Dear rage farmers, anti science, anti rule of law Justice Centre for [Con] Freedoms; anti maskers; anti vaxxers; anti public health care; abusive Fucker Truckers: “Prior COVID-19 infection associated with increased risk of newly diagnosed erectile dysfunction”

I write rage farmers because during the wanna-be-republican insurrectionist fucker truckers’ violent illegal invasions of Ottawa and elsewhere, I was nastily assaulted five separate times by fucker truckers enraged that I choose to mask indoors in public to protect myself and the vulnerable in my community. Unforgivable abusive bullshit, enabled by NO FREEDOM OR CHOICE FOR ME lawyers from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. How many innocent Canadians did you kill via COVID? How many limp body parts?

Prior COVID-19 infection associated with increased risk of newly diagnosed erectile dysfunction by Kevin J. Hebert, Rano Matta, Joshua J. Horns, Niraj Paudel, Rupam Das, Benjamin J. McCormick, Jeremy B. Myers & James M. Hotaling, March 15, 2023, International Journal of Impotence Research


We sought to assess if COVID-19 infection recovery is associated with increased rates of newly diagnosed erectile dysfunction [ED]. Using IBM MarketScan, a commercial claims database, men with prior COVID-19 infection were identified using ICD-10 diagnosis codes. Using this cohort along with an age-matched cohort of men without prior COVID-19 infection, we assessed the incidence of newly diagnosed erectile dysfunction. Covariates were assessed using a multivariable model to determine association of prior COVID-19 infection with newly diagnosed erectile dysfunction. 42,406 men experienced a COVID-19 infection between January 2020 and January 2021 of which 601 (1.42%) developed new onset erectile dysfunction within 6.5 months follow up. On multivariable analysis while controlling for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, smoking, obesity, hypogonadism, thromboembolism, and malignancy, prior COVID-19 infection was associated with increased risk of new onset erectile dysfunction (HR 1.27; 95% CI 1.1–1.5; P = 0.002). Prior to the widespread implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine, the incidence of newly diagnosed erectile dysfunction is higher in men with prior COVID-19 infection compared to age-matched controls. Prior COVID-19 infection was associated with a 27% increased likelihood of developing new-onset erectile dysfunction when compared to those without prior infection.


In this cohort of >87,500 unvaccinated men with continuous follow-up through the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, COVID-19 infection was associated with a 27% increased likelihood of subsequent ED when controlled for diabetes, smoking status, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. Future studies should focus on the morbidity of COVID-19 infections, vaccination status, and subsequent ED risk given the high prevalence of COVID-19 infections and the ubiquity of vaccines.

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If the MSM widely reports this, perhaps half the adult population will finally mask up!

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MaskUpToGetItUp gentlemen

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The only thing that won’t be going up.


Another important new study:

Anthony J Leonardi, PhD, MS @fitterhappierAJ:

… Right now on Fox news there are claims that the mRNA vaccines are responsible for the surge in excess deaths. This is a piece of evidence to suggest that isn’t so:

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Fucker trucker lawyers, Kieth Wilson, Eva Chipiuk, and Justice Centre for [Con] Freedoms sued by fucker trucker accountant that helped gather money for the occupiers/abusers of residents, health care workers, public health, democracy, businesses, kids, travellers, Canada, decency, etc.

Murray Klippenstein reportedly chased rich white COVID-denying law-violating Adam Skelly after abruptly quitting me and my public interest lawsuit. Are lawyers allowed to dump paying clients to chase others while lying and harming cases of clients dumped?

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