Criminal Synergy strikes PA: Inflection Energy enters plea for allowing 63,000 gallons frac waste to pollute (dumped into?) Loyalsock Creek tributary, pays $55,000 (peanuts) in fines and donations (to make the polluter & frac’ing look good?).

When will NGOs and conservation groups start saying “No Thank you!” to law violating polluting oil and gas and frac companies? Accepting such “donations” enables the harms and pollution (often intentional dumping) to continue, if not escalate. Say “NO!”

AG Shapiro: Inflection Energy to Pay $40,000 To Conservation Groups For Polluting Lycoming County Water by David E. Hess, May 4, 2020, PA Environment Digest Blog

On May 4, Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Inflection Energy, a natural gas company, has entered a plea for its role in the 2017 wastewater spill in Loyalsock Creek located in Lycoming County, and will pay $40,000 to conservation groups in the area.

“Pennsylvanians have a constitutional right to clean air and pure water,” said Attorney General Shapiro. “Any company that endangers those rights will be thoroughly investigated, without fear or favor. This is just another example– there will be more– as we continue our efforts to protect public health and preserve our heritage and natural resources for the next generation.”

Inflection Energy’s plea is the result of charges filed against the company by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General in November 2019. 

An investigation conducted by the Office revealed that on Nov. 12 and 13, 2017, Inflection Energy allowed 63,000 gallons of wastewater from a hydraulic fracturing site to pollute a nearby tributary of the Loyalsock Creek in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.

As part of Inflection Energy’s plea, it will pay $40,000 to environmental charities and conservation groups, including the Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy, the Susquehanna Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and the Loyalsock Creek Watershed Association; this is in addition to and separate from its $10,000 fine payable to the Clean Water fund and $5,000 fine payable to the Pennsylvania Fish Fund.

The case was prosecuted by Rebecca Franz, Chief Deputy Attorney General of the Environmental Crimes Section for the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General.

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Court hearing today: CNRL to pay $500,000 for breaking the law ($425,000 to be given to oil patch super friendly U of C, how’s that for Synergy Alberta control?). Encana gets fined nothing for breaking the law frac’ing Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers; regulators get fined nothing for fraudulently covering up for Encana

B.C. slow to enforce environmental laws; “Vancouver Public Library collects more each year in fines for overdue books than B.C. collects for environmental crimes.” Does any jurisdiction in Canada, federally or provincially, enforce environmental laws promptly, appropriately and fully?

2010 09 28: EnCana Corporation facing criminal charges Encana “donates” and escapes the charges two years later 2012 09 12: $250000 in community safety projects following Encana deadly sour gas leak

Is Encana above the law in Canada? The company was never charged for breaking the law and fracturing Rosebud community’s drinking water supply, contaminating numerous water wells; instead the regulators bullied and shamed the impacted residents, and violated Ernst’s charter rights to punish her for presenting the AER with documented evidence of Encana breaking the law. Top that with the Supreme Court of Canada lying about it in their ruling in Ernst vs AER

New Jersey Governor Christie gives “appalling and disturbing” gift to Exxon after liability determined in trial (in exchange for what?): Settles $8.9 Billion damages lawsuit for $250 Million

Subsidiary of Chinese state-owned CNOOC Ltd. charged for explosion that killed 2 workers in Alberta in 2016; Nexen (blamed the workers) facing 8 charges under Occupational Health & Safety Act. How many charges will the court order as “donations” to enabling NGOs, propaganda group “Insider Education,” an arena, frac research, etc? Or will all the charges be dropped to keep China happy?

Synergizing Canadian Courts Enabling Polluters: BC Judge gives Painted Pony Energy PR gift (makes the company look good by “giving” to NGOs) instead of ordering real punishment for killing migratory birds in frac fluid tank

A Calgary-based natural gas company has been ordered to pay $235,000 to wildlife groups after dead birds were found floating in one of its containment tanks in northern British Columbia.

Painted Pony Energy Ltd. pleaded guilty in May and was sentenced last month for depositing a harmful substance in an area frequented by migratory birds.

Environment Canada says enforcement officers found 14 dead migratory birds on the surface of an above-ground tank located north of Fort St. John that was used to store fluid for the hydraulic fracturing process.

A B.C. provincial court judge ordered Painted Pony to pay $115,000 to Ducks Unlimited Canada and $57,500 each to the Mackenzie Nature Observatory and to the Oiled Wildlife Society of British Columbia.

A court ordering a company to give money to groups that further enable oil and gas industry crimes and pollution (synergize), shows just how deeply oil patch controlled Canada’s courts are. Companies use ordered donations as positive publicity, boast what wonderful generous companies they are.

Frac Happy Nature Conservancy accepts $14 million donation from BHP Billiton, Australian oil and mining giant

A “symbiotic” synergy plan to frac Edmonton with? Nature Conservancy of Canada to buy wetlands and 250 “protected” hectares by Edmonton, Alberta

Harper’s National Conservation Plan Ignores National Parks, Wilderness, gives $100-million to frac happy Nature Conservancy of Canada

Cochrane Eagle reader questions drilling on Hutchinson lands donated to Nature Conservancy

Beware the wealthy bearing gifts; Do oil and gas industry “donations” and “scholarships” buy endorsement, silence and obedience?

Former Wyoming regulator recants: Encana polluted the drinking water at Pavillion! Wyoming to spend another $400,000 for Pavillion to provide safe alternate water after refusing to for years, the money is from Encana’s $1.5 Million donation

Encana donation supports Sweetwater County center

Encana Oil and Gas (USA) Inc. recently awarded the Sweetwater County Child Developmental Center a grant for $2,400 to support therapy services for the children. 

How many Canadian women and children must endure rape and or physical abuse and sexually transmitted diseases to keep the oil patch rolling?

EnCana $1 Million donation to University of Calgary questioned as company awaits energy decision

MUST READ Dirty Dollars, Special investigation by the Toronto Star

Another MUST READ Toronto Star Investigation: These average Ontarians are taking on big Polluters

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