Reader questions Hutchinson drilling

Reader questions Hutchinson drilling by Carolin Koebisch, February 28, 2012, The Cochrane Eagle
I am appalled by the idea that the Nature Conservancy of Canada has allowed the recent drilling activity on the donated Hutchinson lands just north of Big Hill Springs Park.

I guess in Alberta oil drilling/fracking must qualify as “ranching use”. Besides the obvious land disturbance, the noise level of the drilling is to be heard from a few kilometres away until about 2 a.m. each morning. So I guess I don’t have to wonder if any deer, or moose, will still be found on these lands from now on . . . perhaps the most meaningful part of Hutchinson’s Nature Conservancy now will be the fact that no more moose/deer will be killed crossing that particular stretch of highway. Hence forward it will be “human fatalities only” when cars/trucks will come flying over the hill, just to find themselves having to brake last minute for the tractor trailers approaching the road turn off.

What has our province come to? [Emphasis added]

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