Amazing! BC Court of Appeal and BC Supreme Court move into the present, announcing: “The use of the terms ‘My Lord’, ‘My Lady’, ‘Your Lordship’, and ‘Your Ladyship’ is to be avoided.” Will Alberta Courts vacate the cave next? I doubt it.

Comments by rural Albertans:

Bruce Jackson just posted a one hour presentation by Dr. Kevin Timoney about the collusion and corruption of the AER.  All  facts that McLachlin , Abella and the whole SCC were very much aware of when they made their Ernst v Encana non-ruling with provision for financial punishment.  And to think that I sat in the SCC peanut gallery listening to the AER lawyer Glenn Solomon recite lies that all the judges knew to be lies and Cory WanlessErnst’s ex lawyer who was in training at the time, after he got what he wanted out of Ernst, abruptly quit, who had an opportunity to speak against those lies chose not to address them. To top it off today the SCC refused to hear the appeal by the Yukon Govt against a defunct zinc mine that left the Yukon Govt with a huge envi. liability. The SCC is running the Ultimate Corporate Protection racket. It’s also the ultimate rapist and pedophile protector, with then Chief J Beverley McLachlin gallingly wagging her almighty fingers at victims.

The Alberta Mayors are all “ Your Worship” … to me that is much worse. Bend kneel and worship. 


Some Tweets in response:

Dustin Klaudt (he/him/his)@dustin_klaudt· Replying to @BCCourtofAppeal:

Thank you to the Courts for these important reforms. This approach to honorifics used in the courtroom is much better aligned with gender inclusion, anti-colonialism, and reconciliation

David M. Brown@davidmjbrown· Replying to @BCCourtofAppeal:

Thank you. This is an important step in making our courts inclusive and approachable institutions.

David Sterns@david_sterns Replying to @BCCourtofAppeal:

Glad to hear that. Most other courts jettisoned those archaic titles decades ago.

G Ketchum@GKetchum2 Replying to @BCCourtofAppeal:

Thank goodness. Can we get rid of “your worship” for mayors, too? It’s insane.

Bill Sundhu@bsundhu· Replying to @BCCourtofAppeal:

What took ya’ so long? It’s been long overdue. Thank you.

UPDATE: ADDRESSING JUDGES Announcement by The Courts of British Columbia, Nov 18, 2021

The BC Court of Appeal and BC Supreme Court have decided to eliminate the practice of addressing justices as “my lady”, “my lord”, “your ladyship” or “your lordship”.

For more information, please see the revised Court of Appeal Practice Directive, Appearing before the Court and the new Supreme Court Practice Direction, Form of Address.

Practice Direction, Form of Address Effective Date: 2021/11/18 Number: PD-60


This Practice Direction directs how counsel, litigants, witnesses and others are to address a justice in a courtroom.

Addressing Judges

  1. A justice is to be addressed as “Chief Justice”, “Associate Chief Justice”, “Justice”, “Madam Justice”, or “Mr. Justice”as the context requires.
  2. The use of the terms“My Lord”, “My Lady”, “Your Lordship”, and “Your Ladyship” is to be avoided.

Christopher E. Hinkson, Chief Justice

Refer also to:

2021 01 14: Lawyer Jay Michi: “It is high time BC abandon the archaic ‘My Lord and My Lady’ vernacular” for judges. Alberta too! It’s belittling to the citizenry that pays their way.

My ex lead lawyer, Murray Klippenstein, oozed over the top groveling with the lordship crap, especially after he quit my lawsuit (pissing on the rules of his profession). Pathetic and in my view, trying to put me down (to punish me for going public with him quitting, lying to me and withholding my property?). What a shit show my legal representation turned out to be. A dreadfully expensive, dishonest, insulting, cruel, harmful, patriarchal shit show.

After the game the King and pawn go into the same box.

Italian proverb

2021 11 16: Ernst Frac’d & Fuck’d by Usual Sad Sacks of Shit: Encana, Ovintiv and CEO Gwyn Morgan, later by her own lawyers Murray Klippenstein and Cory Wanless, with Alberta courts and Supreme Court of Canada pissing on the rule of law to protect polluters (100% industry-funded AER).

Better to walk through hell than succumb to Canada’s rotten corporate, regulatory and legal systems gagging me via delay after delay after delay (the longest by the Supreme Court of Canada); lie after lie after lie; smear after smear after smear (crazy lady to criminal to terrorist by AER to vexatious litigant by Justice Rosalie Abella); PM Steve Harper’s anti-terrorist squad invading my property trying to terrify me silent after the defendants were served legal papers; ex legal lead Murray Klippenstein bullying me, lying to me and about me – in writing, withholding my website, trust funds and files, and cruelly stressing and threatening me with loss of my home trying to make me let him “wind down” (gag) me and my lawsuit; etc. All that while I endure surviving with PTSD from many rapes as a child.

2020: RCMP pensions invested in TC Energy (Coastal GasLink P/L)! Canada’s judges’ pensions in frac’d fossil fuels too, including in Ovintiv-Encana? Is that why judges hand out injunctions to the law violators? “There is a definite conflict of interest.”

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