Dear Hate-filled Alberta TBA/UCP gov’t and inhumane bigots David Parker and Danielle Smith: Eat your heart out (if you have one). Many publicly support trans kids and oppose your cruelty; best, we don’t need to be bribed to show up (e.g. with tickets bought by others to attend your Tucker Fucker Carlson chat).

“Take Back Alberta from Bigots!” sign at pro trans rally in Edmonton on the weekend, Day #2.

Chris Berthelot@DebatingChris:

David Parker should eat his heart out. We didn’t have to buy people tickets to get them to show.

@DavidJPba is a goof. Danielle Smith is worse.


ProtectTransKids #TransRightsAreHumanRights

Many more rallies are planned

Poster: Alberta School Walkout in response to the anti trans legislation Danielle Smith put forward, we will be doing a student walkout.

Trans people deserve to feel safe in school, it’s time to show our support.


February 7th at 10AM

Wear your pronouns, wear trans colours, bring a friend

Canadian Paediatric Society@CanPaedSociety:

“Gender-affirming medical care for #youth should be a decision between the patient, their parents, and their medical care team, without intrusion by government.
Read our letter to #Alberta Premier @ABDanielleSmith:


Sign at pro trans rally in Calgary: “Protect trans kids! Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

Signs at pro trans kids rally in Calgary: 1) Trans healthcare saves lives; 2) Danielle Smith wants to…NOT fix housing crisis, NOT fix doctor shortage, NOT fix water drought, YES to legislating private medical decisions of 0.4% of population

Sign at pro trans rally in Calgary: No Marlaina: Their body, their choice

Sign at pro trans rally in Calgary: Danielle Smith wipes back to front

Above are a few photos from the Calgary rally for trans kids, below from Edmonton’s:

Jonathan Teghtmeyer @atypicalalbertn:

It’s never been about patent rights. It’s bigotry.

Thomas A. Lukaszuk@LukaszukAB:

Do you realize that Danielle Smith played a trick on you and actually removed parental rights?

See, until her announcement, for children younger than 18, parental consent was required to undergo medical treatment. Now, parents can’t consent. Government does.


David Keegan he/him @drDavidKeegan:

Any government that tries to stop the ability of kids and teens to access proven healthcare is saying

  • as politicians they know more about patient care than health professionals
  • they DGAF about health and only care about controlling people
  • they don’t care about science
  • they know these kids and teens will suffer
  • they *want* these kids and teens to suffer
  • they think these kids and teens deserve to suffer

Any government that announces these plans with soft music and exhortations of support and care for trans kids and teens are saying

  • they know exactly what they’re doing to hurt these kids and teens
  • they’re cloaking their evil plans to give cover to hate
  • saying they don’t believe in kids & teens finding safe spaces when they feel their homes aren’t safe
  • revealing they are all about control and fear and don’t care about liberty

So weird. My carefully ordered tweet thread got posted all shuffled up. No idea why.

The bottom line / TLDR is:

Government who cloak the creation of barriers for gender health in proclaimed compassion are all about control, hate and punishment. They cannot be trusted.

Meme: First, they came for the transgender community, and I spoke out immediately even though I’m straight and cis because I’ve read the rest of the fucking poem.

Who’s really running Alberta’s hate and bigotry show?

Photo of Steve Harper: Fascism. It never really goes away

New romance? Putin and the Fucker Tucker Carlson. Poor Trump.

Listing of early warning signs of fascism beside photo of Canada’s super fascist, Steve Harper

Refer also to:

2023: Iceland passes conversion therapy ban that’s trans-inclusive. None voted against. “Landslide majority” for human rights! Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir: “The legislation had cross party support in parliament, despite attempts from known anti-trans hate groups under English influence to oppose it, and wrongfully claiming they managed to ‘kill the bill’ … Their arguments were dismissed as anti-scientific and anti-trans rhetoric.

2023: Take Back Alberta deeper into the Cave with prayer, racism, hatred & bigotry! Keynote promoting terrorism by repulsive old white man, Nigel Hannaford – Steve Harper’s ex speech writer no less (did he help pick Harper’s racist judges that continue to harm Canadians?)

2022: True: “Statistically your child is far safer with a Drag Queen rather than a Priest.”

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