December 12, 2013 FRACKDOWN in Newfoundland: Calling for Canada-Wide Ban on Fracking, Protect our Charter Rights, Support New Brunswick!

FRACKDOWN in Newfoundland!

THURSDAY DEC 12th 2-6 pm

A Citizens Forum…Music…Speakers…Ecumenical – Insure our Charter of Rights & Freedoms, Support New Brunswick, Ban Fracking Canada-Wide 

2013 12 12 Frackdown in Stephenville Newfoundland Support New Brunswick Call for Total Canada Wide Ban on Fracking

Journalism group backs anti-fracking protest reporter by Selena Ross, December 7, 2013, The Chronicle Herald
A national journalism association has called on the RCMP to “stop harassing” a Halifax reporter.

Freedom of Expression Before Environmental Regulators? by Dianne Saxe & Meredith James, December 5, 2013, SLAW Canada’s Online Legal Magazine
Environmental regulators and tribunals bear substantial responsibilities and make important decisions regarding development in Canada. If they won’t listen to opponents of a project, will they breach the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

[ The writers recognize that provincial regulatory immunity of any kind does not trump the constitution ]

2013 12 07 Elsipogtog-FlagHwy

Elsipogtog: The Fire Over Water We go to Mi’kmaq territory in New Brunswick, Canada, to find out what happens when a First Nation says no to fracking
Fault Lines, December 6, 2013, Alzazeera
Fault Lines travelled to New Brunswick to ask why their fight caught fire, and find out what happens when Canada’s First Nations say no to resource extraction projects they oppose.

Statement of Solidarity and Support for Elsipogtog Land Protectors Press Release by Indigenous Nationhood Movement, December 7, 2013, nationsrising
We, a coalition of Indigenous community members and relatives from nations across Turtle Island, have come together to express our support and solidarity with all of the land protectors, warriors, elders, leaders and supporters on the ground in Elsipogtog who have waged courageous, continuous struggles to protect their lands, waters, and communities from irreparable destruction and to ensure a viable future for the coming generations.

On Dec. 6, following ongoing confrontation between the Mi’kmaq Nation and RCMP, SWN Resources Canada announced their intention to end their hydro-fracturing exploratory work for the year, with plans to “return in 2015″. Although this news has been confirmed by various news outlets, warriors on the ground are still prepared to fight SWN if they fail to uphold their commitment to withdrawing from Mi’kmaq territory. We recognize that the contested issue of hydraulic fracturing at Elsipogtog has not been resolved and that the struggle to defend land and water continues.

The Mi’kmaq and their allies began actively protecting their unceded homeland in New Brunswick against “exploratory testing” by SWN more than six months ago, in the spring of 2013. SWN is searching for deposits of natural gas in shale rock formations, which if found, will be extracted through the process of hydraulic fracturing (fracking). The Mi’kmaq did not give their consent for this activity to occur on their territory and have been adamantly resisting exploratory testing for several months due to environmental concerns regarding the extremely dangerous process of fracking, as well as ongoing treaty violations by the federal and provincial governments.

On October 17, 2013, over 100 RCMP and armed tactical unit officers raided the Mi’kmaq blockade camp in Elsipogtog, assaulting a small crowd of peaceful land protectors, including women and elders, and violently arresting 40 people, several of whom were held in solitary confinement. The RCMP was enforcing an injunction granted to SWN against protestors. The Mi’kmaq Nation was subsequently denied an injunction against SWN’s fracking activity on their homelands, but SWN secured a new injunction against all protests that was set to expire on Dec. 2nd. On Monday, however, it was extended until Dec. 17. Throughout this time, the RCMP have continued to enforce SWN’s injunctions with violent arrests and forceful attacks on unarmed protectors, elders and women, many of whom have been arrested without charges.

The Mi’kmaq and their allies have remained committed to protecting their land, water and community from toxic poisoning by hydraulic fracking. 

We condemn the oppressive actions carried out by federal and provincial governments, law enforcement, and legal authorities for their continued violation of Peace and Friendship Treaty agreements that bind them with the Mi’kmaq nation and grant their presence in their unceded, unsurrendered territory. We condemn the colonial state protection of corporate interests in Elsipogtog and elsewhere, as well as the violent enforcement of discrimination against non-consenting Indigenous communities, who have every right to stand up against injustice, uphold their responsibilities to their land, and to protect life.

We call for a moratorium on all forms of hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’) on Indigenous lands across Turtle Island and we will support and organize resistance to it everywhere we can. We will provide our full support and assistance to all protectors, warriors, communities, allies, and defenders that uphold their sacred responsibilities and we congratulate Elsipogtog and our Mi’kmaq relatives on their successful resistance to this imminent threat to their homelands.

UBCIC Responds to Forging Partnerships Building Relationships News Release by Union of BC Indian Chiefs, December 6, 2013
The Harper Government has time and time again demonstrated their jobs agenda trumps, ignores and arrogantly dismissed our constitutionally-enshrined, judicially-recognized inherent Title, Rights and Treaty Rights. The Harper government has consistently demonstrated a complete contempt for environmental values and concerns.” 
Chief Bob Chamberlin, Vice-President of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs said “To make way for these mega-projects, the Harper Government ripped apart federal legislation, greatly weakened federal policies and hacked the budgets of federal agencies responsible for the protection of lands, water and air. [Emphasis added]

[Refer also to:

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September 2013: Open Letter  by BC Tap Water Alliance to CAPP

I respectfully request that the Association apologize, in writing, to all Canadians for falsely stating that there has never been a documented/proven case of hydraulic fracturing contaminating groundwater.

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CAPP aims to but does not ease fracking concerns

Voluntary CAPP fracking practices reach for ‘low hanging fruit’

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January 2012: The Alberta Surface Rights Group calls for moratorium on fracking

September 21, 2011: Hydraulic fracturing contaminated fresh groundwater near Grande Prairie, Alberta (official investigation and regulator report)

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