Comedy Hour at the AER: Bla bla “independent” bla bla bla 3rd party (retired Harper judge?) “review” of our lies, inaction regarding Imperial’s toxic spill at Kearl bitumen cesspit that went on for months and months bla bla bla, while we, the regulator, bla bla bla, did nothing but help hide it.

AER Board Chair, David Goldie, Announces Kearl Investigation Press Release by AER, March 28, 2023

At our March 16, 2023, meeting, the Board of Directors of the Alberta Energy Regulator decided to commission an impartial, third-party reviewby Encana (aka run away to USA Ovintiv)? Or frac enabler Maurice Dusseault? Or a retired supreme court Harper judge like anti Charter, anti rule of law, pro Israel, anti human rights Thomas Cromwell? into certain but not all? Limit the review so it concludes AER’s response was/is perfect? aspects of the AER’s response to incidents at Imperial Oil’s Kearl facilities that took place between May 2022 and February 2023. Today, the board will issue a request for quotation (RFQ) seeking a qualified, impartial, third-party body such does not exist in rape & pillage industry controlled Caveman Canada to conduct this review.

The terms of the RFQ relate to potential issues with notification and timing of notification to Indigenous communities and other stakeholders and other potential process issues. In the spirit of our constant lies transparency and as an opportunity to demonstrate that the regulator is both credible and trustworthyOh triple corrupt fuck!~Too funny. I cannot stop laughing! AER is more idiotic and arrogant than even I directly experienced!, the findings of the review will be shared publicly.And that’s why we know this is just another dirty bitumen industry con job to make Albertans shut up already, vote UCP and go back to their beers and bags of chips on the couch.

I have been in regular contact with AER CEO Laurie Pushoryou think that makes you or anyone else at AER credible and trusthworthy? Not., and he assures me he welcomes this third-party review both as an opportunity for an independent recounting of the facts surrounding the AER’s response and as an opportunity for the AER to learn and grow as applicable.I’ve painstakingly learned whenever a judge or a regulator or politician or research council spews “independent” we can be assured it will be anything but.

The board will have no further comment until it has reviewed the final findings.

Alberta Energy Regulator to launch third-party probe of Kearl oilsands tailings leak by The Canadian Press, March 28, 2023, CTV News Edmonton

The Alberta Energy Regulator says it will launch an independent investigation into the tailings leak at Imperial Oil’s Kearl oilsands mine.

The regulator says in a news release today it is looking for a qualified, impartial third party to conduct the probe.

It says the inquiry will relate to issues around notification of the spill and what it calls “other potential process issues.”

It says the review’s findings will be released to the public.

Last May, Imperial reported discoloured water outside one of its tailings ponds and failed to keep area First Nations apprised of the ongoing investigation.

The seepage wasn’t reported until nine months later, after another 5.3 million litres of tailings escaped from a containment pond.

First Nations and the federal, Alberta and Northwest Territories governments have expressed varying degrees of concern and anger about the slow notification.

The regulator’s release does not discuss the timeline and says it will not comment further.

Alberta Energy Regulator to launch third-party probe of Kearl oilsands tailings leak by Sasatimes News, March 28, 2023I can’t tell if this news agency is joke or satire

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has announced that a third-party investigation is set to launch into the massive tailings leak from the Kearl oilsands mine. This report comes in the wake of a colossal environmental disaster that has shocked the province and led to questions about the safety of the region’s energy industry.

In a statement released Wednesday, the AER declared that it is taking decisive action to ensure the safety continued rape and pillageof the environment and the public. The agency has appointed an independent investigator to look into the cause of the leak and provide a comprehensive report on the incident.

The announcement comes after months of calls by environmentalists and First Nations communities for the government to take accountability for the spill. The leak, which occurred in early June, resulted in millions of litres of waste material entering a wetland area near the mine.

The third-party investigation is expected to examine the response of the energy company, Imperial Oil, to the leak and explore the potential for similar incidents in the future. The report will also include recommendations for improved safety measures.

“The safety of our land, water, and people is a priority for the AER,” said the agency’s president and CEO, Mark Taylor. What? Mr. Taylor was canned from the AER for hanky panky years ago. “This investigation will provide an independent and rigorous assessment of the Kearl mine incident and help us ensure that similar events do not occur in the future.”

The AER has made it unequivocally clear that it will take no chances when it comes to safeguarding thecontinued rape and pillage of the environment and the public. By launching this third-party probe, the regulator is sending a powerful message that it takes these matters seriously and will not hesitate to take action when necessary. is the laughing stock of the free world of toxic polluters.

Refer also to:

2020: AER skulduggery escalates: Dave Goldie, Encana & Cenovus VP is new Chair (first was Encana & Cenovus VP Gerry Protti); Martin Foy, Encana crime-enabler, appointed Exec VP (remember AER exec VP, ex-Encana lying manager Mark Taylor?); Propagandizing Synergy Queen, Tracey McCrimmon & Encana crime-enabler Bev Yee appointed to the Board; Anti-science climate change denier, Steve Harper’s best buddy/compaign manager, Kenney’s Kamikazi campaign manager, John Weissenberger, made VP Technical Science & External Innovation Branch.

2017: Alberta Energy Regulator in Legal La La Land: AER’s “Public Statement” lies about Ernst vs AER Supreme Court of Canada ruling

2005: Instead of regulating Encana/Ovintiv for breaking the law and intentionally frac’ing my community’s drinking water supply, AER regulated me, violated my charter rights and judged me guilty of being a criminal – without any evidence, no trial, no hearing, and in secret thus preventing me from defending myself, and copied Alberta’s AG and the RCMP, and then sent their bully lawyer Rick McKee after me, all to try to shut me up. Anyone who trusts AER has their head up their ass.

EUB was ERCB, then after it got caught breaking the law and spying on innocent Albertans, the gov’t changed it back to ERCB again. After my lawsuit went public, gov’t removed public interest from its mandate, and turned it into AER.

1988: Nakoda Nation, Alberta: Engineer reported hundreds of drinking water wells contaminated with sour gas on Stoney Reserve west of Calgary. H2S is deadly, damages the brain even at low levels. AER blamed nature and if not nature, then bacteria. Same blame game polka after frac’ing contaminated drinking water wells with gas at Ponoka, Wetaskiwin, Spirit River, Rockyford, Rosebud, Redland, etc.

Nasty! In 1988, Alberta’s energy regulator, then ERCB (later became EUB; back to ERCB after EUB was caught breaking the law, lying and spying on innocent Albertans; now AER) and reporter Mark Lowey did not publicly report that Stoney is riddled with industry’s sour gas and processing (including by Pan Canadian, that became Encana and is now Ovintiv), and had been for about 10 years before the sour gas contaminated drinking water complaints began in 1981.

Why did AER, already back in 1988, blame nature, and if not nature, then bacteria, without any investigation or testing?

Same fake news spewed 15 years later by Darin Barter when AER was EUB (he later moved up to the National Energy Board). He too was reported blaming nature/bacteria in a newspaper (without the regulator doing any investigating or testing, not even after a municipal water tower blew up seriously injuring a water manager) for the life-threatening levels of gas found in Rosebud’s drinking water supply after Encana/Ovintiv illegally repeatedly frac’d the community’s drinking water aquifers.

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