The Ray Strom Decision A Level Field

The Ray Strom Decision A Level Field by Tadzio Richards, June 2007, Alberta Views
“I have to do a little soul-searching tonight,” said Ray Strom, sitting across from me. “If we lose, I dont know if I can finish destroying my family. We’re nearly through our savings.” He gripped his coffee with both hands, thick fingers wrapping tightly around the mug. In the morning, Strom would be in Provincial Court to hear the verdict on a charged of impersonating a licensed land agent. If found guilty, he’d be facing a fine of up to $5,000 or six months in jail. “Early on,” he said, “the Crown offered me a $500 fine, take it and walk away.” He shook his head. “But it would have set a precedent. I knew that if the government was going to take such a corrupt interpretation of the law on behalf of industry, I had to fight it.” … Judge Peter Ayotte entered…. He outlined the details of the case…pronounced that “Mr. Strom is guilty as charged.” However, he added, “as presently constituted, the Act creates an unbalanced playing field favouring the oil and gas industry…. The Act has become bad legislation in need of revision.”

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