Thirty Year Old Study States Contaminated Well Water Is Irreversible

Thirty Year Old Study States Contaminated Well Water Is Irreversible by Jack Swint, February 27, 2012,
The EPA warned Congress back in 1987 of its findings in tests conducted on the well water of James and Ruth Parsons of Ripley WV that led them (EPA) to declare that high levels of pollutants and contaminates were associated with the gas well that had been fracked within 600 feet of his well causing Parsons water to no longer be suitable for drinking. The EPA claims that WV authorities knew as far back as 1984 when the department of mines performed water well inspections on the Parsons property due to the oil and gas well that was drilled in October 1982 by Delaware Company of Kaiser Exploration and Mining. The report states that the Kaiser gas well was “hydraulically fractured.” That 1984 report claims contamination problems in the water were “first noticed about a year and a half after the Kaiser gas well was hydrofracted and that from the outset, the state suspected that the nearby gas well was the cause of the water contamination problems.” A final report by the WV Department of Energy, Oil and Gas Division on August 7, 1985 states that an inspector went out to the Parsons water well 3 years after it was drilled and more than a year after the pollution was found. He found adequate cement strength in that well and adequate fresh water casing. This is significant because in alleged cases of water pollution from fracturing, the industry often says that there was a failure of the well casing. The report also said that more than a year after pollution had first shown up in the Parsons water well, the inspector of the gas well found no signs of surface or underground pollution….Their report also claimed that his well water was never again fit for human consumption. “No treatment or process will solve their problem of contamination and that a new water source will have to be found to safely supply water”

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