UK: Conservative Environmental Network Manifesto – Womanfesto (female MPs signed also) calls for Frac Ban

THE CEN MANIFESTO by UK Conservative Environment Network, 2019

Stewardship of the natural world, responsibility towards future generations, the search for resilience, these are core tenets of conservatism. Yet we’re so often told that only the political Left is able and willing to tackle the many and growing environmental crises facing us. Why has this become the received wisdom? And why have conservatives allowed this myth to be perpetuated?

Today, the crises facing humanity have worsened beyond measure, and it is more important than ever that conservatives rediscover and champion their inherent affinity for looking after the natural world. This manifesto lays out a series of over-arching ideas for doing just that.

— Ben Goldsmith, Chairman (Foreword)


Subsidy-free onshore wind – a route to market for the cheapest source of power by letting it compete in CfD auctions. Increase ambition on offshore wind – become the Saudi Arabia of wind power hitting 75GW by 2050.

Remove barriers for solar and batteries – scrap the VAT hikes and review export tariffs.

Ban fracking – unpopular and uneconomic – it’s time to move away from oil and gas.

[Note that the CEN is not calling for frac regulations!]

Read the full Manifesto

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