadian staff, laying off employees from its downtown Calgary office as well as Alberta field locations in Chauvin and Edson.

Repsol, which purchased Calgary-based Talisman Energy for $13 billion in 2015, said the cuts are meant to “ensure the long-term sustainability” of the business. In an emailed statement provided by the company, Repsol said the departing employees are “skilled people who have made strong contributions to our business and we are very sorry to see them go.”

Employees in the Canadian exploration, production and corporate units affected by the reorganization will be informed this week, according to an internal memo seen by Postmedia.

“This will include individuals who will be filling the roles that remain with the organization, those who will be working through a transition period prior to exiting the organization, and those who will exit immediately. Unfortunately, as I already mentioned, there is not a role for everyone,” said the memo from Paul Ferneyhough, Repsol’s executive director of North America.

Repsol declined to say exactly how many employees will be affected by the cuts. According to its website, the company had 722 employees in Canada as of the end of December.

In 2016, the company said it was reducing its Calgary workforce by 10 to 15 per cent as the result of the oil price downturn.

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