“Unwelcome Guests.” Alberta’s Danielle Smith & her “100-person convoy of oil crony delegates” at COP28


So Exon sent 18 people to COP28, Shell 14, BP 11, Gazprom 16 ….. Alberta 100.

I guess we know who is doing it on Taxpayer $$$.


“100 person convoy of oil crony delegates”

this is the most accurate description of the conservative party ive seen

Mary Anne Schleinich@MSchleinich:

Whether parading as a Queen without clothes, or swaddled in 100 O&G execs, an unwelcome guest is highly visible at #COP28


Ever the embarassment, Smith’s “gov’t” is making headlines

Allie Rougeot – at COP28@AlienorR2:

Looks like Premier Smith’s arrival isn’t met with a standing ovation at #COP8… spotted in ECO today, the daily brief from international civil society at UN climate conference!


one of her guests is her husband who she conveniently now declares he works for her (& so, really SHE is not paying him, WE are.)

Smith keeps forgetting that tax dollars & public money belong to the citizens of Alberta, not to her.

T cameron@patriciacameron:

This fiasco costing Albertans millions that could have been invested to repair the education and healthcare systems the UCP/TBA regime destroyed.

Handmaid for Smith’s COP28 Embarrassment@HandmaidAlberta:

Who could have predicted that Premier Smith would be a national embarrassment at COP28?

BC Reality@BCReality:

Good morning Alberta! Just another international embarrassment on the world stage. She went to COP-28 to sell Alberta vodka at a Muslim 12 step meeting.

Dave King@DaveKing38:

Once again embarrassing Albertans, not to mention the waste of my tax dollars for 100 delegates staying at the priciest hotel and eating expensive food. Why not have the oil companies and Danielle’s friends pay the cost of this useless, embarrassing trip.


They are all at COP handing out tax dollars to BigOil


But her and her 100 guests are having one hell of a vacation at the expense of the Alberta taxpayer who will not benefit from this whatsoever.

Deborah Fortune@DeborahFortun18:

Dictator Danielle was wrong to waste our hard earned taxpayers dollars on this trip that’s nothing more than a grandstanding nothingness about the corrupt oil and gas industry poisoning our water and killing wildlife and their habitat

Bon ‘eh@YegBonnie:

Why is he talking into a microphone when there’s 5 people in the “audience” all within 15ft?


Wow- I bet the taxpayers currently sitting in an Emergency room wish it was this empty.
What a waste of money.

Jo Ann Lawrence@JoAnnLawrence56:

They couldn’t even get some of their own people to fill in the seats so this could at least look like less of a colossal waste of Alberta taxpayer dollars.

Sisu van Hellberta@sisuvanhell:

Seriously, didn’t they bring 100 people? They couldn’t get 20 of them to sit for a few minutes?

Thomas A. Lukaszuk@LukaszukAB:

.@AbDanielleSmith why is Cathryn Carruthers, your friend and rabid antivaxxer activist, on a taxpayer dime on a lavish trip to Dubai? What is her expertise in climate change?Denial & Deflection.

catherine dickson@cmdott:

Good question. Why does an anti climate change Premier even need to attend she’s doing the job oil and gas put her into power for: lobbying (and lots of lying) for oil, gas, bitumen and frac (LNG)let alone take 100 people in her delegation.

Alberta You See Pee@youseepeeYYC:

Of course they have, that’s why Danielle Smith is there. If it wasn’t, she wouldn’t be there. Thread below is worth a read, no wonder coward Dani Petro Pimp Smith banned renewables in Alberta:

@TXsharon Methane Hunter@TXsharon:

Y’all, I just can’t read all the bullshit about #COP28. I told you it would be a disaster. Anybody with any self respect would have boycotted that farce. It’s past time that we showed our integrity and backbone.

Canadian cartoonist Michael de Adder

ak bora@akbora_:

Conference of Polluters 28.

Cecil Nagy@CecilNagy:

Which one is [Scott] Moe or [Danielle] Smith?

Mike Kehoe@yytsnf:

Sure makes it all look like a con job. Canada’s designated representatives (NGOs) are heavily funded by a selection of grants and subsidies.

George Tsakraklides@99blackbaloons:

Whenever someone tells me that they went to #COP28 expecting me to be impressed, my reaction is “Why?” This “conference” is a testament to denial, corruption, inaction, narcissism, vanity, collusion and most of all DELUSION.

Mic drop …

The vast majority of humans today consider capitalism something that is inevitable.

In essence, they have lazily resigned themselves to the death of billions of humans and the life-support systems of this planet.


It looked like an oil and gas summit.

Refer also to:

Alberta: Methane leaks still leaking more than official estimates (of course), threatening life on earth; UCP led by “Take Back Alberta” Extreme Right Anti-Science Anti-Earth Religious Party (TBA) and AER still lying, letting companies avoid clean up (more than $300B in liabilities). UCP/TBA solution? Ban wind and solar.

Frac’ing ‘generation 3’ rock requires injecting captured carbon to make more oil flow. No wonder companies, lobby groups, regulators, gov’ts and Env NGOs are conning the world with Net Zero miracles via high risk Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS): Fossil fuel industry and enablers pick perfect bend over liar at Geological Survey of Canada: Honn Kao. Not only can CO2 injection cause earthquakes, it won’t stay put, busts caprock, shoots to surface, pollutes ground water, migrates into and contaminates petroleum wells, kills, impairs cognitive function, harms families and communities

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