Landowners want court to investigate AEUB

Landowners want court to investigate AEUB by Jim Farrell, June 29, 2007, The Edmonton Journal
Irate landowners whose conference calls were monitored by a private investigator hired by the Alberta Energy Utilities Board may refuse to co-operate with the privacy commissioner as he investigates whether their privacy rights were violated. They would prefer to have the courts and not the privacy commissioner deal with the matter, one of the landowners said Wednesday. ”It’s just one government department investigating another government department, and from our experience they’ll just end up saying there is no problem,” said Marie Barkley. … The AEUB insists it wasn’t gathering information on how landowners were organizing to oppose future power-line projects and what they planned to do in court. Those landowners now plan to complain to the courts about an “egregious invasion of solicitor-client privilege.”

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