Racism murders on. In Canada too, enabled by lawyers & LSO. If legal & judicial industries refuse to confront their white privilege, how will police? Nina Simone, 1968: “They’re shooting us down, one by one. … Killing us, one by one.”

An extraordinary listen, 12:55 Min. Nina by June 6, 2020, radiolab WNYCstudios

Producer Tracie Hunte stumbled into a duet between Nina Simone and the sounds of protest outside her apartment. Then she discovered a performance by Nina on April 7, 1968 – three days after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tracie talks about what Nina’s music, born during another time when our country was facing questions that seemed to have no answer, meant then and why it still resonates today.

Why (The King Of Love Is Dead) by Nina Simone

John Kovalic@muskrat_john June 7, 2020

“But you can’t defund the police,” say the people who have:

Defunded our schools
Defunded state and national parks.
Defunded environmental protections.
Defunded Medicare.
Defunded food safety.
Defunded the postal service.
Defunded the sciences.
Defunded the arts.
Defunded social services.
Defunded food stamps.
Defunded after-school programming.
Defunded mental health services.
Defunded public transportation.
Defunded housing assistance.
Defunded disability benefits.
Defunded college grants and loans.

But sure, let’s not touch them.

“Canadians are not served by an attitude that our nation is somehow free of systemic racism: a study has shown that Indigenous persons in Canada suffered 36% of all deaths at the hands of the RCMP from 2007 to 2017; another that Black Torontonians are 20 times more likely to be shot by police than whites and make up 37% of police-caused fatalities. Both of these statistics contrast starkly with the fact these groups make up 5 and 7 percent of the population of Canada and Toronto, respectively.”

My lawyers, Cory Wanless and Murray Klippenstein, abruptly quit (while not quitting other lawsuits they took on after taking on mine; refer below) contrary to Law Society rules, betraying the public interest, my lawsuit and me, to enable racism in the legal profession. Still their betrayals continue, they refuse to send me my case files – also contrary to law society rules.

Snap above taken June 8, 2020 from the ruling.

Refer also to:

Law Society Ontario (LSO)’s white privilege bucket runneth over

Nikiforuk: ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ Martin Luther King’s question rings forth. As do his teachings on power and love.

Legal scholar Joshua Sealy-Harrington “totally eviscerates” Murray Klippenstein’s arguments. It revolts me that my public interest lawsuit is being destroyed by Klippenstein pissing on Law Society Rule 2.09 to enable racism. After abruptly quitting my lawsuit nearly 650 days ago, he still has not sent me my case files. What tune would Klippenstein sing if all the bias/prejudice was directed at Mennonite lawyers?

Ontario Bar Association reaffirms commitment to promoting equity, diversity & inclusion, “speaks as a united voice.” Compare to Law Society of Ontario’s white supremacists squabbling childishly trying to hold onto power. How does a litigant get fair legal representation with shit like this going on?

Do you want fairness, equality, diversity, inclusion in Canada’s legal profession? In 2019, 85% of the legal profession in USA is white and mostly male. No wonder so many sexual assault victims are re-victimized by judges in court and known convicted pedophiles are granted licence to practice law! No wonder our environment is underrepresented and unjustly served with vile demented gag orders

“Klippenstein, admittedly, ‘would not be the person’ he is ‘without freedom of thought and expression,’ so where’s his outrage at the legal suppressing of those freedoms – aka gag orders? And who would he be then, with his mouth legally taped shut?” Comment to Andrew Nikiforuk’s article in The Tyee on Klippenstein & Wanless quitting

“Hey look Ma!! Racists won!!” Ontario Law Society’s Statement of Principles (SOP) abolished by dinosaurs. “Shows how corrupt our legal (definitely not justice!) system is. May all White supremacists rot in hell.” … “It is from this circus of clowns we choose our judges, and it shows in our injustice system.”

Member Murray Klippenstein says “we were completely sandbagged by this motion,” referring to Troister’s motion. “I feel like I got hit by a meteor.”

Klippenstein, you got hit with a tissue compared to what you hit me with:

  • quitting my lawsuit without warning;
  • pushing me against my instructions to “wind down” my lawsuit even after I said no and while knowing I have always been opposed to that;
  • trying to deny me my right to freedom of thought and expression as you work to defend yours;
  • withholding my website and trust account funds for about a year; and withholding my case files while admitting in writing you were running out my lawsuit’s clock….

Klippenstein on Troister’s motion: “We’re now obliged, forced, to acknowledge something. And that doesn’t sit well with me…I just don’t feel good about it.”

Yet, as of today, nearly two years after quitting my lawsuit because of the Law Society of Ontario trying to do something healing and positive about racism, Klippenstein:

  • is still withholding my files and more (I paid all invoices from the firm, in full);
  • still shows the firm representing me on their website – without stating that he and Wanless quit. (Don’t they want to advertise they broke the rules and are quitters? Was Klippenstein that confident he could coerce me into letting him get rid of me and my lawsuit?); and
  • and is still publicly advertising for articling students:
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2020-06-08-snap-taken-of-Klippensteins-still-including-my-case-on-their-website-w-2020-copyright-and-hilite-bottom-centre-creepy-dishonesty.jpg

Snaps above from Klippensteins’ website taken today, June 8, 2020.

How does a client get their lawyers to heed the rules that “regulate” their profession?

Oh right, they already took my money and ran. I’m shit out of luck, so is our drinking water.

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