The Great Simplification’s Human Condition in 22 clips. Jeremy Grantham: “We have created a world that is hostile to life, in almost every form including our own.”

Excellent collection of clips, but not one word about the poisoning of earth and health by hydraulic fracturing (including for bitumen) and its intentional contamination of trillions of gallons of water and permanent water removal from the hydrogeological cycle – even in water scarce jurisdictions like Alberta and Saskatchewan. (Art Berman discusses the harms frac’ing causes to itself and other wells.)

The Human Predicament in 22 Clips 23:38 Min. by Nate Hagens, Dec 27, 2023, The Great Simplification


Following up last week’s Frankly outlining systemic themes for 2024, this year-end special is a reflection on 2023 with a series of clips, which together highlight the increasingly challenging world of which we are a part. From global heating and financial turmoil to rising geopolitical tensions and disruptive technological breakthroughs, The Great Simplification has been host to a wide range of critical conversations with scientists, leaders, and thinkers to dig deep into the science and insights into the increasingly chaotic world around us. Though each podcast and guest is unique, viewing these clips together reveals why we must take a systems view in our response to the human predicament.


00:56 – Jeremy Grantham – 

03:08 – Jodi Archambault – 

03:53 – Nick Haddad – 

04:59 – Lisi Krall – 

05:42 – Josh Farley – 

06:16 – Robert Sapolsky – 

07:21 – Sian Sutherland – 

08:07 – Daniel Schmachtenberger – 

09:27 – Daniel Zetah – 

11:02 – Pella Thiel – 

12:14 – Chuck Watson – 

13:07 – Arthur Berman – 

13:56 – Vandana Shiva – 

14:16 – John Kitzhaber – 

15:00 – Peter Ward – 

16:49 – Robert Lustig – 

17:35 – Luke Gromen – 

18:27 – William Rees – 

18:58 – Kate Raworth – 

20:07 – David Sloan Wilson – 

21:17 – Iain McGilchrist – 

22:26 – Nate Hagens – 

Refer also to:

2010: Natural Gas Operations from a Public Health Perspective

For many years, drillers have insisted that they do not use toxic chemicals to drill for gas, only guar gum, mud, and sand. While much attention is being given to chemicals used during fracking, our findings indicate that drilling chemicals can be equally, if not more dangerous.

2012: TINY DOSES OF GAS DRILLING CHEMICALS MAY HAVE BIG HEALTH EFFECTS, Authors of new study encourage more low-dose testing of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, with implications for the debate on natural gas drilling

2023: Testosterone, going going … gone? Phthalates (endocrine and metabolic disruptors), used in oil and gas wells, are some of the most hazardous chemical additives in plastics for health. People can be exposed via ingestion, inhalation, skin.

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